Brandy and Mr. Whiskers: Homebound Again

Part 1: Last Ditch Effort

The Amazon Jungle is known to be the world's largest natural rainforest and home to many wild and exotic creatures, which recently includes a brattish teenage dog and a mentally challenged white rabbit. This duo is known to all in the jungle as Brandy and Mister Whiskers, having accidentally fallen from the cargo bay of a passing airplane. And today marks their year anniversary having come to the jungle. We now find Brandy and Whiskers out together with their closest friends, Lola Boa, Ed Otter, Cheryl and Meryl on their way back from the Amazon Mall together.

"You know...I totally had my doubts about you two. But man. You really gotten used to life here in the jungle." Cheryl said. Brandy chuckled.

"Heh. Well, a dog's gotta make do with what she's got." Brandy said. Meryl glanced at her sister with wings crossed.

"Still, neither of us thought for sure that you would've lasted one YEAR together. We were actually BOTH wrong this time." Meryl said. Cheryl glanced at her.

"What's that supposed to mean doll? You saying I am the one who's mostly wrong? What about YOU? You've obviously not been counting all of YOUR mistakes!" Cheryl shouted. Meryl growled.

"Why you...!" she shouted, ending up tussling with her sister and tumbling away. Ed and Lola quietly looked on with Brandy and Whiskers.

"Sheesh. Their entire lives together and they still CAN'T stop fighting." Lola sighed.

"Well, Miss Lola, if they WERE to get along...duhhh...they wouldn't be the Cheryl and Meryl we've grown to knowing." Ed said. Brandy and Lola awkwardly glared at the otter, joined by Whiskers.

"Wow. Is it me or is this NOT the Ed we've known for almost a year?" Brandy asked. Lola merely shook her head as the two looked to Whiskers, giving a shrug too.

"I dunno. Maybe Ed's gotten...ehhh...what's the word Brandy?" Whiskers asked. Brandy sighed, reminding him of the word "smarter". Whiskers smirked.

"OH! Ha ha! That's right!" he laughed. Brandy watched Whiskers chuckling and lightly shook her head. As they continued together down the jungle path, Brandy lightly caught glimpse of her collar from a nearby puddle and sighed. She then stopped in her tracks, catching everyone's attention.

"Huh? Brandy? Something wrong?" Whiskers asked.

"Oh. No, it's nothing you guys." Brandy said. But Lola slithered up Brandy's leg and wrapped around her arm, looking at her with concern on her face. She knew Brandy was thinking about something and wanted her to just come out and say it.

"Well, I was just thinking for a second. With the fact that Whiskers and I have been in the jungle for almost a year now, I...actually wonder if they're still looking for me..." Brandy said. Ed dumbfully stared on with Whiskers, asking what she was referring to.

"My owners. I...wonder if they even know I was gone at all." Brandy said, lightly tilting her collar tag into sight. It had the words "Brandy" carved into the silver piece with a small heart at the end. Brandy sighed.

"We've had our fair share of chances to leave. But...we passed them all. At this point, maybe they just gave up on me. Who knows? Maybe I've been replaced." Brandy said. But Whiskers scoffed and elbowed her in the side a couple times.

"AWW! Come on Brandy! You know that's not true! I bet your family's worried sick about you!" Whiskers laughed. But Lola commented that if no one has come for Brandy, then it was no doubtly true. Brandy sighed, patting Whisker's head.

"Its okay Whiskers. Thanks for trying to cheer me up. Come on. Let's head back to the hut and celebrate our year anniversary, huh?" Brandy said. Everyone started off again down the jungle path again, but Whiskers stood alone. He thought back to a year ago, remembering his stupid blunder that caused them to be flung into the jungle together.

" that Brandy brought that all up, I...sort of feel bad for her. But...hmmm.." Whiskers said, slowly strolling ahead before unknowingly slamming face first into a tree trunk.


The next day, the sun slowly begins to rise over the Amazon Jungle and seeped through the towering trees. Light slowly glinted in through the window of their small little hut in the trees, reaching as far as the bunk beds where Brandy slept quietly. Her eyes slowly opened as she sat up and yawned, stretching her arms out as wide as possible.

"Phew. I needed that good night's rest. How about you Whiskers?" Brandy asked, leaning over her bunk. But when she looked down, she saw there was no sign of the white rabbit anywhere. She then heard what sounded like Whiskers calling to her from the window of the hut.

"HEY BRANDY! COME ON DOWN!" Whiskers called in a deep tone. Brandy rushed to the window and looked out, gasping at the sight of Whiskers standing with Ed and their friends by what appeared to be a gigantic man made catapult fashioned from wood, rope and several other pieces of the jungle.

"Wh-Whiskers! What is THAT?" Brandy exclaimed. Whiskers chuckled.

"What are ya kidding me? Its a catapult thingy. DUH!" Whiskers chuckled, nudging Ed's shoulder. Brandy quickly ducked inside the hut and got dressed, rushing down to Whiskers and the others.

"But...what's it doing here?" Brandy asked. Lola slithered onto the arm of the catapult and faced Brandy.

"Whiskers made it...with lots of help from us. He called it your "last chance" to go home." Lola said. Brandy looked over the giant device before finding her eyes glaring at Whiskers.

