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Chapter Nine


Grotesque. Abomination. Terrifying.

Such words described the monsters called Akuma to a T, a being who wears the skin of those trapped in sorrow over the loss of someone loved, composed of the souls of the dead and killed and powered by the wretched thing called Dark Matter. The Level Two Akuma facing Miria and Night was no different. It resembled that of a bat, a vampire bat to be precise however it lacked eyes though with its ears that would present no problem for it, it bared large fangs with claws on its winged arms and feet. The Level One Akuma face a lot of Second Level's had was mounted on his chest.

The Akuma chuckled manically, "your eyes…may I have them when I kill you? I do so enjoy playing with marbles".

Miria's eyes narrowed, "sorry Akuma but my eyes belong to me".

Night growled ferociously at the demon.

"Oh? Well I guess I'll have to pluck them out!" the Akuma made the first move when it flapped its huge wings and charged at her with great speed. Night grabbed Miria and dodged the attack.

I can tell that my Level One release wont be enough so. Miria readied her weapon, "Level Two release!" she exclaimed. After shouting this the kursari-gama's chain looked like it became covered in transparent light blue flame, while at the back of the sickle flaps that resembled black butterfly wings appear seemingly out of thin air. "Winter technique, Hail Storm!" she shouted as she quickly swung the blade in the direction of the Akuma. In the blink of an eye a barrage of ice pellets formed and shot themselves at the Akuma. With its amazing speed the Akuma managed to avoid the attack, then it flew straight at them while there were still ice pellets coming at him. The Akuma opened its mouth and unleashed its unique ability.

It made a powerful screeching noise that sent both Night and Miria flying into a wall, it turned up its speed and flew at them with its fangs bared at them.

"Night! Nova Howl!" she managed to shout.

Night opened its jaws, a black orb of energy seemingly coated with electricity formed and he released it. The Akuma saw the attack and dodged, the shock from the energy however made its flying erratic giving the two a chance to move from where they had been thrown.

Quickly slicing at the air Miria attacked, "Blizzard Winds!" a fierce and freezing wind formed and came at the Akuma, it made a squeaking sound as it tried to straighten itself out. "Screech!" it roared as it unleashed its attack the two attacks collided, for a moment one tried to overcome the other then a huge shockwave resulted from them. While this occurred Night charged at the Akuma, grabbed it, punching multiple times and sending it flying.

"Okay finishing blow!" Miria shouted as she summoned up the barrage of ice pellets.

In spite of the outlook things didn't go so well when a bunch of Level Ones showed up and ended up being used as shield for the Level Two.

They exploded allowing the Level Two to fly away.

"You two are a bit tougher then you appear" it chimed. More Level One Akuma appeared to aid their ally.

"Of course it wouldn't be that easy" Miria sighed as jumped up on to Nights back as he ran past so she didn't get hit by any of the Akuma bullets.

Oh well, we will just eliminate these Akuma and destroy the Level Two. She thought.

Miria lifted her blade and sliced the air, "Blizzard Winds!"

The strong freezing wind engulfed the Level Ones and turn them into giant ice chunks, following that they shattered like glass and exploded.

Night meanwhile fought them they way he did not long ago by throwing them around into their friends and punching and kicking them until they cleared a good number of them.

When they seemed to stop Miria noticed that the Level Two was making an escape.

"Night!" Miria called.

He rushed over and she hopped on his back, he then ran after the Level Two.

The city was like a huge maze with winding streets, sudden turns, and dead ends. "Go to the roof tops!" she ordered, Night made a woof sound and jumped up so he was now running along on roofs, this way they could have an easier time getting to the Level Two. The Akuma suddenly spun around and performed its screech attack in the process roofs became torn and from what she could hear a few windows ended up being smashed, Night meanwhile braced himself so he wouldn't end up being sent flying threw the air like last time and Miria clung on as well. Unfortunately their ears ended up taking damage.

When the attack was finished Night shook his head and whined. "Me too" Miria remarked as she lightly touched her ear, she looked at her fingers and saw that there was blood dripping from them. Clenching her fists she looked in the direction the Akuma went, "come on Night" she ordered, Night shook his head again before running after the Akuma again.

"Die Exorcist!" The Akuma hissed as screeched again, this time they managed to dodge. The Akuma zipped by them quickly, Night almost caught it but it evaded his grip.

