The Pine needles felt glossy underpaw as Blackstar raced through the forest. His heart pounding, his head spinning, he didn't have much time to see her. He wanted her and only her. The quarter-moon hung in the sky as he neared the lake, planning the skirt around lake until he got to the Windclan border where she would be waiting for him. The Greenleaf humidity clung to his pelt as he bolted through the forest. His breath came in ragged gasps as he ran, the sharp pebbles and stones of the lakebed tore at his paws, numbing them.

I have to see her...

That was his only thought as he neared the border, his heart pounding wildly. He opened his mouth, letting the Windclan scent markers bathe his tongue. He was only looking for one scent though. The Bracken rustled beside him and out stepped a smoky-gray she-cat.

"Ashfoot." He purred, rubbing his head against her's.

"I'm sorry it took me so long to- Great Starclan your paws are bleeding! What have you been doing?" She fixed him with a stern gaze, her amber eyes sparkling with concern. Blackstar licked his paws as she groomed his fur. Blackstar looked around wearily as noticed the moon staring to set. He reluctintly got up.

"I must go, my Clan may start to wonder where I am if I don't get back soon." He pushed his nose into her shoulder, drinking her scent in.,

"Until tommorow my love." Ashfoot mewed, twining her tail lovingly with his. He nodded, his eyes gleaming with longing as he stared back, then whipped around and plunged back into the trees, heading back for the Lakebed.

"Until tommorow my Love" The Wind whispered.