Hey guys, this is something a little different. Bella goes cliff diving as she does in New Moon but instead of healing she wakes up with Amnesia. Her parents are trying to protect her from the Cullens, The pack down in LaPush and everything that might stir memories of Edward and her life together. However Bella slowly is going to remember things and but upset at her parents from shielding her from her past life.

This story is going to be mainly in BPOV but i a going to put a little EPOV in as well. Please read and comment, Thanks


My name is Isabella Swan, but apparently I prefer Bella. I live in Arizona, but they tell me I used to live in Forks. I am a nobody here, but everyone has said that I used to be a somebody. Three weeks ago I woke up in a hospital room, not knowing who I was, what I looked like, whom my friends and family were, I knew nothing. There were something's that were clear, I knew I was in a hospital room for starters, and I knew that the machines to my right were monitoring my heart rate, blood levels etc. These were things I merely knew, these were the boring details of every day life, but I knew nothing of myself.

My parents, or so they tell me (think about it, my parents could have decided that they didn't want me and some other random's could have claimed that they were my parents.) told me that I had amnesia. They have been telling me things each day, about my old life and myself. My mother, Renee said that it would be best to come live with her in Arizona, "because since I was starting fresh I should do it in a new place, where everything was fresh". My father, Charlie argued against her and said that, "Wouldn't things come back to her faster if she was in a place to remind her." My mother had given him a meaningful glare and then towed him out of the room, leaving me confused and aware that there was something's in this town my mother did not want me to remember, memories that should be left unvisited. After this chat my father reluctantly agreed though that Arizona would be best, leaving me curious as ever as to what exactly it was they were hiding from me.

In my first week in the hospital the nurse told me that my regular doctor was going to be Dr. Carlisle Cullen. My parents chucked a fit, saying that he was not suitable,

"He is supposed to be in LA, how dare he come back just because of what happened to Bella!" Charlie shouted.

"There is no way that he is going anywhere near her after what his son did to-" She cut of abruptly looking at me, "after what he did." She finished, dodging my glare.

Needless to say that the mysterious Dr. Carlisle Cullen was not aloud to be my doctor and I got Dr. Grandy instead.

My old school graduating class gave me a folder of notes and pictures, trying to remind me who I was, and give me comfort. I decided after reading all of the notes and having most of the class come to see me that my favorite friend's were Angela, her boyfriend Ben and another guy called Eric. The worst visit I had was from a vile Mike Newton who tried to convince me that we were going out before my accident and made an attempt to kiss me. A slap made him change his mind and leave me alone. I got a gift from Angela, a book, to write in things as I remembered them, sort of like a diary. I immediately hid it from my parents knowing because of how overprotective they had been, that they would read it and see how much I was remembering.

I used the front half of the book to record things about myself, what I found out I liked and didn't like, who my real friends were and random things that were coming to be slowly. The back half I used for writing down suspicions I had and left space for plenty of things that I hoped I would learn about my advents in forks.

I am now living in Arizona; I go to the local high school, because I am retaking my senior year. Charlie calls almost every night to know how I am going and how I like Arizona. I think that I miss him, but it is hard to tell since my memory of him is only three weeks old.

"Dinner is ready Bella." I hear Renee shout,

"Coming Mom!" I yell as I run down the stairs

Phil is already sitting at the table; he is Renee's husband, a minor league baseball player. When my mother told me this I said, "Oh, anyone I would know?" but she said that he hadn't had his big break yet. That line that I said stirred some memory, of myself walking down what appeared to be a school corridor with a bright light to my side. It was obvious that someone was walking next to be, but the light was so bright that I could not even make out whether it was a female or male.

"What is for dinner Mom?" I ask wearily, from the previous three nights I know to be careful whenever Renee is cooking. There was always something burnt, tasting off or just gross.

"We are having Chicken pie, I made it myself!" She finishes proudly. I could hear Phil groan next to me, I wonder he manages normally.

"That sounds great." I say to please her, but really I am thinking, its just chicken pie, that's pretty basic, how bad can it get.

I will tell you how bad, really bad. The pastry was all soggy, the pie was filled with brown looking 'vegetables' Renee called them, and after taking the first bite I come across a blood clot on one of the chicken pieces I hadn't eaten yet. I stop eating I stop eating immediately.

"You know what Renee, tomorrow I think I am going to cook, you know to see how much I remember, Charlie said I used to be really good. It would be nice if I am still good at something." Phil nodded in agreement.

"Okay, that might be best." Renee just laughed and got out some microwavable dinners, chucking the 'pie' in the bin.