Final Chapter: Ryuusei's Last Stand

[Kaijin no Sekai, 2002]

The evil Gentaro ran towards his two companions with his crimson red eyes seeking blood. Shotaro and Kengo didn't hesitate to get up and make a break for it as the two ran for their lives.

"What the hell was that?" Kengo demanded, wanting Shotaro to answer him.

"No clue, just keep running!" Shotaro countered.

Kengo didn't bother to argue with that answer as he agreed. Questions could wait until they were not being chased.

"I'd be happy to answer that…" Gentaro's voice lingered through the air, making them both stop and look up.

Gentaro stood in the tree above with an evil smirk on his face, his hands still covered in black energy.

"Gentaro… what happened to you…?" Shotaro asked.

"Something amazing…" He smiled. "I've been chosen…"

"Chosen…? For what…?" Kengo asked.

"Soon Master Thanatos will be reborn in this world, and no one will be able to compare to his might. The Kaijin no Sekai will be his to control! And I've been chosen by him personally to see that happen!"

"He's gone insane…" Kengo said.

"No… He's really under the influence of that thing; whatever it was."

"You two are standing in my way… I'll have to kill you to assure myself that you won't stand in my Master's way…" Gentaro said.

"Gentaro snap out of it!" Shotaro yelled. "Fight that thing!"

"Why would I? It's given me immense strength, more so than I would've gotten on my own. This strength is more than enough to make this world our own. Don't you want that…? A world that we can call our own…? Face it; we'll never see Earth again! We're stuck here for the rest of our lives so let's make the most of it! Let's rule it!"

"You're willing to betray all of the friends we made just for selfish ambitions?" Shotaro yelled, angered by his statement.

Gentaro chuckled. "With the power of Master Thanatos… I am willing; and I intend to!" he jumped from the tree and lunged at Shotaro, his fist inflamed with black Kaijudo Energy…"

[Earth; Present time]

Shotaro and the other workers stood in front of the giant circular-like machine that housed the portal in the center of the room. Two scientists stood side by side, pouring Kaijudo Energy into it as Mr. Roman, Tachibana and the three Kaijudo Monarchs, Jason, Riley and Shinji walked in. Shotaro turned around and smiled.

"It's been a while Mr. Roman." Shotaro shook his hand.

"Likewise, Dr. Inoue…" He smiled in return.

Shotaro then turned to Shinji and the other two. "Same with you, Jason and Riley; How's things going with you two? Married yet?"

Jason and Riley were about to reply, until they realized what he asked. They both turned their heads away and blushed, not wanting to answer.

Shotaro and a few other chuckles were heard as he then turned to Shinji. "Hey son, how are things?"

Shinji nodded. "Can't complain; Work's work."

Shotaro nodded as well. "I expected you say that."

The machine suddenly made a series of noises as the first pair made it through the portal: Dylan and Mike flew out first, followed by Marcus, Vanessa, Karon, Peyton, Jake and June, who's still on his back, and finally Jamie, who was still in tears.

The scientist all clapped in amazement that their hard work was finally paid off by the results.

"I can't believe that worked…" Shotaro said, a little speechless. He then realized it. "Only nine…?"

"Where's C.J.?" Jason asked, having a bad feeling about it.

Once C.J.'s name hit Jamie's ears, she ran towards her brother and cried her eyes out.

"C.J. stayed behind to fight Ryuusei…" Jake said.

"Does he not realize that it's going to close completely in a few minutes?" Shotaro asked. "When I said Five minutes, I really meant it! This machine can only work once!"

Everyone's expressions turned sour when they heard that.

"So that means…" Dylan began to say. He turned to the open portal that started to collapse bit by bit. "If he doesn't get out before times up…"

"Then he'll be trapped forever…" Shotaro told him.

[Kaijin no Sekai, Present time]

C.J. skidded back and dashed to his left, dodging the barrage of blasts Ryuusei sent his way.

