A/N: HEY GUYS! Published ANOTHER Crossover! This one is kind of like my drabbly, chillax crossover. Basically, I'm doing this because I need to write a humour fic and see how I go. Also, because this idea keeps bugging me and I like it.

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Magnus Bane added Tessa Gray, Will Herondale, Jem Carstairs, Charlotte Branwell, Henry Branwell, Sophie Collins and Gideon Lightwood as a friend.

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Magnus Bane: I haven't seen you guys in soooooo long! YAY! You have Facebook! :D We're going to have so much fun! I need to introduce you to my friends in New York! And my boyfriend! Then we're going to have glitter fest celebration! *squeals!*

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Tessa Gray: Thanks for the add Magnus! :D Can't wait to meet your friends!

Will Herondale: Your boyfriend? o.O

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Will Herondale: ^ Who are you?

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Magnus Bane: *wink wink*

Jem Carstairs: Thanks Magnus. It's good to see you too. :)

Henry Branwell: Yes... thank you.

Charlotte Branwell: How are you doing by the way, Magnus?

Sophie Collins: I hadn't any idea that we were close acquaintances Mr Bane.

Gideon Lightwood: What do you think I feel? Nor have I heard of the other Lightwoods...

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Sebastian Verlac/ Jonathan Morgenstern added Nathaniel Gray as a friend.

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Sebastian Verlac/ Jonathan Morgenstern: Evil brothers should bond together.

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Nathaniel Gray: :DDDD Thank you! I absolutely agree with you.

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Tessa Gray: NATE? You're suppose to be dead! D:

Clary Morgenstern: SEBASTIAN! You too! D:

Will Herondale: I smell putrefaction... Is it usually associated with evil brothers?

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Jace Lightwood: Magnus told me I'd find my ancestor here. Where is he?

Gideon Lightwood: Another Lightwood? You're either my ancestor or my sister's or my brother's.

Gabriel Lightwood: The Lightwood bloodline survives! XD

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Will Herondale: Unfortunately.

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Jace Lightwood: I'm not a Lightwood! I'm a Herondale!

Will Herondale: My bloodline survives?

Gabriel Lightwood: Unfortunately.

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Jace Herondale updated his status: I have now changed my account name so my ancestor could recognise me.

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Will Herondale: Good. So what do you want to know? Where we originally came from? What valiant, chivalrous deeds we have done? How the immense beauty of Herondale men has been the cause for many mercy killings of women?

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Clary Morgenstern: If anything's clear, it's certainly the fact that Jace inherited his ego.

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Simon Lewis: TWO Herondales? Somebody kill me now... D:

Magnus Bane: There... there...


Magnus Bane invited Alec Lightwood, Isabelle Lightwood, Jace Herondale, Clary Morgenstern, Simon Lewis, Maia Roberts, Jordan Kyle, Tessa Gray, Will Herondale, Jem Carstairs, Charlotte Branwell, Henry Branwell, Sophie Collins, Gideon Lightwood and Gabriel Lightwood to the event: "reunion party at my house on Saturday. \(^o^)/"

R.S.V.P's: 16

Isabelle Lightwood: YAY! I get to bond with my ancestors! Magnus! We need to go shopping! Meet you at Macy's at 10 this morning! I need some new fishnet tights.

Alec Lightwood: Thanks! :D

Clary Morgenstern: This is a great idea Magnus!

Simon Lewis: As long as you don't serve that drink that turned me to a rat, I'm coming.

Maia Roberts: Oh yay!

Jordan Kyle: Didn't know we were so tight man... but thanks!

Tessa Gray: Can't wait!

Jem Carstairs: :D Thank you. Would you like me to bring something? I could play my violin.

Charlotte Branwell: We would be honoured to go there. Right Henry?

Henry Branwell: Thank you very much for the invite.

Sophie Collins: Thank you Mr Bane. Now I'll just have to find something to wear...

Gideon Lightwood: This should be nice, being with my descendants.

Gabriel Lightwood: Why I'm very happy for this... BUT WHY DID YOU HAVE TO INVITE THE HERONDALES?

Will Herondale: Thank you, but why? WHY GABRIEL?

Jace Herondale: I don't like owing people, but I'm grateful for this opportunity Magnus.

