Penny & Seaweed's Story

Chapter 1: Prudy

Loud music was blasting from WYZT Studios as the Miss Teenage Hairspray competition drew to a close.

Tracy and Link kept dancing long after the music stopped. The crowd slowly dispersed, along with Penny Pingleton and Seaweed J. Stubbs.

Penny clutched Seaweed's arm like a scared cat atop a steep building. Just a few moments ago, they shared the first inter-racial kiss on live television. Ever.

Penny could bet that her mother happened to catch it.

Her mother always caught her doing everything.


They exited the studio pumped full of adrenaline and young love, but could they face the ugly intolerance of her strict mother?


Prudy Pingleton stormed up to them, her nose in the air.

"Penny Pingleton! That is the last and final straw!" She shrieked. "I will be the laughing stock of the entire county! I can't believe I raised you to embarrass me like that!" Prudy yelled without once looking at Seaweed.

"I forbid you to see that boy ever ever again!" She grabbed Penny's hand and dragged her to the car.

Before either of them could realize what was happening, Penny was being driven away and Seaweed was standing alone in front of the WYZT Studio.