{If you have read my stories before then you must know that I am completely unorganized with my stories and keep starting new idea's. Oh well. This begins at episode 5, not sure of the manga}


Everyone looked at me, even the girls. I didn't know why though, I was just another new girl.

I wandered around the halls, I had no idea where to go. I was bored and didn't feel like going to class.

Koichi saw me and tried to catch up, since the snow haired boy was my childhood friend.

"You know, Akito, you could at least tell me when you were transferring. I just came back from Fuuma."

"Oh? And I thought you were the one who's supposed to control me or at least make sure I don't mess up." I was lazy today, last night Tobari ordered me to come at once. I guess he might need me for support. I rolled my eyes.

"Come on, you need to at least act like you want to be here."

"But I don't." He opened the door to the first class.

"Listen, I have to protect you, also, so give me a break."

"Well, it's not my fault I have to come here, too." I stood in the front of the class. All the other students took their seats.

"Class, I would like to welcome a new student to our school. She has just moved from Kyoto so please give her your undivided attention." He smiled and turned to me. "The floor is all yours."

"I am Akito Nabyru, as you heard I have recently moved from Kyoto, and I will stay here a while longer." I made that smirk and adjusting of my blue eyes when I was trying to be seducing. It works on every guy. I looked around the room Koichi sat next to a boy with brown hair and hazel green eyes. I just saw the boy, and for some reason I feel like I already know him.

"Any questions before we start?" Every guys hand flew up, instead of the two I was staring at. The teacher was trying to calm the crowd. "Okay okay, one per time. You go first." he pointed at a random student.

"What are your favorite everything's?" he looked eager.

"Well, my family has been in martial arts for centuries, and eventually I was. I do fancy reading and cooking. Also, I'm a little tom-boyish." they all were surprised.

"Why is your hair gold?"

"My grandmother is English, and she married a Japanese man." The brown haired boy seemed to not even bother to listen about anything, and neither did I.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" None of your business.

"How come you wear three rings and have three piercings?" None of your concern.

"Why do you have an engagement ring on your ring finger?" That's like asking why do you have fingers.

The teacher tried to calm the crowd down. "One at a time."

"I don't have a boyfriend. I wear these rings because I choose to, I have seven piercings only on my ears, and I just prefer my ring there." Jeez, why are they asking these ridiculous questions. Is this how they normally do introductions?

"Well, that is enough questions, why don't you sit by Miharu and Koichi?"

"Sure." I made my way through the isle and sat in the seat where I was behind Koichi.

He turned and faced me. "I was hoping you wouldn't let go too much information."

"Honestly, Koichi, do you ever not misjudge me? I am not stupid." I crossed my legs.

"Uhm." I turned and the boy who's name is Miharu stared.

"Oh, sorry. Miharu, this is Akito." Koichi examined his hands towards me.

"I know her name, but what is she?"

"You're fiance." I folded my hands on my desk and rested my head. I smiled. He looked totally confused.

"Why does she have to be here? She never listens and never cooperates, barely knows what any of the names are, and is always laid back." Raimei whined. Not really whined but more of trying to get rid of me. Me and her never got along well.

"She has to be here. It's better that way." Koichi defended. While they were blabbering, I walked with Miharu.

"So, why exactly are you here?"

"I told you. I'm your fiance."

"I'm still not so clear on that either." Miharu seemed so... humble.

I sighed. "My parents told me I will someday marry the future leader of Nabari, so, my whole life I have been training and progressing to prove to everyone that I am worthy. Right now I'm here to be more safer, and to fulfill my final test."

"So, that means...?" he looked at me.

"Well, it's like a video game. You start beginner, then normal, then medium, hard, and finally expert. I'm on the last round till I finally beat the game. Or something like that." I took a deep breath.

"But what is your occupation, like ninjutsu or samurai?"

"Neither. I am basically what you are. But I don't have words in graved in me. Though, I am powerful."


"You'll find out." The both turned towards us.

"Akito, you're staying with me tonight so I think its time if we go. Let everyone know your safe." Koichi smiled at me.

"No. I wanna stay here with Miharu." I said.

"But-" I interrupted him.

"I will be fine, I'm sure I am able to protect Miharu the same way you can." I looked at him with plead. I knew that I would have to explain myself more.

"Alright." he gave in.

"You're really going to let her stay with him alone?" Raimei looked at me.

"You make it seem like if I might runaway with him or something."

"Just be careful, alright?" Koichi left with Raimei.

"You didn't have to stay, you know." Miharu lead me to his place and opened the door.

"It's fine. Besides, we have a lot of explaining."

"Oh, Miharu. Welcome home." An older woman looked towards at me. "Who's your friend?" she smiled.

"Grandmother, this is Akito, she's a new girl in school so I thought I'd help her out." He simply said.

"Hello, Akito. You are welcome here anytime, okay?" I nodded. "Miharu, your teacher has been waiting for you."

His grandmother left us alone with the apparently another kind of Kairoshu teacher. I sat down in one of the other chairs.

"Wanna tell me what this is all about?" The man wavered, took a chug of his drink, then set the cup.

"Miharu, I have a favor to ask of you. I'm asking you to save my life."

"Should you be asking the Kairoshu about that?"

Yamase explained his life story but I was getting bored of it.

"Have either of you ever wanted to go back and change something you've done?" he got louder and stood. He would switch back and forth to look at us both.

"No, not really." Miharu answered.


"Well, I have! All I have to do is change a few things and then i'll have a fresh start with the Kairoshu, and you can help me do that by using the Shinra Banshou."

"Actually I can't, not right now."

He bared his teeth and then appeared between Miharu and I, he held a pointy thing towards his neck. "Well in that case, I'm not sure if this is correct, but I hear if you drink the blood of person who obtains the Shinra Banshou you will posses the power of it yourself." he pricked Miharu's neck and was about to place his lips on it.

He immediately shoved him back and I followed after him. We ran out and Raimei was on the roof.

Then Koichi came in and was about to kill him till Raimei told him to stop.

She's gonna ask about her brother. I thought to myself.

"Do you know a boy named Reiko Shimizu?"

Oh! I so called that one! Inside I was feeling accomplished I knew she was going to ask that, but out I was just emotionless.

He explained to her about when he saw her brother. She then backed away slightly.

He chuckled. "You kids should know by now that anyone calling them by the name Shinobi has a hidden agenda. Miharu, you see, they want the ninjutsu, that's why they are all after you. Don't you get it? As long as the Shinra Banshou is in you, you will continue to be hunted and used. By everyone including those who call themselves your friends."

Raimei gasped, since she knew it was true. Yamase left, and we just stood there.

"Miharu, there's something I want to tell you."

"I know, you used me to get closer to the Kairoshu."

"Are you mad?"

"Of course not, everyone seems to be using me."

That's when I looked at him.

I wasn't using him for anything. I don't want the Shinra Banshou, nor taking advantage at the connections he has. I'm here simply because this is what I was born to be.

To be his wife.

I lied on his bed. Koichi and Raimei were talking about Tobari and Miharu was doing homework. I stood and scooted closer to him. I watched over at what he was doing, but I had no interest.

I looked up at the sound of two thuds.

I froze. The familiar brown hat gazed at me and Miharu.

The cat hissed, and then he looked up.

"Good evening."