"Time's running out boy; you can't dodge my attacks forever…" Ryuusei taunted as he continued to trace C.J.'s path throughout, destroying objects in his way.

"Fine then, then I'll stop running!" C.J. stopped short and turned, using the Fire Blades to blast him forward. He sent a punch towards Ryuusei who blocked it with his scythe, followed by a kick and a series of maneuvers, each and every one blocked by the Armor-wearing warrior.

"Pathetic…" Ryuusei grabbed C.J.'s neck and picked him up. Bringing him closer, C.J. could feel the cold stare through Ryuusei's helmet as the monster looked at him with his deep red eyes.

"Just… Who are you…?" C.J. tried to speak.

Ryuusei chuckled evilly and tightened his grip, making C.J. gasp in pain.

"The man who will kill you…" He then tossed C.J. aside and into the wall, walking closer to him.

C.J. coughed hard, feeling the wind knocked out of him, in addition to regaining feeling in his throat.

"It's quite a shame. You destroyed Neo Bolshack Dragon, and defeated the Death Phoenix; you also defeated Mars and lead a group of teenagers to not only destroy my Skyterror Army, but successfully invade my base. He knelt down and picked C.J. up by his baseball cap, which was burned by the barrage of blasts."

"The real question is: who are you?" Ryuusei asked.

The weak C.J. smirked. "You… didn't know…? I'm the hero…"

Ryuusei raised an eyebrow, not expecting a reply like that. "So does that make me the villain then?"

C.J. didn't reply, finding himself losing focus.

"Well then…" Ryuusei dropped C.J.'s head back on the ground as he stood up.

"I guess it's only fair then that I play a proper villain and destroy the hero…" he raised his scythe in the air and began to spin it.

"No one who defied me has survived this attack…" Ryuusei explained. His scythe began to ignite black flames as it continued to spin.

C.J.'s eyes looked onto the arc as the timer read the remaining time left on it. A tear dripped from eye, mixing with the blood running from his head.

"Jamie…" he whispered to himself. "I should've told you…"


"I'm bad at keeping promises…


"Time's up!" Ryuusei announced as he sent the flaming weapon on him.

C.J. closed his eyes, ready to accept his fate…

The sound of metal hitting against each other was heard, shocking the two of them in the room…

[Earth; Present time]

The portal closed on the other side, the people in the room realizing that the mission, although going great, utterly failed. C.J. was stuck in the Kaijin no Sekai. And at the moment, there was nothing getting him out of it.

Jamie dropped to her knees in disbelief. She couldn't believe her eyes. C.J. broke his promise to her. He didn't come back like he said he was.

Shotaro walked over to Jamie and put his hand on her shoulder. "I'm sorry for your loss…"

Jamie glared and smacked his hand away. "Like hell you are!" Jamie snarled, fueled by her emotions. "Turn it back on!"

"I can't, like I said, the machine-

"Like I said…" Jamie snarled, her voice showing her rising anger; "Turn the damn thing back on and get him back!"

"Jamie, calm down!" Jason stepped in.

"Stay out of it!" She snapped at her brother. Her attention turned back to Shotaro, who was speechless.

"You knew this would happen; didn't you?" She glared.

"No I didn't!" Shotaro countered. "I didn't realize that C.J. would be foolish enough to stay behind, considering the situation we were in."

"You're lying! You had all of this planned from the start!"

Shotaro was taken aback and then his demeanor slowly began to change.

"What are you implying…" he asked.

"You're related to NOVA somehow." Jamie stated.

The group all became shocked, hearing those words, staring at the two making eye contact.

"Now 'young lady'…" Mr. Roman stepped in. "That's a serious accusation; one that involves the DCA as well. You better have proof to back that up."

"I do." Jamie nodded. "Why did you activate the portal tech in the NOVA Airship, while having full knowledge that not only you could've used it in the same area outside the ship? You knew by doing so you had the huge risk of allowing Soldiers and creatures to pass through."