More Level Ones appeared to distract them.

Being at the Piazza San Marco was good since there weren't any people around, however we are now in a housing area so any attacks that get past us might hit one of the homes, thus harming the people inside. We need to finish this up to minimize the amount of damage to this area and its people. She sliced the air with the sickle.

"Hail Storm!" she summoned a barrage of ice pellets and followed it up with another attack, "Blizzard Winds!"

Like dominoes being pushed the Akuma one after another exploded.

Night used his Nova Howl attack to blast them all to bits.

While they had been distracted with the Level One Akuma the bat-like Akuma opened its jaws and mustered up a powerful screech attack, Miria gasped when she saw the attack coming and mustered up her own powerful attack in the form of her Blizzard Winds attack. The attacks collided and instantly caused an explosion that sent both parties flying back.

Hitting her head hard against a wall Miria saw lights in her vision, after a moment of registering she shakily got up to her feet. In his werewolf like form Night was very sturdy and managed to get up on his feet as well.

Looking around she couldn't see the Akuma anymore,causing her curse under her breath.

I messed up, even though I wanted to end the battle quick. Even though I trained my hardest. Even if this mission was supposed to be easy. I messed up on top of that it was just one Level Two Akuma, saying I was distracted by the Level One Akuma is no excuse I shouldn't have messed up. She thought feeling a bit annoyed at herself.

Blood trickled down her face causing Night to whimper with worry.

She smiled, "I'm okay…how about you?"

Night whimpered again and licked her face, she sighed and pet him on the head in response. "That's good, I guess we might have to stay an extra night".

Even though she shouldn't have been too hard on herself Miria couldn't help but feel bad that she had most likely failed on her first go however she promised herself that if she saw the Second Level again she would destroy without fail even if there were other Akuma ganging up on her at all sides. The next day would be new and would allow another opportunity.

Last night had been a tiresome first day on the job. Miria and Night fought a bunch of Level One's, then found that a Second Level decided to fight them rather then the bit more experienced Exorcists much to Miria's misfortune, however Miria at first thought that it might be easy since she had Night by her side but then they had a bunch of Level One's ganging up on them almost making it impossible to concentrate on the advanced level. I had been nervous but I became confident during the battle, now I feel ashamed for being so presumptuous, thinking that all that training would make me experienced or prepared enough to fight whatever level of Akuma would come at me. Or at least thinking I could beat it when I'm just a novice still, I should probably apologize to Krory and Chaoji. She thought.

As of now they had found themselves a place at an inn, before coming though they had received medical attention. Miria had a bandage wrapped around her forehead area along with a few Band-Aids for minor scrapes, Night meanwhile had a bandage around one of his legs. "I think this blow to the head gave me weird dreams" she remarked as she prepared for the day.

Night made a sound. "No I don't remember the dream, I just know it was weird".

She pulled her hair into a low ponytail, once she was ready she walked out of her room and headed down to where they served food. There she saw Krory who had a huge stack of food in front of him, Chaoji, and the Finder Roland. "Morning you guys" she said as she approached and sat down.

The all say a morning to her.

"I apologize about not being able to destroy that Level Two, next time I'll be more successful" she bowed her head a bit in a apologetic fashion.

"Its alright a lot of us aren't able to destroy higher levels right away, you and Night also had to deal with a lot of Level Ones" Chaoji told her.

Krory nodded in agreement, "yes so don't blame yourself" he said with a kind smile.

Miria wasn't so sure however she finally nodded and order herself some food, looking to Krory she tilted her head thoughtfully, "so you eat a lot too" she commented.

"Yeah parasitic types eat more food because we need more energy" Krory replied.

"After obtaining the Ark and I came with them to the Order, Krory was unconscious so he couldn't eat, that entire time his stomach growled and you could practically hear it throughout the Order" Chaoji chuckled.

Miria couldn't help but smile at that, "I could only imagine how everyone dealt with that". Especially Lavi and Kanda, the both of them must have done quite a bit of complaining.

After five minutes of waiting Miria's food finally came out, the waiter smiled, "here's your food Miss" she looked to the man. "Thank you…oh your that guy from yesterday" she said.

The man looked a bit surprised, "oh yeah I remember you woke me up when I passed out, its nice to see you all again".

"Nice to see you too, so this is where you work?" Roland asked.

