Chapter 3: You got my heart…

Seaweed, Link, and Tracy sat in a parked car in front of Penny's house the next day.

"What are we doing?" Link asked.

"It's a stakeout!" said Tracy.

"But what if her mom sees us?" Seaweed asked.

"Then…we freeze." Tracy said.

"Seaweed, you're sure she's not just tied up to her bed again?" Link said.

"I'm positive! If she was, I would have gotten her out already! Where could she be?" Seaweed replied.



A light bulb went off over Tracy's head.


"The bomb shelter downstairs!" Tracy shouted!

"Well let's go get her then!" Link said.

"Her mom will see us for sure! There's a small window, we will check tonight, when it gets dark, and maybe we can pull her out?" Tracy said.

"There are bars on the window; I can see them from here." Link said.

"I got this." Seaweed assured them.

And so, they came back that night.


Meanwhile, at the courthouse, Carter Pingleton appealed for full custody of Penny.

"Mr. Pingleton you are a convicted criminal!"

"I was just protecting my wife! Why do you think she's so crazy? SHE'S the one that attacked the mailman! He was delivering coupons for a hair salon that negros worked. She lost her mind!"

"Alright sir, your daughter is already 16, if she chooses then we will turn over custody to you."


That night at the window, Seaweed put his hands between the bars and knocked on the glass.

Penny sprung up from the bed and jumped to her tippy toes, smiling from ear to ear.

"Seaweed! You do care!"

"You can't stop our love baby!"

The window only opened a crack that Penny could barely slip her hand through.

"We wanted to break the bars, Seaweed got a crowbar." Tracy said.

"It's no use, this window won't open…" Penny sighed. "Don't give up Seaweed, help me!"

"You got my heart girl, I need it to live, I'm not going to leave you, ever."


Suddenly their moment was disturbed by a man yelling and running at them.

Carter had just returned to claim his daughter and thought these kids were trying to break into his house.

"I'll call the police! Scram!"


"Oh, Seaweed, come back for me, run!" Penny urged, as her friends jumped back in the car and drove away.