"Because if I used it outside you all would have to jump into a lava pit; by the time I came into contact with you all, the ship was flying over the Fire Civilization. There was no flat surface for me to activate it other than inside. In addition to that with the DCA officials on their way here, if there was a security breach, the Kaijudo Monarchs would've defended the area." Shotaro countered.

"Shinji's father was killed in a Hybrid attack back in 2008. How can you claim to be his father when he's long gone?"

"My wife and I divorced a year before; once I heard about it, I took full custody of Shinji." He countered again. "Eighteen more questions to go."

Jamie grunted in anger, the thought of punching him square in the jaw just soothing her emotions over.

"Miss Martin, I think that's enough accusations for now…" Mr. Roman said in a stern voice. "As a well-known A-Rank, you have a reputation to uphold; you're a duelist, not a detective."

Jamie looked at the president of the DCA and nodded. "I'm sorry. But I have one more question for him; if it's alright with you sir…"

Mr. Roman looked at the offended Shotaro, who in turn nodded. "If it'll satisfy her..."

"Go on."

Jamie took her bag off and opened it. "When Dylan and I were snooping around, we found this." She pulled out the journal.

Shotaro's eyes widened at the sight of the little brown book. "Where did you…"

"In one of the offices of the ship we found it. All but one page at the end of it is written in Japanese. Seeing at the time, his fellows couldn't read English well, they would have a hard time understanding what he wrote.

Tachibana looked on to Shotaro. "From what I recall, you didn't learn English until you returned back here, Sho-Kun."

Shotaro glared. "I told you to stop calling me that…"

"It was Gentaro Kurosaki's farewell message to whoever found the journal." Jamie revealed.

"Read it out loud please…" Mr. Roman told her.

Vanessa looked around, realizing someone was missing. "Hey guys, where's Marcus…?"

Jake and the others looked.

"You don't think that he…" June started to say as she looked at the ring-shaped device…

[Kaijin no Sekai; Present time]

C.J. opened his eyes, not feeling the intended pain from the scythe that Ryuusei sent in his direction.

"What are you doing here…?" Ryuusei snarled.

"Oh you know, saving him." Marcus said, locking Ryuusei's scythe with twin dagger-like Cross Gears.

Marcus kicked the warrior back and used his own fire blades to charge forward, slashing away at Ryuusei. Said warrior was then sent across the open room, heavily damaged by the unexpected assault.

"Marcus…?" C.J. looked up. "Why… are you here?"

"Had a career change;" Marcus said, helping him up.

"A career change…?" C.J. looked at him oddly.

"We're not enemies anymore. So, with that said, I can't be the villain. I'll settle for Anti-hero, or Ally, whatever floats your boat."

"How about Rival…?" C.J. turned to him.

Marcus looked on and smirked.

"Can't be a Hero without a rival, now can I?"

"Despite getting beaten to a bloody pulp, you still maintain that sense of humor. Wow that's cliché." He then hands C.J. the two blades.

"What are these?" C.J. asked.

"They're a special Cross Gear: Flame Swords. The Right handed blade's Pierce, and the left, Accel."

"They have names?" C.J. asked.

Marcus smirked. "Yeah, they're special to me. I want you to take good care of them."

C.J. nodded, and then suddenly felt a surge of energy go through him. The armor of the flame blades began to travel up his legs, and the same with the armor of the emerald claws. The trio of gears began to glow as the blades began to glow green.

"What is this…?" C.J. asked himself. "I just felt a huge amount of Kaijudo Energy rush into me."

Ryuusei heard C.J. as he got up and his eyes widened. "It can't be…" he looked and saw the Gears covered his arms and legs.

"His level of Kaijudo Energy couldn't have possibility triggered it…"

"Amazing… It's incomplete but…"

"Marcus, what's going on?"

"You triggered a part of it. You're not doing it purposely; your body is forcing a Zenith Cross Over."

