That day was yet another day, that's all that could be said. A girl who was at the simple age of nine looked to the night sky with indifferent eyes that shined like sapphire jewels, her long golden blonde hair was braided with care. The deep blue dress she was wearing seemed to adorn her fair colored flesh. To those she meets for the first time, they mistaken her as a doll, in fact they didn't even know she was alive until she moved and spoke. But as foreseen even by herself, even those she's met countless times think she is a simple ornament. Nothing more or less.

Her family was very well off, in fact one could say they are rich. Not only that but members of her family often have a high standing with an organization called the Black Order, its been like this since the organization was founded. And to raise their reputation with these people they would offer up their females so they could become possible saints and fight for the Order.

This meant experiments. God only knows what happens to these people who end up being in such a thing, but she never had any fear in her heart when it came to the possibility that she could be next.

Miria Lvellie. Could possibly become a guinea pig at anytime.

However she felt that no one would care. She was just a girl who resembled a doll, her eyes like glass that reflect the faces of those she spoke too, but no emotion could get through to her.

At the sound of a familiar voice she slowly looked from the window and glanced to the one she called father, he gave her a kind look, but she never really registered to the kindness he gave her. He was only kind to her because she never voiced her opinion. Like a good daughter she was obedient. Ready to jump from a building if she was commanded to do so or give up her body for the sake of the Black Order even if it was painful.

Miria got up from where she sat and walked over to him.

A few people her father had over smiled and one woman's mouth formed an 'o' shape as she looked at her, "my! For a second I thought she was a life sized doll! She was so still over there, not even my children are that well behaved" she remarked seeming a bit envious.

"She is such a little cutie!" the woman's husband said. "Still my daughter is cuter".

"Oh honey!" the wife said as she laughed a little.

"Yes she makes me so proud everyday" her father told them with a grin. "She has good education and always gets great marks, perhaps on her next birthday I will get her something extra special as a present".

Miria didn't give any expression as the adults talked. No one liked listening to a child speak, sure they smiled and looked like they were enjoying the conversation, however on the inside they desperately wanted that child to shut up.

Her father laughed with his friends a little as they talked, then he looked to his daughter again. "Why don't you go outside and look at the moon and stars? Be sure to wear your jacket though" he told her.

She nodded in response, "yes father" her voice was gentle and barely above a whisper.

Miria then headed over to the coat hanger and grabbed her jacket and put it on. Then she headed out so she was outside with the garden.

The moon now shined brightly in the sky, its shape was that of a crescent, as if gods eye was almost closed. The stars gently sprinkled within this black gulf we call space, and within it she could see a few clouds floating around, sometimes they blocked out the moon making everything completely black.

Miria sat down at a chair that was set within the garden so one can have tea and enjoy the smell and view of the flowers.

As she sat there she felt an unbearable feeling of loneliness, her mind was use to being alone. No companions to talk too, no one who excepted a lot of things from her. It was just her father, no mother since she disappeared after Miria was four. It was alright though her mother never really spoke to her much anyhow, so it was already as if she had been gone. Now and then her father blamed her for her mother's disappearance.

The wind blew.

She shivered a little.

Even with her coat the wind was unbearably cold, she wondered why.

With a tired sigh, she wondered if she could go back inside and ask her father if she could turn in early. Before getting up and leaving she stopped. She heard a faint rustling sound amongst the rose bushes, although most kids would find this a bit scary because of the prospect that it might be a wild and dangerous animal. Miria on the other hand wasn't scared, in fact she actually got up to investigate the source of this sound.

When she came close to one of the rose bushes the sound stopped for a minute, and then it started again as the thing got closer and closer. Miria stood there, looking at it curiously. Animal like sounds could be heard now, and the leaves waved around as the thing bounded through the bush and towards Miria. Then suddenly the thing popped its head out revealing what it was.

A puppy.

It had pure black fur and dark eyes, its fur looked pretty messy so he looked like a giant mass of fur with ears and eyes.

The puppy whined as it struggled a little, Miria tilted her head and bent down to help it out. Once it was out of the bushes the little puppy licked Miria's hand and looked to her with familiar eyes. Seeing such eyes, Miria couldn't help but smile.

"Hello little one, are you lonely too?" she asked. The puppy made a small and cute bark sound in response.

So with that she picked up the puppy and held him in her arms, "I wonder if father will let me keep you? Well its worth a shot right?" Miria got up and started to carry the puppy back to her home. For once in a long time she wanted something, this puppy was like a kindred spirit, a being who was young but felt lonely. A child hood was a time where you were to feel practically suffocated by company. But somehow a few children felt like they were at the very bottom of the list of importance, and when they did look at you, they didn't see something that breathed. So as she walked inside her home.

She hoped that, she could have at least one thing.

