"Ok Iggy-"

"I told you not to call me that!"

"Ok, Artie! I dare you to.. ask out Kiku!-"


"You heard me! Oh and by the way, you gotta make sure that your relationship with him will last for about.. Four weeks!"


"Yep!" Alfred pushed Arthur a little bit just enough for him to get out of his seat.

"Go on now~" Alfred smirked, the group (Whom were also in the game) giggled along with teasing him.

"Arthur's gonna get a boyfriend~" Someone sang along, causing the group into fits of laughter and an irritated Arthur.

"Shut it you!" He snapped, blushing furiously. "Now, let me get this over with!" He turned his back over, and slowly approached the Japanese boy.

Kiku raised his head up from a book he was reading, and smiled softly. "Konichiwa Arthur-san."

"H-Hello Kiku!" Arthur stuttered while he heard others giggling in the background.

"Umm.. well why exactly are you here..?"

"Well! I um.." Arthur fidgeted with his fingers for a bit a took a deep breath in.

"W-Would you like to go out with me..!"


"W-What did you say A-Arthur-san..? I think I heard wrong..!" Kiku blushed, his eyes widened and hand covering his mouth.

"I want to go out with you.. D-Do you accept..?" Arthur looked away. He actually wanted to ask him out. He kinda had a little crush but never had the courage to ask him out until this day.

Kiku hid his face inside the book he was reading. "Umm... hai. Yes I would like to go you with you.." Kiku muttered.

Arthur smiled. He felt.. happy.. Wait.. what was this feeling in his stomach..? It felt bubbly and warm..

"Great.. So.. Hows Saturday night..?"

Kiku raised his head up a little bit with a smile on his face. He nodded. "Hai that sounds good."

"Okay! I'll pick you up ok..? Oh do you think you can give me your-"

Before Arthur could ask he already spotted Kiku scribbling something on a note, he passed the note to Arthur and read it. It had his address and his number.

Arthur blushed. "Ok.. T-Thank you, Kiku.. I guess I'll be going now.. Goodbye.." Arthur forced smiled, he really didn't want to go back to Alfred and the others..

"Oh ok.. Goodbye I'll see you tomorrow." Kiku said softly, smiling back.

"B-Bye." Arthur said one last time returning to his original spot.


"Dude! You didn't get rejected this time!"

"Alfred, shut up!" Arthur whacked Alfred upside the head turning his back to him.

"Oww.." Alfred rubbed his head gently. "Well that wasn't nice!"

"Try saying that for yourself, you git.." Arthur scowled while Alfred pouted.

"Aww~ Well at least you got that over with~ Now its your turn Arthur!"

"Ok then.. Alfred Truth or Dare?" Arthur smirked knowing that Alfred is going to choose dare.


"Ok.." Arthur's smirk grew wider.

"I dare you to ask out Matthew."


A/N: Heheheh~ Sorry for USCan there I couldn't help it.. Its my OTP~ So I didn't even dare to proofread. I only watched out for spelling errors. ^^; Sorry. So I hope that you can actually understand who's saying this and who's saying that.. Sorry if my writing sucks c: I'll get better soon I promise. :3