"A Zenith… Cross Over?"

Marcus pointed to Ryuusei. "Like how he is. If you use a combination of three or more Cross gears that match the signature of your Kaijudo Energy patterns, a Zenith Cross Over will occur. Think like a…"

"Program Advance from Megaman Battle Network…? Or a Galaxy Advance from Megaman Starforce…?"

"Um… yeah sure, let's go with those…" he said not knowing what C.J. was talking about. "Anyway, a Zenith Cross Over is an ability that's extremely rare, even among those able to Cross Over. And each combination has one finisher that can be executed."

"You don't happen to know what this finisher is, do you…?"

Marcus shook his head. "Honestly I didn't realize that this would happen. I'm only here because that Jamie chick is balling her eyes out back there for you; and I hate to say it, but I felt bad."

C.J. gave him a glare. "Back off dude."

"What? I saved your butt didn't I?"

"No I really mean back off!" He kicked Marcus away and jumped back himself as Ryuusei flew from overhead and stabbed the ground with the blade of his scythe.

"I will not let you live!" Ryuusei snarled furiously. "I am the only one who can reach the power of the Zenith!" He dashed towards C.J. and let out a fury of slashes with his scythe.

"I refuse to let a brat such as you to disgrace a power it took years for me to master!"

"MARCUS!" C.J. yelled for help. "Hurry up and save my butt again!"

Marcus skidded up and leapt into the air, drawing a cross gear from his pocket.

"Hell Sabers: Cross over!" He called out as he gained the twin blades. He lunged forward and slashed Ryuusei in the back, chipping his back armor.

Ryuusei growled in pain and hit Marcus with the blunt side of the scythe in the stomach, making him lose his balance.

"You're wide open!" C.J. said as his armored gauntlets began to glow green. He slashed Ryuusei horizontally, causing more armor to chip from the impact, once again sending him back.

Marcus recovered as the duo made a comeback on Ryuusei, taking turns pushing him further and further back, not allowing him to recover after the previous strike before.

With the form collapsing, Ryuusei looked on, his mask cracking.

"It's over…" C.J. told him.

Ryuusei looked at him, and began to laugh hysterically. "You couldn't have been more right." He reached in his back armor and pulled a switch out.

"What is that…?" Marcus looked.

"It's clear that I lost this battle." Ryuusei admitted. "However…" he pressed the switch as sirens began to sound off.

SELF DESTRUCT SEQUENCE HAS BEEN INITIATED! T-MINUS 60 SECONDS! The on-board computer announced throughout the ship. Afterwards the sounds of agents scrambling for their lives were heard outside the ship as the ones who could escape did.

"Are you insane? You're going down with the ship?" C.J. asked surprised.

"Correction: We're down with the ship!" Ryuusei said in hysteria. "I'll see you both in hell!"

"Well then… just answer this one question…"

Ryuusei regained his composure.

"Who are you really…?"

Ryuusei reached for his broken part of the mask and cracked it more, so that it would break. But before pulling it away he spoke.

"For those reading this… this is Gentaro Kurosaki of the Ryuusei Space shuttle. I don't have a lot of time to explain so I'll be quick…" he began to recite.

[Earth; present time]

"It's been a few hours since my two teammates, Shotaro Inoue and Kengo Watanabe found me with the legendary beast known in this world as 'Thanatos.'" Jamie read from the journal. Since my encounter, I've been running for my life. Nowhere to go, nowhere to hide… I stole Shotaro's journal to write this down in case anyone found it." She looked at him before she kept reading. "I encountered the beast shortly after our arrival, in a crater a few kilometers from where our ship crashed. It was in the shape of a black egg, and it spoke to me, allowing me to study it. It told me of its condition and asked for help on restoring him. I agreed and he explained what he needed.