10 Years Later.

Miria smiled as she watched Night run around in the garden. As he romped around he would avoid crushing flowers using very skillful maneuvering ability. "Be careful Night, don't underestimate those squirrels!" she shouted to him, Night barked and continued to chase them until they ran up a tree but even then he just ran around the base of the tree excitedly hoping that the little creature would come down to play some more making Miria smile in amusement. Having days such as this made her thankful that her father let her keep the little puppy.

However he was a bit reluctant at first but then one of his friends told him that the puppy was a breed that was called a Korean Jindo. A breed of dog that was known for its fierce loyalty and bravery. Apparently in Korea the military used them to guard major bases, and they made great hunting dogs as well. There's even a legend that says that three Korean Jindo's took down a Siberian Tiger with ease. So with that her father finally gave in and since then the black as night dog has been her companion.

He even helped her ease up in personality.

Night continued to run around until he stopped and ran over to Miria, she giggled and scratched him behind the ear.

"What is it boy?" she asked.

Night barked and jumped up and down in excitement making her laugh until her stomach hurt, "you want to go out somewhere?" she asked. "Alright then, wait just a minute okay?"

Miria got up and walked to her home and peeked in the door, she looked to a servant "me and Night are going out around for a bit, tell my father I will be right back" she told him. The servant nodded in response. "Thank you" then she closed the door and walked to the fence that surrounded the garden with Night in tow.

She opened up the fence door and closed it behind her. Her father was a bit strict when it came to leaving doors open even if there was no reason too, she guessed it was to keep any unwelcome things out but then again they could easily jump the fence.

"Don't run off too far okay Night?"

Night barked in response and followed her as she walked down a dirt path.

Behind her big house was a wood. The wood was full of wonderful and fresh smells. The trees were wondrous oaks, the birds chirped cheerfully and the sounds of rustling as animals moved about. One could find such peace of mind being in a place like this. An extreme serenity. It was the one thing that always made her feel at ease whenever she felt lonely or sad, she also loved to come out here to walk Night and they both can play without a care in the world. In a place like this she didn't have to be serious.

Miria and Night continued to walk until Night stopped suddenly and growled, his hackles standing up and his tail lashing about. This alarmed Miria greatly. This could only mean that he sensed something threatening, so Miria readied herself.

Soon she saw a small child run out of the brush. The child was panting heavily like she had been running for a while, and sweat was pouring from her brow. Miria blinked, "what….?" she muttered.


Trees were knocked down roughly as a huge creature came through. Its body was spherical or egg like with many things poking from its body that resembled cannons, and the one bone chilling feature it had was a small face poking out. A black pentagram on its forehead, something that was like black tears coming out of its vacant eyes. Miria knew what it was. Knowing what it was made her shiver, this was a level one akuma.

"No way" she muttered. She was frozen where she stood, because her family was close to the Black Order and all she knew about akuma, but this was the first time she had ever seen one. So it was only natural that she was scared right now.

However a child's scream broke her out of the small trance she was in.

The akuma was chasing after the child and it was ready to aim and fire with its weapons.

Miria looked to Night, "Night! We need to save that child!" she told him. Night barked in response and ran next to Miria as she ran after the child, "I will grab her, Night you distract that thing and as soon as I get her you better run as well, got it?"

Night barked again and went after the akuma. With one leap Night was on top of the akuma, barking and scratching, the akuma made a sound and aimed a cannon at Night, however the dog was fast and managed to avoid it. Miria meanwhile caught up with the child and grabbed her, she yelped in shock from being grabbed suddenly.

"Don't worry I'm going to help you!" she told the child, who nodded and let herself be carried as Miria ran for a good hiding spot. If this akuma was just chasing her because she was human it might give up once the target is gone, but if there was another reason then Miria didn't want to cause trouble for her father and the servants. So hiding was their best bet at the moment.

Miria leaped over fallen trees and soon came to a nice spot that was well hidden by trees, Night had caught up with them thankfully and was now hiding as well.

She let the child down and leaned against a tree panting, "looks like we lost it". Her eyes went to the child and smiled kindly, "that must have been scary I wonder why it was chasing you".

The little girl frowned, "thanks Miss".

"Your welcome, now tell me when did you run into that thing?" Miria asked curiously.

The little girl undid a string that was holding a small leather pouch to her waist, then she held it up. "I like collecting rocks, so I came here to see if I could find any pretty ones and I did! So I put it in my pouch and suddenly while trying to get out of here that monster appeared and started to chase me" she explained. Miria blinked and took the pouch from her and opened it up, she gasped when a bright light flashed from the bag. The girl looked at the light with glimmering eyes, "wow it never did that!" she exclaimed.

Miria dumped the contents into her hand and was shocked to see that this so called 'rock' was cube shaped.

"Could it be?" Miria knew that this small thing was actually innocence.