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Chapter 40

Remember he's doing what's best for you, Diana has no idea what she's talking about...

Why did I have to keep telling myself this over& over as if my mind had become a broken record player? I laid on my bed, hands entwined across my belly as I stared up at the ceiling. I did this more lately when I needed to collect my thoughts, just me delving in my own world, and everything else out side of it flows by as a gentle breeze.

'Di wouldn't lie to me, even if she was in a crappy mood.'

I raised my arms as my hands gripped my hair in frustration, why would that stupid nagging conscience intrude my thoughts now, out of all days?

' I should believe her, she's my sister.'

I huffed turning around to lie on my stomach my face pressed against the pillows, why should I believe her?

'She's nothing but a liar.'

A bitter grin etched it's way on my lips as I twisted giggle vibrated around my pillows until I turned around to lie on my back, laughing loudly. I didn't know why I was? Maybe it was just me having a war of right or wrong within my own mind that got me tickling my own funny bones. I sat up on my elbows moving my feet onto the side until I sat up staring at my own reflection, bursting out in more laughter. Maybe just maybe I was slowly but, surely going insane with all the stuff going on, and just didn't care anymore? The sound died from my mouth as I didn't want to view my reflection anymore, I got up from the bed walking over to the wall opening up the compartment where my spell book was kept safe. I grasped the book as if it was the only thing precious left in my life, not just the book... dark magic.

My attention went from my family book of shadows to gaze out my window staring into the other across from mine. I walked up watching as Jake was on the phone, pacing his room. I let one of my fingers caress the cool glass, then dropping my hand. He then hung up the phone, now sitting on the edge of his bed, letting his head fall in his hands.

Then he lifted his head, turning it in my direction locking his gaze with mine. He got up slowly walking towards his window as we both stared intensely at one another never breaking contact. I watched as he raised his arm pulling the string on the side, soon the blinds fell blocking me from him from my view. I didn't feel an once of rejection, by the stunt he just pulled, or was it something I was trying to deny?

I turned on my heel walking towards my chair near the door, grabbing my purse and jacket still having a firm grip on the spell then heading out the bed room door.

Getting out my car slamming the door shut, as I headed towards the gate from beyond stood the abandoned house, a safe haven the circle could call home from the world outside, now reoccupied from it's original owner the man my sister claims we could not trust. As I look around I don't see Adam's, Jake, or Diana's cars parked. Maybe the whole circle decided not to come, or they could be on your way.

' Be cautious.' I told myself, ' why on earth would I have to be cautious my own Father, the man who wants to help us?'

With or without them I will walk in that house, Diana's warnings wouldn't coerce me to stay away especially since our Father had a lead on where the last crystal maybe hidden.

I cut through the walk way that lead me up the old rickety wooden steps of the porch, reaching the door getting ready to grasp the knob I found myself hesitating to go, but why? An uneasy tingle slid up my spine, I twist the metallic knob and went in making my way through the family room seeing my lean his arm against the mantel of the fire place. His back was facing me, while another hand rested in his pocket, his attention solely focused on the roaring flames.

" Dad?" I said my voice sounding smaller than I wanted it to, he gaze appeared over his shoulder looking directly as if he was upset by something.

I glanced over towards the table where the five crystals were sprawled out on the map.

" Sorry if I'm a little late, I had a few errands to run before I headed over here..." I paused, " Or am I too early?" I furrowed my brows pulling off my purse and Jacket while walking over and sitting my things on the nearest chair.

He pushed himself off the mantel, putting his other hand in other pants pocket, " No in fact everyone else left."

" They did." I question.

He nodded while walking closer to me, " Look every body else seemed quite upset about something involving the last crystal, I guess it something to with your school prom being tomorrow and kind of not wanting to surround themselves that night." As his eyes looked off to the distance.

I blinked a few times not realizing that the school prom was tomorrow, since it was the least thing on my mind.

" I wanted Diana to stay behind so I could talk to her and you at the same time once you got here, she didn't want to talk to me nor you, and that she was there for circle so she went...she said she doesn't trust me?."

" Really?" I raised both brows," She's still adjusting to this whole father daughter dark magic thing." I gestured playing it off, " it's also understandable if she doesn't want to be around me." I said now bracing my hand on the chair while the other rested on my hip.

He seemed shook his head blowing out a quick breath in frustration, " We need her to assemble the crystal skull." he said seriously. " Without the skull we can't stop Eben and the witch hunters from killing us."

" W-well isn't that why we need to find the last crystal first?" I asked.

He was silent then spoke up, " I tried numerous times to locate it on the map had no trace of it what so ever that's until Adam & Melissa uncloaked it."

'Since when?'

" They did?" I questioned, it was probably some time around when we were looking for Armstrong Family Crystal or after that even.