[Kaijin no Sekai; present time]

"Every time I was sent to do something for my fellow mates, I would travel off and meet with Thanatos to aid him. Eventually his egg hatched into a built up smoke form. He then revealed to me that his real body is sealed in the core of the planet and only an immense amount of raw energy was needed to power him enough to break his seal. And there were two ways in order to achieve it. The first was to collect the five Catastrophe Cross gears, weapons held by the great rulers of the world. And the other…"

[Earth; Present time]

"Was the Destruction of his nine warriors, each of them holding a tenth of his full power…" Jamie finished. "If I managed to achieve that, he promised me anything I desired. In order to accomplish this, he gave me his current power, to do either one of the actions. But that's when they discovered me. If you're asking yourself why I'm writing about all of this now, and why I seem like I'm fearing for my life…"

[Kaijin no Sekai; Present time…]

"It's because Thanatos claims I outlived my usefulness, and has found someone else to take his place…" Ryuusei pulled the mask from his face. "And that person…"

[Earth; Present time]

"Was Shotaro himself…" Jamie slammed the book shut.

The room turned to Shotaro who looked around, shocked that the Gentaro's final words explained who Ryuusei was. But he sighed.

"I knew I should've killed him right there and then." He said. He took his glasses off and shook his hair out, revealing the gray streaks in it.

"I must say; you are quite the sneaky detective; No wonder Death Phoenix saw potential in you." Shotaro looked at Jamie. "Mind if I try it out?"

[Kaijin no Sekai: Present time]

"Ryuusei's… A machine…?" C.J. asked staring at the silver metal face of the Man that stood before them.

The Android laughed. "Not quite. I am a duplicate created by the Real Ryuusei; Shotaro Inoue remains on earth where your friends are. He's manipulated everything so that he could have me take down the two strongest from each group, while he finished the rest of you lot off. And it seems like he succeeded."

"Crap, we can't get back…"


"Well that doesn't help…" C.J. said annoyed.

"Pathetic humans… You have no chance of winning so give up!"

C.J. was getting ready to face facts, but Marcus started to laugh.

"What's so funny…?"

"I think you forgot something." Marcus pressed a button on his deck case and a portal materialized.

"How can this be?" the android stammered.

"How else did you think we were able to travel between worlds? C.J., finish this guy and let's get back."

C.J. smirked and nodded. "It's going to be fun having you as a rival." He flipped the blades downward as he sent Kaijudo Energy through them.

"Let's run wild." C.J. said as his skates ignited. He suddenly shot up to the Robot and slashed away at it as it sparked up violently. The Robot barely able to keep up tried its best but to no avail. But that's when he saw a small opening.

"I got you!"

C.J. disappeared before the blade made contact, appearing behind the leaning android.

"Super Terra Impact!" he turned around and slashed the bot one final time, it screaming in agonizing pain. It dropped to its knees and exploded.

"Nice!" Marcus gave him thumbs up.

C.J. smirked, but then found him lightheaded. "I think… I'm gonna die now." He fell forward.

"Oh, no you don't...!" Marcus picked him up. "You're not dying on my watch." He went through the open portal just as the ship hit five seconds.

The ship then exploded, enough for the neighboring creatures all around to see.

"C.J….!" Tsume called out as Kage and Blaze looked up.

"They're alive…" Kage said reassuringly. Don't worry, I can sense his Kaijudo Energy.

Tsume sighed in relief as the avatars gathered around the trio.

"So is it over?" Tsume asked.

"For now anyway…" Starnoid shrugged his shoulders not giving a straight answer.

[Earth; Present time]

"Dr. Shotaro Inoue, you are hereby under arrest for terrorist acts brought upon both Earth and the Kaijin no Sekai. You are also charged for attempting to release the Beast Thanatos, which is forbidden by the law of the Five Avatars. Lastly for forcing creatures into slavery, even implanting the being known as ARC into a creature, you are under arrest for Creature endangerment." Jason spoke.

Shotaro looked on to Mr. Roman and smirked. "You don't really think that arresting me would be this easy, do you? You're better off killing me."

