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"Heeeey Jaaaace-y, Jace-y!" The blue eyed boy slurred at his descendant through heavy lids. Colours danced across his vision and he had to catch himself on the red leather sofa of the booth before his head proceeded on hitting the wooden table. Or perhaps the big plate of tomato and cheese covered nachos staring him might prevent a resulting bruise on the forehead. Will made sure to glare at the plate before turning back to his descendant who was only tipsy bordering on the state which Will was on now; heavy-lidded, nearly-nauseated to the point of vomiting and completely seeing the green faeries hop and skip about- oh no. There were actually faeries. Oh right... even his thoughts slurred. We're at a Downworlder baaaar. And Maaaagnus brought us here for f-fun.

That last word echoed in his head and Will cringed. Across from him, Jace laughed, the chuckles sending horrible vibrations to his head. He kicked him from under the table and the golden boy- caught in surprise -nearly spat out his drink. Luckily, he managed to swallow them. Jace leaned forward, his fist waving in front of his ancestor's face. "What'd you waaant now?"

"I need... to confessss"- gulp -"ss-somethin'" Jace nodded and laughed again.

"You're in loooove with me too?"

"No!" Will picked up a forked and brandished it at his descendant in as threatening a way as he could. Jace was leaving the tipsy state and was about to join him to being ridiculously, it's-almost-not-funny drunk. That was probably why he was giggling. "No!" Will repeated as he set the fork down with a loud thud! and pointed at his descendant. "I-I'm not infatuated with you. You're ugggly! No! I'm in looove with my beest friend'ssss fianceee-ey!" Hysterical laughs wound into the words.

"WHAAT? I-I'm- hic! -not uggly! Y-you'reee ugly! You pooor sod! You loooove her! Hee!" Will swayed as Jace threw his head back in laughter. He wasn't sure if he should hit Jace or not, but even if he decided that he will, his body wasn't exactly very cooperative at the moment. "Oh! Haaave youuuu told her?"

"Of cooourse! I did and s-sheeee doesn't lo-lo-lo"

"Looooove?" Jace said for him. Or rather slurred for him.

"Yes! S-sssufering from unrequited love! Life ssssuck! Sheee thinksss we're onlyyyy friendsssss because I tooold her I'll just be her frieeeeeend," he hissed and Will's hand left the red leather sofa and the seat rose up onto his face. It was a while later before he found out he had collapsed on the sofa. His eyes closed as the bottle slid from his hand and dropped with a shockingly loud sound. Finally, he gave in and his eyelids snapped shut. Still, colours danced in the back of his mind.

Will was suddenly aware of someone patting his head. Jace, probably mocking him. "We'llll maake suuure youuu t-tryyy again... It's what Heeerondale men dooo!" Suddenly, a dead weight was on him and Will started slapping at Jace's arm to make him go away. But he didn't and Will resorted to punching him in the ribs. It was either he was so weak that the punches were futile, or that Jace was just too drunk to feel the pain.

Tessa sighed heavily as Isabelle forced her into another of the clothes she bought for her. It was a white dress that reached her knees, with the sleeves billowing out and falling off her shoulders- she was sure it was part of the design, but it looked ridiculous -and Isabelle complimented the rest with a wide black buckled belt that was above her hips- who puts belts above hips? Do women even wear them? Isabelle told her to step out and show the others and she did, acceding to her demands or else. "It's actually nice on you," Clary told her from the bed, Cecily giving a delicate shrug of okay beside her. "Don't worry," the red-headed girl smiled.

Tessa grinned back at her. She was the only one- aside from Isabelle and Cecily -left awake. The others had long fallen asleep. Their party had turned to somewhat of what they called a sleepover. It had been fun, strange, but altogether fun (they had talked about the new world, and most of the time they just spent gasping at how people wore- at how girls -wore clothes nowadays. But they were also impressed by the advances in technology and she remembered holding Clary's phone and playing a 'game' on it. It was very entertaining). Maia, Sophie and Charlotte were all dozing on the cots or whatever it was they were called nowadays. "See?" Isabelle said as she walked around her, nodding to herself. "It's good, eh? And you say it's indecent!"

"It's the length..." she gestured at the dress that ended just at the knee. "It's so short," she looked up to find Clary's pair of shorts and immediately apologised.

"Oh don't worry," Clary waved it off with a dismissive hand. Isabelle clapped while Cecily resumed to her book and Tessa was about to go change into her proper, more modest clothes when they heard the doors to the Institute open. "They're here," Clary smiled as she stood up. Then, she frowned. "I wonder-"

Whatever she was about to say was lost in the warbling that followed. They all covered their ears at the screeching noise that was so horrible and loud that Tessa couldn't believe that the others are still asleep. "What in the angel?" Isabelle screamed above the hollering that was making its way upstairs.

Cecily bolted out of the bed. "Ugh! It's my brother," she looked aghast. Tessa was too.

She has to agree, this was the second time she's heard him sing and- compared to the Demon Pox Song -this was unforgivable. She'd take the Demon Pox Song over this. This madness.

