Severus walked up the grand staircase to the main entrance of Malfoy Manor. He had been summoned to attend a celebration dinner in honor of Voldemort. Severus knew Voldemort was not in a celebratory mood, it was Bellatrixs idea to entertain him with a distraction. Voldemort was in search of the elder wand and his fury grew everyday he found no leads on it.

Severus paused upon entering the mansion and caught his composure. A pungent odor attacked him, it was the smell of blood, alcohol, and sex. He really should have known, with Bellatrix being the composer of such an idea, that it was by no means just a party. The aroma was accompanied by women's screams, drunken laughter, and loud music. Severus followed the commotion to the banquet hall and was grateful he was wearing a mask to hide the pure disgust at what he saw.

He stepped over the body of a dead muggle, others were being tortured at the amusement of a death eater, many death eaters were passed out with a bottle of fire whiskey in their hands, a band of house elves were playing their instruments by the fireplace, and Severus spotted Voldemort at the head of the table not paying attention to any of it. Severus walked down the table and came upon Lucius Malfoy. Malfoy had someone sprawled across the table and was thrusting into them without mercy.

All Severus could see of the poor woman were her nude legs limply, dangling over the edge of the table. Lucius' robes blocked his view of her body. Her legs were covered in bruises, scratch marks, and were smeared with blood, dirt, and Merlin knows what else. The woman wasn't moving at all and Severus reached down, gripping her ankle to find a pulse.

"Not fucking a corpse are you, Malfoy?" Severus growled. Lucius looked back at him and glared.

"Bugger off, Snape! It's still breathing!" Lucius snapped and took a swig from the bottle of fire whiskey in his hand. Severus continued down the table to Voldemort.

"My Lord," Severus greeted Voldemort with a bow of the head. Voldemort looked to him with a questioning look and Severus slipped off his mask. Voldemort gave him a weak smile upon recognition.

"Severus, sit" Voldemort replied.

"Forgive me Lord if I decline, no telling what I may sit in," Severus replied, giving Lucius a glare over his shoulder.

"Understandable," Voldemort replied and took a deep breath.

"Does something trouble you, My Lord, even on a…frivolous…night such as this?" Severus asked. Voldemort laughed.

"That is why I like you Severus, you are not as…sinful as the rest of these heathens. You are above the rape, the filth, the gluttony, and the drinking as I am. You are a more refined killer, none of this impresses us. I've more important things to take care of!" Voldemort growled.

"You are the Dark Lord, order all of this to desist if your interest in it has waned," Severus replied. Voldemort shook his head.

"No, let them be entertained and distracted from me for one night. I will have my way with the lot when they are hungover," Voldemort replied. Severus smirked.

"Besides, Lucius does have a fantastic wine selection and I did have some fun this evening ," Voldemort replied. Severus nodded.

"And what was that my Lord?" Severus asked.

"I got to torture Harry Potter," Voldemort grinned. Severus smiled at him.

"How so?" He asked. Voldemort took a sip of wine before explaining.

"Potter has no control of his own mind, I have this direct connection to him. It was how I tricked him into going to the ministry those years ago," Voldemort said. Severus nodded.

"Right," Severus replied.

"Well, the town Bellatrix decided to raid was the home town of one Hermione Granger," Voldemort replied. Severus nodded but his heart lept.

"Potters friend," He stated and Voldemort nodded.

"Yes, they captured her and brought her to me," Voldemort smiled.

"And you used the cruciatus on her?" Severus questioned.

"Oh no, something much more sublimely physical. She's so young and was so pure. The pleasure was that much more intense knowing Harry got to see every bit of it, all the way up until she lost her spark," Voldemort said. Severus faked a smile.

"Lost her spark?" Severus asked.

"Yes, I had her first and then let the death eaters have her. She fought long and hard until Greyback got his claws on her," Voldemort laughed.

"Did he bite her?" Severus asked. Voldemort shook his head.

"She was too old for him for that, he seemed to have enjoyed beating her senseless though," Voldemort replied.

"Where is she now?" Severus replied.

"Lucius has her again," Voldemort replied. Severus' blood ran cold. 'That was her?' he questioned himself.

"I see," Severus said. Voldemort nodded.

"But that was hours ago and I am back to square one," Voldemort replied.

"What is it that occupies your mind now?" Severus asked.

"The Elder wand," Voldemort replied.

"I thought that was a bedtime story to teach children morals," Severus replied.

"Oh no It is quite real, I just have to find who owned it last," Voldemort answered.

"I would talk to wand makers, if it were real they should know how to find it," Severus said.

"I have Olivander downstairs in the dungeon," Voldemort answered.

"What of the wand maker out of Knockturn alley? The wand may not even be in this country if it truly changes hands the way to story says it does," Severus replied. Voldemort eyes went wide.

"Very true Severus, thank you," Voldemort said and got to his feet. He excused himself and went to the dungeons with no idea that Severus was lying. Severus knew exactly where the elder wand was, safely in the hands of Dumbledore.

Severus looked toward Lucius. He waited and watched. Lucius eventually got off the woman and Severus looked her over. It was true. Hermione lay on the table, her eyes looking off vacantly into nothing. Her poor body was in bad shape. Severus saw a distinct hand shaped bruise around her throat, bruises around her biceps where someone had been holding her very tightly, her lip was busted, she had a black eye, there were claw marks all over her body, bruises littered her skin even her breasts, and between her legs was a bloody mess. Severus felt nothing but guilt looking at her. The guilt drove him to document every mark on her violated body so he would know the pain she went through and how he failed her.

Severus barely spoke to the girl but she was a child, a student of Hogwarts, and it was his job as a teacher and as a spy for the Order of the phoenix he should have known ahead of time. He should have had her moved to safety. The voices of reason in his head argued the truth that it wasn't his fault, that Bellatrix had picked the town at random, that he didn't know about this little soirée until he had been summoned, and even if he hadn't of been at an Order meeting and gotten there earlier he still wouldn't have been able to save her from the rape. He also had a cover to protect. Not matter how true it was he still felt responsible.

Severus waited until well into the hours of daylight when every Death eater had retired or passed out to make his move. He quietly walked over to her, no one had touched her since Lucius, Severus was sure he would have killed anyone that did. He put a hand to her cheek, her skin was freezing and Severus checked again for a pulse. When he found one he took off his robe and picked her up. He wrapped her in it. He picked up her near lifeless body and carried her outside, careful not to wake or disturb anyone. He was determined to get her out of there unseen and play the fool as to her whereabouts when asked.