"That can be arranged." Mr. Roman agreed.

"Well, yes; however I'll just kill her as well." Shotaro pulled out a pistol from his pocket and aimed it at Jamie.

"You wouldn't…" Jason growled as his hard sparked red and white Kaijudo Energy.

Shotaro turned. "Listen boy; If it wasn't for me revealing this world to you there wouldn't be such thing as Duel Masters, let alone the DCA. Just as I easily brought this into the world, I can just as easily end the life of one of the top players in the world. So I suggest that you calm down and let me walk out of here peacefully; because of course, I have nine supernovas; only five have been destroyed."

"You're bluffing…" Jason shot.

"Frankly you're in no position to say that. I'm extremely powerful and I shouldn't be taken lightly; If a Robotic Clone could do as much as it's done in the Creature world, imagine what a 'Real Life Ryuusei' could do?"

Jason grunted and calmed himself down. Shotaro nodded.

"Smart move." He withdrew his pistol and walked out of the room.

"Keep an eye on him." Jason told Riley.

"Sasha's in the air tracking him as we speak." Riley reassured.

Shotaro made it up to the Roof of the building, nostalgia coming back when the team first went up against Michael.

"Took you long enough…"

Shotaro heard Tachibana speak as he found him waiting for him.

"So you knew…"

"I didn't want to believe it." Tachibana said. "It hurts to know that you were really the one under the influence of Thanatos."

Shotaro walked closer to Tachibana and stopped as the two looked out towards Tokyo.

"Nearly Fifteen years has passed since you came back… And it's been fifteen years… that you've been working on making a world for yourself."

"It's something that you have to experience for yourself. I'd give anything to stay there." Shotaro told him.

"So… why didn't you go through when you had the chance then? You provided the technology to those kids to travel in between…"

Shotaro shook his head. "Would've raised too many suspicions…"

"I must say though; it was clever how you changed your last name to Gentaro's; was that another way to cover your blood-ridden tracks?"

"To make it seem like I was Shinji's father; I didn't realize his step father was killed years ago. That girl really had me thinking on my feet I'll admit…"

The duo laughed a bit.

"So, Sho-kun… What are you going to do know, now that you're a wanted criminal where the DCA's concerned?"

Shotaro sighed. "Keep moving forward. It'd be a shame to stop now where I'm so close."

Tachibana nodded. "I understand. Before we part however, let me give you a piece of advice…"

Shotaro turned, curious as to what his longtime friend wanted to tell him.

"Mars, Mercury and Venus' summoning here on earth unlocked part of Ixion's seal. I don't know if Thanatos realized, but it was something that Ixion's comets implanted in them when they were first sealed. If the Planets aligned, Ixion would awaken and destroy them all, with Thanatos stuck in the core, not able to do a thing.

"You forget however; if the phoenixes were destroyed, then Thanatos would absorb their power."

"True, but with Ixion being backed by the Comets, Thanatos wouldn't stand a chance. It's just a warning but, if you do plan on continuing, just know that Thanatos will be destroyed, no matter what you do to prevent it." He started to walk off towards the exit of the roof.

"Why do you know so much about Ixion…?" Shotaro asked.

"Because…" Tachibana stopped and smirked. "Like you and Thanatos, I came into contact with Ixion. And he's ready to take on Thanatos once he awakens…"

Shotaro nodded. "Well played, Aniki…" he pulled out his gun and aimed at Tachibana who in turn closed his eyes and smiled.


"Yes, Sho-kun…?"

A tear developed in Shotaro's face as he rested his finger on the trigger.

"Thanks for the advice…"

After the quick bang in the air, Tachibana dropped to the ground, not losing that smile of faith written on his face; the faith that he had in KG that they'll stop at nothing to defeat Shotaro and the remaining four Supernovas that he had…

C.J. woke up later on that night in a hospital room, hooked onto machinery like everyone else that ended up there before him. A bandaged forehead and his arm in a sling were new additions however. And of course, the smiling face of one certain individual made him feel 100% better.