The man scratched the back of his head, "yes I work here three days a week and the rest of the week I work at a fancy restaurant " he told them. He made a face of realization and sighed, "dear…I'm sorry I never introduced myself did I? How rude of me my name is Angelo Roche, and you?"

The group introduced themselves, when they were done Angelo smiled. "Foreigners? Also are you alright?" He inquired pointing out the bandage around her head.

"I'm alright just a small accident and yes, we're here on business however we will be leaving tonight, at least that's the plan" Miria said to him. Since this place was most likely some mom and pop place and not government run Miria had a feeling that this man wouldn't recognize the Rose Cross and assume they weren't here on vacation. So she would just make it seem like some business thing, she herself was only 19 but her comrades were in their twenties so he shouldn't ask any questions.

"Well good luck in your endeavors" Angelo said in a polite tone.

"Thanks" Krory piped.

She knew it probably wasn't polite to ask however even if she liked to have manners she still held human curiosity, if she hit a sensitive spot she would quickly amend for it. "So Mr. Roche why do you work two jobs?"

When she asked this question he seemed to answer without any problems, "well I use to work far away in a city called Trieste however problems came up and I decided I should move back here. For my family's healthy living I took two jobs to ensure money isn't a problem, but I take time off once in a while to spend time with them" he answered. For a moment she could have sworn she saw a distant look in his eyes but she just pushed this aside thinking she was just imagining things. "Anyway I need to tend to other customers, do you need anything else?"

Krory nodded, "I would like more cream puffs please!" he said cheerfully.

Angelo seemed a bit surprised that Krory of all of them wanted more food but he nodded and left when it seemed everyone else was fine.

The Finder then faced the Exorcists, "last night along with the Level Two Miss. Miria Lvellie and Night faced a few Level One Akuma escaped as well so perhaps we'll do as we did last night however this time I will call back up right away if the Level Two shows himself again". Krory agreed, "since I have enhanced speed I will make a break for where you two are".

"If there aren't any Level One Akuma to deal with I'll follow" Chaoji interjected.

Miria nodded towards the plan, if the Level Two battled Krory and Chaoji they as more experienced soldiers could eliminate it with no problems and if it showed itself to her she could distract it with Night and the two will come and finish it off if she cannot. This way they could get this all done and over with and get back to the Order to possibly receive a new mission. The very difficult dry, rinse and repeat life of an Exorcist, on the up side so far no Noah have showed up. Most likely they are busy with other things, though the Order showed caution about this assumption.

After Krory finished eating the cream puffs he had ordered and when Night was finally done eating, which was a lot now, at first he didn't eat a lot but his appetite had been steadily growing possibly because of the fact that the innocence he had was parasitic type. Roland got up and so did they.

"We can sight see a bit before organizing ourselves, from what I gather the Akuma are preferring a time at night rather then showing themselves in the daylight hours" Roland told them.

I wonder if the Level Two being bat like has anything to do with that, or its just they think they have an upper hand at night. Miria thought.

Krory seemed happy that they could look around while Chaoji although seeming a bit reluctant agreed since they really had no way of telling whom is and isn't an Akuma. Night jumped on his feet and wagged his tail happily as he followed them.

When Miria reached the door she flinched back when someone suddenly opened the door, it was a ten year old boy, who actually looked like a miniature version of a certain man, dark eyes and dark hair on olive tone flesh. "Hello" Miria said, the boy blinked then nodded a bit, "hello sorry for surprising you ma'am" he said politely. "No problem, out of curiosity are you Angelo's?" she inquired.

The boy grinned, "yup! My name is Jonathan, I'm here to ask daddy if I can play with my friends" he pronounced.

So this is the kid that would have been worried sick about his dad not coming home, I wonder about the mom though is she not around? She wondered. "Well it was nice meeting you, and I hope your dad lets you play with your friends".

Jonathan nodded, "and luck to you in whatever your doing" he then ran off past them. When the kid was gone Night made a sound within his throat, Miria looked to Night when he did this.

Somehow I'm getting a bad feeling as well.

As they walked out Miria looked back and saw the father and son talking with a smile on their faces. How could such things make her feel uneasy?

She wished she didn't have to find out.

The next chapter might be pretty long or perhaps not I don't know just yet. It took me a while to figure out what her abilities should be, I considered her often calm personality and came up with the element ice! It fits I think and I hope the name of her attacks aren't too simple or lame DX

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