" Well all we know is that it's some where in the high school." He walked back on his heels before turning around heading to a table near the lamp and stairs grabbing a sharp small steel like object turning his attention back to me. " Balcoin blood has a special connections to the crystals it should pin point its exact location." He walked back to me then stopped.

" So what do we do?" I looked at the sharp object he still held in his hand, then up into his eyes.

" Not us you," He shook his head " I can't be caught roaming around the halls." he said hesitantly.

" Oh? Okay." I nodded my head in surprise was he actually entrusting me to do a solo spell? I've done a few spells by alone, what he was inquiring me to accomplish was on a different level. I was sure nothing would go wrong.

" Alright give me your hand." I raised up my right hand that rested on my hip, " hold this." I took the blade in my left.

He opened my right hand then looked into my eyes," use your own blood to draw a symbol some where in the school," his left finger drew an imaginary lines starting from the bottom of my palm one vertical and another horizontal. " Four points of compass, and then a line across the bottom,'' he made another imaginary line, " to connect you to the crystal, its energy should lead you right to it." I studied the compass design he made, then met eyes again.

It was strange of me to believe Diana, than listen to my Father, he did seem genuinely interested to getting that last crystal and defeating the Witch Hunters. He seemed loving and Caring enough, it wasn't about him... it was about all of us.

" No chanting?" I lightly joked, he shook his head no. " No ancient languages?"

" No." He replied.

" Piece of cake." I said

I pulled my hand away from him then looked at the pocket knife, twirling it in my fingers studying it.

" Cassie.." He paused, " You know I want what's best for you and Diana." I looked up to see him have a concern written on his features, " for all of you." he finished.

I nodded my head in agreement, " I know." He patted my shoulder, " okay." I took that as my cue to head on out and try to find that crystal. I gathered my jacket and purse, then waving bye to him as walked out side the dark cool night air getting ready to head to the high school.

' See I knew Diana was wrong,'I thought, ' just knew it.'

" Lock unlock." I chanted, as one of the side double doors jerked open. I was doing the unimaginable I was breaking in the school, it was just something that I never could see myself doing in a million years. I went inside letting the door shut behind me, as the click echoed through the darkened halls. That unwanted tingle slid up my spine from the fear of possibly getting caught from security, there was also a excited rush coursing through my veins edging it way straight down to my toes to what I was about to do.

I made my way through the school, taking my time passing numerous lockers&class rooms. I couldn't just walk to any place, there had to be light. As I turned the corner I saw the trophy case was illuminated showcasing all the trophies the school has won, over the years.


Walking down, as my heels made loud clicking noises. I stopped in front of the Trophy case, bending down towards the floor then reaching in my right coat pocket pulling out the blade. I held up my left finger then letting the blades point cut into my skin, it dug deep until a deep crimson bubbled on the surface. I switched the blade close putting it back in my coat pocket, while my left finger began tracing the design that was drawn on my palm earlier.

' What happens now?'

I then hear footsteps coming from the corner in back of me, for a second I thought it was the school security. I looked over my shoulder getting ready to run, until I saw a feminine figure wearing a floral print sundress and jean jacket, her hair was blonde in deep waves, the determined look in her bluish green eyes. She looked to be the same height and same build I got mistaken for her since I came in this town. I was looking at my mom!

My mouth opened, my heart began to race. " Mom?!" I yelled, following her. She was moved fast the opposite direction I had just walked from moments earlier. I as I looked closer in her right hand, safe in her grasp was crystal.

" Mom!" I tried to get close as I could, she couldn't hear me, although she was trying to get someones attention, some one who wasn't even in view.

" Elizabeth, we need to talk!" She said urgently turning the corner going into the the next hall. I turned the corner, seeing that mother wasn't visible as if she had vanished in thin air, like she appeared before.

My heart rate calmed down, I had just got a glimpse of my own teenage mother. I walked down the hall hoping to get another glimpse her, to dismay I didn't. She seemed to in a hurry to get somewhere, talking to some body...Elizabeth?

Then it dawned on me it wasn't just any Elizabeth, but Elizabeth Meade.

" Diana." I whispered. I turned around heading towards the area of the Trophy case pulling out my phone, then dialing Diana's number.

The phone just rang on the other line, 'come on pick up.'

" Yeah Cassie?" Diana answered from the other line.

I gulped not knowing what to say, " Di I hate that I'm calling at a bad time, I need to come over to your house." I said

" Cassie this isn't really a good time-" she replied, but I cut her off.

" I know, " I looked down at ground, seeing the symbol that I had made with my blood was now gone. I blinked a few times not believing my eyes, still taking in what I had just saw clearing my throat.

" There's something I have to tell you."

" Well it can't be done over the phone?" she asked.

" No...no it can't."

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