AN:Hello Everyone! I recently been watching The Secret Circle, and have to say I've been getting into the story line lately. Especially in the Fire/Ice episode on Thursday when Jake finally makes his presence known. I know some of you want Adam and Cassie to get together, but I have to say that Jake and Cassie are kind of the couple to beat. So I really don't know what couple I want to surround the fic on.I might keep this a one shot, maybe not. I'll probably do a poll to see what couple this story should be about then I'll see where I'll take it.

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For Once I wasn't second guessing, if I should kiss Adam. Some how the moment felt right after all that's been going on, he's been there for me. Though a part of me in back of mind kept rethinking the thought that this was a mistake, after all he belongs with Diana...Well use to belong with Diana.

A part of me felt as if I was betraying Diana, she was my friend ! While another part was saying Diana & Adam called it quits on their relationship for a while now, they were ' just friends' that's what they both had said /indicated. Letting my morals subside a bit, a thought came to my head. Adam and I are fated, that's what Adam's Dad Ethan had predicted. We would end up together, star crossed and if not now , we would eventually entwine so there was no use fighting ... Fate.

His lips caressed mine tenderly, as his hands on my waist held me close. I held on to him, taking in the moment because this felt right as if it was meant to happen. Though I couldn't help that nagging voice nagging in my head as if it was an old record stuck on repeat. It's missing something?

I heard slow heavy footsteps make it's way down wooden stairs. I opened my eyes feeling alert what if Adam and I would be attacked ? I looked over at Adam whose grip tightened on me, his head completely turned to see who was coming down the moonlit staircase. As the legs of a male figure came into view,I felt my heart jolt. Soon I saw a leather Jacket, followed by blonde hair and a handsome sculpted face. My heart gave another tug, as if now trying to pull me in the intruders direction. He was half way in the shadows though his face was shown in the soft candle light, his eyes had a cool demeanor, as they normally did. Everything about him seemed calm.

I looked up at Adam who never let go, his grip becoming softer. I looked up to see his face from the side, his jaw muscle flexed he was clenching his teeth. We both let go of each other completely and added space between us as I looked at the guy who stared on .

I felt a heat creep on my cheeks, and felt some what guilty for being caught. I studied the eyes staring at us, as if they were calculating somehow. I had so many questions, I dreamed about him, thought about him, I would be lying if I didn't feel some emotions right now. One thing was for sure, I was good at keeping them hidden. After all he was the one that let me know I didn't have to be afraid, to know how powerful I was.

Still it wasn't just that, there was this connection I felt in this moment, something I always felt though never could truly explain. Like metal to a magnet or air mixing with a flame. I wanted to say something, anything but, couldn't form the words the only thought that appeared in my mind and think of at the moment.


AN: So there you have it, Should I continue? I would still like reviews on what couple this should evolve around if this story is to be taken further. Plus I don't know if I should keep this T or make it M? Feel free to let me know, thanks for reading until next time.