Chapter 1

Peatrice's P.O.V

The Item check used to be run by someone else. Instead, daddy made me work there. It is simply boring, even the wall is fun to look at. I would rather watch paint dry than work here. It was always daddy's way.

"Peatrice. You stay away from men, you hear me!" Peater barked. "I don't want my little rainbow corrupted!"

My father was never settled about men. His blood pressure and everything would raise. He would wonder for days if someone was after me. He would never stop with the questions. He was paranoid.

I had many suitors but daddy would chase them away. If he got one hint that a guy was after me, he would never be happy. He would end the relationship or stop the relationship himself.

One suitor told me the truth. "Damn, if you think you'll ever get married or have a can forget it. Your damn father runs your life!"

"Daddy just wants the best..." I would say sadly. I agreed with him but I couldn't go against daddy. "I-I'm sorry..."

"It's because he's insecure!" the suitor growled. "He used to be "Mr. Skyloft", look at him now. He's looks nothing like it, my mother remembers!"

I couldn't argue with that. Daddy was more handsome when he was younger and when I was a little girl. Every woman in Skyloft swooned over him and unfortunately my father bred beauty. Now, it was happening to me. I couldn't help it, I was just really attractive.

I inherited most things from daddy. Down to his beauty mark near his cheek. I had the same one near my cheek too. Strands of his golden blonde hair also stained my hair but with a mix of my mother's.

We never talked about my mother. I didn't know where she was. I always assumed that she left because of daddy. I wasn't sure. She wasn't in my life very long. She left when I was very young.

Daddy would be at Bamboo Island all day. It was his passion. Sword fighting and being a knight used to be his other passion but over the years he was plagued by health issues. One of them was his weight. He gained so much weight. He lost his stamina. He gave up knighthood, all he did was chop Bamboo all day.

All I did all day was manage the Item check. That's it. From morning to night. My life was always passing me by and the people of Skyloft knew. I could see their eyes and hear their conversations at the bazaar. The ones that were eating Piper's cooking.

'Look at poor Peatrice. Always daydreaming and sad. I wonder what her life is going to be like?' a woman said to Goselle, the richest woman in Skyloft. 'I know she doesn't like her job.'

Goselle also felt sympathy. 'I know, poor dear. Not many even use the item check except for that stunning knight, Link.'

'I just can't see her doing that mundane work.' the woman responded. 'I don't think she'll do it forever.'

Goselle and the woman changed the subject. I really felt embarrassed. Everyone knew, Skyloft was a small tight knit town. Secrets couldn't even be hidden because someone would find out. It didn't take long for someone to find out, or intrude in someone's affair. It often caused conflict between residents.

That's how daddy found about the suitors. Someone would tell him. Or if the suitor made a careless mistake, we were caught. No matter how careful I was, daddy always knew then he would never go out of being paranoid.

So, I remained at the item check. Mundanely sitting there, daydreaming about the man of my dreams. Wondering what he was going to look like, act like, sound like, all those wonderful things. Hoping that he had an interesting life.

I was so busy day dreaming that I didn't notice a customer.

"Excuse me?" he waved to get my attention. "Hi, I'd like to drop off some items that I have."

I mundanely did the introduction. "Welcome to Item Check. Do you have any items to drop off today?"

The man began taking out an empty bottle, an outdated shield, and what looked like a Deku bag of some kind. He put the items on the counter. I took them and put them in a bag. I made sure to carefully seal this up the bag.

"Is that all you would like to drop off?" I asked. The man look straight at me as my heart began to race. It was Link, the stunning knight Goselle was talking about. I couldn't believe he was actually visiting me but I contained my emotions. If anyone saw, daddy would know for sure.

Link had golden blonde hair like my father. He was a good height, he had very blue eyes, green garb like the other knights, and a look for adventure. I knew his life was interesting, he was always on adventures. Some so dangerous and much more than our knights could handle. I knew that part because he ventured away from Skyloft often.

He went to the forbidden all the time. The forbidden is what we called any land below the sky. We weren't to talk about it. I only knew because it only made that much sense. If Link was gone that regularly, it was not to the islands in the sky.

Link smiled. "It seems like working here is boring."

"Oh, trust me it is. No one else wants to do it." I replied mundanely. "People never really ask."

"Well, you can count on me to come by." Link laughed. "I can't carry everything!"

"That's nice." I replied. "Adventures must be so much fun to go on."

Link smiled. He had the look of a hero. I don't think any other knight fit it better. I knew he being noble and saving lives. I just knew. He was already so interesting. Most guys said he was a ladies man. Since, they would always go to Link about their problems about romance. He was so romantic looking.

"Well." I looked at Link. "You're probably busy."

"Oh, right." Link realized he lost track of time. "I have to finish my quest." Link looked back. "What's your name?"

I couldn't believe he asked for me. "Peatrice..." I replied shyly. "I'm Peatrice. Come back if you have any items."

Link smiled. "Ok. I appreciate it."

Link ran out of the bazaar. I couldn't believe that the stunning knight would have a conversation with me. Many guys called me the "Sky Princess" because I couldn't be with just anyone. My father said it from when I was little that he would decide who I married when I didn't want him to.

I was a sweet, kind hearted girl. I even had looks which guys were happy about. I hoped Link would come back. I really wanted to see him again. Just see his handsome face.

I went back to daydreaming. Daydreaming about the guy I hoped to marry or even meet.

I looked at the changes in people. I only had eight hours left to go. Daddy would be home as soon as I was done.