"Hey there…" Jamie whispered to him.

"I kept my promise…" C.J. smiled. "It was hard, but I did it."

"Can you make another promise?" she asked.

C.J. nodded.

"Don't ever make promises if you know you can't keep them."

C.J. turned to his deck case where Tsume and Flare sat.

"You told her about what happened in the elevator, didn't you…?" C.J. glared at the fire bird.

"Nope, you're about to tell her." The Cocco Lupia smiled as she pointed to the slightly infuriated Jamie.

"Oh crap…"

Meanwhile, the rest of the KG team and Team Nova stand across from each other as they get ready to part.

"So what are you guys gonna do now?" Jake asked.

"No idea. Not like we have a home to go back to." June replied.

"Well we'll make it work. We still have money in our bank accounts so we can find a big enough apartment to live in, and of course we can all get jobs to support our selves." Vanessa suggested.

"We'll be fine; and we'll check up on you guys, see how them two are doing." Marcus joked.

"Well, if you need anything, just let us know." Karon told them.

"Yeah, Karon's family owns the most popular card shop in NYC, which of course doubles as a mini-mall, with ESPN Zone and Fun station and a food court and-"

"Yeah Dylan, they get it, I'm rich." Karon filled in.

"Oh yeah we'll definitely be over to visit. Reapers need to stick together." Peyton held his fist out, which made Karon bump it in return."

"We might as well move to NYC." Mike said. "It sounds like a new place; after all, we all grew up in Jersey so we were next door to it from the start."

"Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. I would love to live back state-side again. Japan's gotten dull, especially with all of these copied metadecks flying around; these A-Ranks here aren't so creative." Marcus added.

"Well whatever happens, we promise to see you guys again. After all, you guys are our family too." Vanessa smiled.

Jake nodded; "Of course we are…"

Dylan yawned and stretched his arms. "Dudes, we should get going, Jason said that our plane leaves tomorrow morning."

"Right;" Jake nodded.

"So I guess this is good bye then huh…?" June asked Jake.

"For now;" Jake smiled back. He and June hugged.

"You make an awesome bro." June told him, and she pecked him on the cheek;

Jake blushed slightly as the groups waved goodbye.

For now anyway…

The next morning, C.J. got released from the hospital as he met up with his friends at the hotel nearby and ate breakfast with them.

Jamie felt her phone vibrate and she checked it. "It's my bro, he's on his way to pick us up."

"How long is that gonna take?" C.J. asked.

"He said he'll be here in fifteen minutes, why?"

"Perfect, I need to talk to you for a sec; in private."

Jamie raised an eyebrow, not liking the sound of that.

C.J. dragged Jamie outside with the tomboy wondering why C.J. wanted to talk to her privately.

"Just clear something up for me?" C.J. asked.

Jamie nodded. "Ok, if it gets me back to my waffle."

"Are you sure…?"

"Sure about what…?"

"I mean… What you said back there; when I made that promise and when you told me that you love me… Are you sure that you really meant it, and you weren't caught in the spur of the moment…?"

Jamie blushed deeply, but she saw how serious C.J. was. Despite that she started laughing hysterically.

"What- what's so funny, this is serious!" C.J. stated, embarrassed by her reaction.

"C.J. honestly dude? You really couldn't tell?"

"Tell what?"

Jamie got closer. "Come here, I'll tell you a secret."

Jamie whispered in his ear and his eyes widened.

"You're kidding me!"

"Nope, dead serious!" she smiled happily.

"Stop lying Jamie, that's not funny?"

"What, I'm serious; I never had a boyfriend before… and that was my first kiss. And to be honest…; Out of all the people that I know; the fact that I shared it with you made it worthwhile. If that doesn't show how much I care for you… then I'll just have to try harder then."