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Magnus Bane: Izzy, sure. I'll meet you there. I also need buckets of glitter and glow-in-the-dark paint. Alec, darling, you're coming with us. I need to get you some designer suits for the party. Clary, I know, I know. I'm a genius. Simon, don't worry. Maia... well I don't know how to reply to your RSVP. Jordan Kyle... I like you so that's reason enough to invite you. Can't wait to meet you again too Miss Gray! Ooooh! Please bring your violin! Mr and Mrs Branwell, glad you're coming. Sophie, don't worry too much by your appearance, the glow-in-the-dark paint will probably drip on everyone anyways. Gideon, I'm sure it'll be nice. Gabriel and Will, stop it with the bashing. Jace... why I'm so happy that you're grateful. That must've been hard to admit. Whew! There, finished.

Simon Lewis: That must be the longest comment ever made on Facebook history.

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Magnus Baneposted 100 new pictures to the album: "Shopping with the Lightwoods"

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Isabelle Lightwood: Thanks MAGNUS! :D I looove that photo with you and Alec!

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Alec Lightwood: Are you kidding me? I hated that!

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Magnus Bane: :'( How could you darling?

Alec Lightwood: No... I mean I hated... the people in the background. They were... clashing with the colours?

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Isabelle Lightwood: I'm the only person in the background! *angry face*


Axel 'The Magister' Mortmain joined the group: Extreme Evil Villains Association


Nathaniel Gray: :/ Took you long enough.

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Axel 'The Magister' Mortmain: Nathaniel! How impertinent of you! I am your master!

Nathaniel Gray: Sorry. I'm with Sebastian now. I've joined the Evil Brothers Association.

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Sebastian Verlac/ Jonathan Morgenstern: It's the next best thing.

Axel 'The Magister' Mortmain: Tessa Gray isn't even your sister!

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Sebastian Verlac/ Jonathan Morgenstern: WHAT? Y-you lied to me Nat! How could you? D': You told me you're an evil brother!

Nathaniel Gray: I'm sorry Seb. I was going to tell you the truth soon. Please forgive me. :'(

Clary Morgenstern: They've given each other nicknames! D:

Tessa Gray: O_O NAT? I think I'm about to faint.

Jace Herondale: Shocking revelations are common I hear.


Magnus Bane updated his status to: Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow! PARTY!

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Isabelle Lightwood: I've finished splattering glitter and glow-in-the-dark paint everywhere Magnus!

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Magnus Bane: Wonderful!

Jace Herondale: I can predict myself covered in glitter and glow-in-the-dark paint tomorrow... One of them better not be hot neon pink.

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Charlotte Branwell posted on Henry Branwell's wall: Henry, how's the portal going?

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Henry Branwell: Wonderful dear! I've nearly got it working. I'm sure I'll finish it in time for tomorrow.

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Will Herondale: Is it safe?

Henry Branwell: Um... um...

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Will Herondale: D: What if it isn't? What if, somehow between the space-time continuum, I lose one of my limbs? My nose? No! My EYES! D: I'll be a Silent Brother!

Charlotte Branwell: Will! You are seventeen years old- nearly a man! Face it like a man!

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Will Herondale: ^ Grr.


Jace Herondale joined the group: My Ancestor's a douche

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Will Herondale: You're a douche.


Jace Herondale updated his status to: I was going through the Silent Brother's album and nearly spat out my drink when I saw a picture of Brother Enoch doing cartwheels naked. O_O

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Alec Lightwood: WHAT? The Silent Brothers have Facebook? I didn't even think they could access them!

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Alec Lightwood: Sorry... sorry...

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Jace Herondale: Alec, I like the fact that we're parabatai and everything, but sometimes we really just don't see eye to eye do we? How can you care about that more than the photo I just saw!


The Silent Brothers invited Charlotte Branwell and Henry Branwell to the event: Meeting on whether or not we should free Miss Jessamine Lovelace/ Gray

R.S.V.P's: 1

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Charlotte Branwell: I'm sorry. Henry couldn't come because he's still working on a portal for Magnus' party tomorrow. I will be there though.

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The Silent Brothers: ^ How come Mr Bane has not invited us?

Magnus Bane: It's a reunion party for family members ONLY. No offence.

Jace Herondale: And we're really afraid of you.

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Gideon Lightwood changed his relationship status to: going out with Sophie Collins

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Sophie Collins: :) That's awfully sweet of you!

Gabriel Lightwood: GIDEON? B-but...

Gideon Lightwood: I am in love with her brother!

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Magnus Bane: I just LOVE declarations of LOVE.

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Henry Branwell updated his status to: Finished the portal! Is everyone ready?

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Charlotte Branwell: Yes I am.

Sophie Collins: Ready.

Gideon Lightwood: Definitely.

Gabriel Lightwood: Fine! I'm coming.

Jem Carstairs: Hold on! Let me get Church!

Tessa Gray: Yep!


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