"Oh, once in your life you find someone

Who will turn your world around

Bring you up when you're feelin' down," Tessa's mind couldn't process the prospect that Will was singing this horribly sappy song. There was a loud thud! on the door and they all yelped. The others- lucky souls -were still asleep.

"Yeah, nothin' could change what you mean to me

Oh, there's lots that I could say

But just hold me now

'Cause our love will light the waaaaaay!" Somebody had joined in, the voice also familiar. At the corner of her eyes, Clary stared in horror at the door as it threw open. On the other side was Jace and Will, arms slung over each others shoulders as they stumbled in. They reeked of alcohol. Tessa sighed heavily at seeing them nearly tripped over.

Then she wished she didn't make a sound at all and just quietly hid behind Isabelle because that was when he looked up and grinned at her, smile stretching so far it looked like it hurt. His eyes lit up- brighter than they already were -as they saw her. "Tess..." he slurred and she felt her heart stop.

Oh no.

"Finish the song! Like I toooold youuuu!" Jace yelled in his ancestor's ear. Will pushed him away- Jace caught himself on the doorframe and Clary ran to him -and dragged himself up into as straight a position as he can manage. The other girls turned to her- and yet, thankfully, Maia, Charlotte and Sophie still weren't awake -for an explanation. She only looked back at them in confusion and horror. Clary was wide-eyed as she watched her lover's ancestor take heavy steps towards Tessa. Meanwhile, Isabelle had proceeded onto grabbing her whip beside her- just in case. And Cecily... well she looked like she knew exactly what Will was going to do.

He dropped on his knees before her, spread his arms on either side of him and threw his head back so he can see her. He was flushed, red staining his cheekbones and down his throat. The dark blue glinted as he opened his mouth.

"Baby you're all that I want

When you're lyin' here in my arms

I'm findin' it hard to believe

We're in heaven

And love is all that I need

And I found it there in your heart

It isn't too hard to see

We're in heaven..." he trailed off as his arms dropped to his sides. She would've raised her head to look at the others- to see what they thought -but she was too stunned to do so. Plus, his eyes were just too hard to look away from, especially when they were stripped of all his facade, his layers of indifference and coldness. Especially when what lay under was so bright and warm and loving.

It was the drawing room all over again, only this time there was he on his knees, hopeless and probably unaware of what he was doing. And yet, she still couldn't help but feel joyous.

Was that wrong?

"I love you Tess," he threw his arms around her bare legs and she yelped. "Wheeere are yoouuu going?" He slurred as she tried pulling away. Tessa could feel the heat rise in her face. This was too much!

"Will, let go of me!" She shouted, hoping she wasn't sounding to harsh so as to not break him apart even more.

But it was pointless. He gripped onto her tighter and Tessa threw desperate looks towards the others. Clary was still horrified. Cecily was smiling. Isabelle shook her head. "Oh this is gold. So sweet too!" She grinned before she took her whip and, with a flick of her wrist, the silvery thing wrapped around Will's ankle. She pulled and Will finally let go of Tessa and allowed himself to be dragged away from her. Still, the heat wouldn't leave her face.

"Oh brother," Cecily shook her head as she walked over to her brother's unconscious form. His eyebrows were knitted in confusion and pain? "You're a real piece of work," Cecily bent over Will and flicked his hair away from his face. "Declaring love like that..." she mumbled and Tessa immediately glanced up if anyone else had heard.

Luckily no. Isabelle had moved onto helping Clary lift Jace. The others were still sound asleep.

"You broke his heart," Cecily's voice reached her ears. She met the girl's accusing gaze.

Tessa shook her head vigorously as Isabelle and Clary dragged the still-singing-Jace to his room. She waited until they left before she answered, "You don't know at what position I was put in. You don't understand," her voice, as she noticed, was hysterical. She swallowed it back and Tessa could feel the jade pendant thrumming against her chest.

Cecily sighed heavily as she looked back at her brother. "I know..." she straightened, her eyes not leaving Will's face. "But he will never move on. I can tell. He might tell himself over and over again that he will, but he won't."

Tessa's own mind flashed to when she had to meet him at the library, when he had given her that code. He had told her that they'll just be frie-

"I," he spoke and her eyes flicked towards him, cutting off her train of thought. "I can't. I'm sorry. I tried, but I can't," she could hear her heart break all over again and the grief in his tone. She looked at Cecily again.

She looked murderous, but defeated altogether. How much did she know? Or did Will tell her? Or did she find out for herself?

Tessa was about to apologise when another person stumbled in.

It was Jem.

He, too, was red. "Tessaaaaa..."

Cecily facepalmed herself and Tessa sighed, half-disbelief, half-affection. "You're drunk too?"

Jem nodded and grinned before he collapsed to the floor. A few seconds after, Church appeared and started pawing at his master. "I heard the Chinese has a low tolerance for alcohol," Cecily said out loud in a very Will-esque way.

"He's also part British," Tessa said as she made her way towards her fiancee, smiling.