"Jamie…? You don't sound like yourself. You sound…"

"Girly?" She asked. "Well I am a girl, as you can see."

"Well no duh. It's just I never seen this side of you; it's kinda cute actually."

"Well this is the side I kept hidden. You have my Shobu/Mimi personality, and then you have… this; an emotional teenager who has just felt love for the first time. It just so happens, that it's for you. "And face it C.J., I've known since we met that you had a huge crush on me, that wasn't a secret. But now I want to ask you something…"

"What's that?"

"Do you love me too?"

"Well… I guess I do."

"You… Guess…?"

"Well yeah, considering that I risked my neck for your beloved Bolshack Dragon card, fought a crazed avatar to get you back on our team, worried to death about you when we were separated… I guess me being a hero always had you playing a part in it. And if memory serves, that just fueled my determination even more. You asked why I always put myself in the hero position and now you know; A knight protects his princess. There's no question about that. And you of course, are my princess; thus whenever you're in trouble, I'd be stupid to hesitate."

"Oh for god sakes enough with the soapy love crap just KISS ALREADY!"

Jamie and C.J. looked on and saw Tsume, Flare and even Blaze of all creatures.

"Even you…?" Jamie asked her avatar.

"I've sat through three adventures waiting for this, patiently mind you." Blaze told her. "It's a crime for you not to be together."

"See, even the new guy says go for it." Tsume said in agreement.

"The new guy…?"

"C.J…. just shut up and go along with it." Jamie pulled him closer and the two of them kissed passionately.

Jason pulled up in the DCA affiliated SUV and rolled down the window. He pulled his sunglasses up and sighed in relief.

"They finally did it Inferno. Dang, what took him so long?"

A red armored Bolmeteus with jade green eyes, rugged, wings and Katanas on the side of the armor materialized on his shoulder and rested.

"Is your paycheck going to cover the wedding expenses?"

Jason chuckled. "I'll let Mom and Dad worry about that." He honked the horn. "Hey lovebirds, come on, plane's taking off in a bit."

Jamie and C.J. broke from the kiss and saw Jason. They turned to each other and smiled.

Later on with the DCA-affiliated Private jet returning to NYC from Tokyo, the KG team took the time for much needed rest. Especially Jamie and C.J. whose heads leaned on each other with their hands clasped like they were stuck together with crazy glue. The two covered with the blanket they were nothing but smiles, as they both dreamt off.

Shotaro watched as the plane soared higher in the air, he now being dressed in a black and blue suit-attire with sunglasses. He lit a cigarette and blew the smoke from his mouth.

"Cigarettes are bad for you." Kengo said as he walked up.

"I can quit whenever I feel like it." Shotaro replied.

"You said the same thing about Thanatos' power, now look at you. Tachibana's dead, the DCA has a bounty on your head…"

"Doesn't bother me none;" Shotaro replied calmly. "Get Yuuki and the other four. We're heading out."

"Following them?"

Shotaro nodded. "Just because five of my Supernovas are gone, doesn't mean in the slightest that my plans changed. I want you six to get the gears; simple as that."

"OK that sounds easy."

"It should for someone of your caliber; Kelly should especially have fun. She's told me that Neptune's been after ARC for quite some time."

"And What about Justin and Saturn…?"

"He should be ready to duel as well; I did promise to reunite him with June if he succeeded in his mission… This might give him an extra push."

"And I'm assuming that Danny and Terra are moving out?"

Shotaro nodded. "They've been alerted of the current situation and are awaiting further orders."

"Along with Yuuki and me, we, the Quasar Six will make sure that master Thanatos will be free from his prison;"

"And along with that, we'll make sure that Ixion is taken out as well…" Shotaro threw the cigarette from his mouth and stomped it out.

"Just need to wait for the moment to strike…"

Shotaro continued to watch the plane go farther ahead, knowing full well that this was only the calm before the storm, and that the Hurricane called "War" was rapidly approaching…