"Uhh...heh heh. Well, Brandy, I really got to thinking since yesterday and..." Whiskers said. But Brandy interrupted by saying that she told him to forget it, shushed by Lola putting her tail tip against her lip.

"I felt really BAD about the whole shebang on the plane and...well...I figured I'd give it one final try to get you back home. Trust me. It'll work. See? We did our math too." Whiskers continued, pulling over a chalkboard. Written on it were several scribbles and drawings that only Whiskers or Ed could seem to understand. Brandy sighed, feeling Whiskers went out of his way for nothing.

"Come on Brandy. Least you can do for the sap is to go along with it." Cheryl said. Meryl nodded.

"Yeah. Besides, if ya don't, no telling what hairbrain idea he'll cook up next." Meryl added "At least do this for laughs." Brandy glared at Whiskers, giving a big hopeful smile and his eyes bulging out in a pleading fashion. Brandy groaned.

"All right. Whatever. Let's get this over with Whiskers." Brandy said. Whiskers chuckled in a high tone before grabbing Brandy by her wrist and pulling her into the seat. And in no time, he whipped out a pair of goggles and slapped them on his face.

"Whoa. He really thinks this thing is gonna work. He's nuts." Brandy thought, taking a good look at Whiskers' behavior. Suddenly, she saw Lola and Ed climbing in with them.

"I dunno where Whisker's little "plan" will end up flinging you, so...I'm sticking with you to help guide you back." Lola said. They then looked to Ed, asking why he was joining them.

" Whiskers said I could be co-pilot for this expedition." Ed said. Brandy sighed and sat with her arms crossed.

"Come on Whiskers. A catapult? You really think THIS is gonna get me back home to Florida?" Brandy asked. Whiskers snickered.

"Of course it would. Didn't you see my math? Plus, look at the SIZE of it! If this doesn't get you out of the jungle, NOTHING will!" Whiskers guffawed. He looked down to the base, yelling "CONTACT!" to a waiting Cheryl and Meryl.

"Girl, this better work. Otherwise, we'll be scrapping doggy pancake off the jungle floor." Cheryl said. The two toucans took hold of a large switch on the side of the catapult. With one giant pull, a click was heard. But the catapult failed to respond. Brandy looked around the sides of her seat and chuckled.

"See? I told you this wasn't gonna..." Brandy said. But suddenly, the entire device started to shake and rattle, surprising Brandy and the others. But Whiskers sat with his arms behind his head.

"Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh-WHISKERS! What's going on?" Brandy cried. Whiskers looked to her and laughed.

"We're about to have LIFTOFF! Better brace yourself!" Whiskers shouted, pulling out three helmets, fashioned from hollowed coconuts. Everyone scrambled to get their helmets on before, without warning, the catapult came alive and launched the four together into the air. Cheryl and Meryl gawked at the sight of their friends flying.

"WHOA! Look at them go!" they cried. Brandy screamed loudly, flailing her arms frantically.

"Whiskers! your CRAZIEST IDEA YET!" Brandy shrieked. Whiskers laughed.

"It ain't over yet Brandy! Next stop...HAWAII!" Whiskers exclaimed. Brandy scoffed.

"I'm from FLORIDA you idiot! Brandy of the FLORIDA Harringtons! I've said it, like, TWENTY times!" Brandy exclaimed. She shrieked loudly once more as the four seemed to disappear into the sun's glare.


All goes black as Brandy shields her eyes and continues to scream. Lola clings onto Brandy's arm as Ed grabs onto Whiskers. The catapult launched them straight out of the jungle like bullets, sending them flying over the Atlantic Ocean. They all came crashing down into a large sandy beach, diving head first into the sand with their rears sticking up.

"Hey! It worked!" Whiskers laughed in a muffled tone. Brandy feverishly pushed against the ground, plucking her head free from the sand. Ed and Lola were next to free themselves as Brandy spit sand from her mouth.

"Ay carumba! We survived!" Lola shouted. Once Whiskers pulled his head out, Brandy angrily stormed to him and grabbed hold of his neck before mercilessly rattling him.

"Whiskers, you IDIOT! Do you realize you almost KILLED us?!" Brandy exclaimed. Ed soon caught eye of something, tugging at Brandy's pant leg.

"Uhhh...excuse me Miss Brandy. you know what these "words" mean?" Ed asked. Brandy quickly glared at him before seeing a sign in front of them. She gasped and dropped Whiskers, seeing it to be written in plain English. It read:

"Welcome to Palm Beach, Florida! Enjoy your stay!"

She then started to look around, seeing palm trees lining the outer edge of the beach, leading towards a large bustling city with tall buildings, cars driving down the roads, beach umbrellas scattered across the sands and a large bustling populus of humans. Brandy was practically speechless.

"I...I don't believe it." Brandy muttered "Whiskers...did it. I'm...I'm home..." Ed and Lola looked up to Brandy, seeing tears flooding her eyes. Whiskers glanced at Brandy, fearing another violent thrashing from her. But she quickly brought her friends together in a tight group hug and screamed with joy.

"I'm HOME! Palm Beach, Florida! I am HOME! Brandy Harrington has returned!" Brandy exclaimed, her voice echoing in the sky. Ed and Lola gasped as Whiskers exclaimed with joy, leaping out of Brandy's arms and hopped around giddily across the sands.