She had reached Jem and was stroking his cheek when Cecily barked out a laugh. "Then may the Angel help his hangover."

Jem Carstairs posted on Will Herondale's wall: I hate you. I've got a splitting headache, a bruise on my left cheek and I absolutely smell of alcohol no matter how many times I try and wash it off.


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Will Herondale: It's called the ever so wondrous effects of gin.

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Jace Herondale: Wear it proud.

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Gabriel Herondale née Lightwood posted on Will Herondale's wall: I absolutely can't believe I was intoxicated, again. And it was because of you! I really really despise you William Herondale.

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Will Herondale: Oh thank the Angel! He's not uttering 'I love you's anymore! Thank you Raziel!

Jace Herondale: Aw. It was getting funny.

Simon Lewis: Looks like a Herondale got played by a Lightwood...

Will Herondale: ^ Shut up bloodsucker.

Simon Lewis: Sigh. It's Jace all over again.

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Clary Morgenstern: Don't be mean to Simon! :( Jace!

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Jace Herondale: Alright... alright...

Isabelle Lightwood: Hey! I'm his girlfriend. That's MY job. DO NOT BE MEAN TO SIMON PEOPLE. OR I'LL KICK YOUR ASS.

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Will Herondale: Hiding behind your girlfriend? Besides, this is MY wall! Please refrain from inputting comments about vampires in it unless said vampires I have killed. Thank you. :)


Cecily Herondale posted on Gabriel Herondale née Lightwood's wall: Well now that you've had a chance to freak out my brother, the deal is done. Now give me back my scimitar!

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Gabriel Herondale née Lightwood: The deal isn't finished until you change my account name!

Cecily Herondale: You *do* know that *you* can change it. Yourself?

Gabriel Herondale née Lightwood: Oh. Right.

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Will Herondale posted on Cecily Herondale's wall: You! You betrayed me! How could you? For a scimitar? GASP! }:(

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Cecily Herondale: You have to admit, it was pretty funny.

Will Herondale: It was... But you're going to regret this.

Cecily Herondale: Bring it on brother!

Will Herondale: Oh you... =_=

Jem Carstairs: Uh-oh.


Magnus Bane updated their status to: THE PARTY LAST NIGHT WAS GREAT! Thanks darlings! You're all so caring! :') I'm happy. So I'm here to make a talk of the things that was awesome and that happened yesterday! :DDDDD

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Jordan Kyle: You won't include that part about me with the faerie won't you?

Maia Roberts: What faerie? O.o

Magnus Bane: Thank you. We have something to start with.


Magnus Bane posted on Jordan Kyle's wall: Jordan... I saw you with that faerie last night. ;)

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Maia Roberts: WHAT FAERIE? Jordan...

Jordan Kyle: Alright... I was showing her my Beati Bellicosi pendant and we talked and talked and then I suddenly found myself... well... I kinda kissed her. On the cheek!

Maia Roberts: Kissed? Oh why you... we are OVER!

Jordan Kyle: But it was only on the cheek. T~T

Magnus Bane: It was, now stop being so horrible to him. He was intoxicated and drunk people do weird things, take my BOYFRIEND for example.

Alec Lightwood: Wait. What did I do?



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Alec Lightwood: I DID WHAT?



Clary Morgenstern: WHOA.

Simon Lewis: YIKES!

Will Herondale: There is almost an insulting abuse of the caps lock here. Everyone, please take it easy on the keyboard.

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Magnus Bane posted on Will Herondale's wall: You did some naughty stuff too!

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Will Herondale: And that surprises you because?

Magnus Bane: No! I mean something new!

Will Herondale: As much as I'd like to hear about my deviousness, this is somewhat expected of me. Do you not know me Magnus?

Isabelle Lightwood: But you did do something weird last night.

Will Herondale: Will everyone stop it with the mysteries? So what did I do?

Isabelle Lightwood: You sung a really sappy song to Tessa and told her, or rather slurred really, that you love her.

Charlotte Branwell: :O

Henry Branwell: :O

Sophie Collins: :O

Gideon Lightwood: :O

Gabriel Lightwood: :O He's CAPABLE of LOVE?

Jem Carstairs: YOU WHAT? To MY fiancee? D:

Will Herondale: You seriously believe her? I can't even believe it myself. I am a man, and men do not warble of sappiness. And to do it publicly?

Jem Carstairs: You've got a point. I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions.

Isabelle Lightwood: No! He really did! D:

(a lot of people cannot find themselves believing this)


Jace Herondale posted on Will Herondale'swall: I've got an idea about our earlier defence on alcohol. We could be models you know. Promoting gin like a perfume.

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Will Herondale: Nah. Where's the demon hacking? Where's the adventure? I can't *just* live off on gin on my own.

Jace Herondale: There's the damsels in distress.

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Will Herondale: Book us an appointment. ;)

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Clary Fray posted on Jace Herondale's wall: If you do become a model, I'm leaving you.

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Jace Herondale: Sorry ancestor. :/ I've got my damsel in distress, although she's hardly in distress.

Will Herondale: You're the damsel in distress.

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