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Arthur and Kiku have bonded quiet well. Both their relationship still has been quiet awkward, Arthur still continually messing up on most of their conversations and Kiku keeps hiding in his shell. Well its only the beginning, relationships are always like this.. right? Arthur sure hoped so, he doesn't want this to last forever or go a little fast on the Japanese teen. He hadn't had the experience since he had never date anyone. Oh the joy..


Over the past few weeks Arthur noticed something.. strange. It was about Kiku. He didn't seem like himself. He acted weirded than usual, more like depressed. Arthur would notice mostly every morning he'd see Kiku in such bad shape. His hair would be messy, his eyes, nose and face was reddish- as if he'd be crying the whole night. Arthur tried to help him but Kiku would keep rejecting his offer. Kiku would just act if nothing happened and dismiss himself to class, he obviously didn't want to share out what happened it was just to much for him to handle.


It was the end of the school day. Arthur began to search for Kiku- just in case, he hoped that Kiku would feel better, so he head towards Kiku's last class. As he opened the door, he saw no one there. Where did the teacher go? Well that didn't matter right now where was Kiku? He stepped inside only to see the Japanese sobbing in a corner.

"Kiku! A-A-Are you ok?" With instinct Arthur ran to the smaller teen, pulling him to an embrace. "Tell me what happened! Why on earth are you crying?" Kiku hugged Arthur tightly sobbing into him. "Shh shh.. Its ok.. Its ok.." Arthur cooed stroking Kiku's hair lightly. If Arthur couldn't get an answer then he might as well comfort the poor lad. He felt bad, he wondered what must have caused him to cry.. What it his fault? Would he himself have caused Kiku to cry? Arthur felt guilty. 'Ahhg! This must have been all my fault! Good going Arthur.. Now he must hate me more for not minding my own business.. Great..' Arthur thought to himself, as he heard sobs turn to quiet sniffles, he soon saw Kiku raise his head to look up at him with a red face, and tears piercing at the corner of his eyes.


"Oh.. Are you done crying?" 'Ahhg! Bullocks that didn't come out right..'

Kiku gave a stiff nod and looked down. "I-I'm sorry that I wasted your time for you to comfort me.."

"Hey! It was no problem! I was going to check on you to make sure you were alright anyways!" Arthur explained- Kiku smiled. "..So.. why were you.. well.. crying..?" Tears. He saw a few tears streaming down Kiku's eyes. "-I mean like you don't have to tell me if you don't want to!" 'Jeez! You're just making this more worse Arthur!' Kiku shook his head. "Oh.. I-It's ok.. I can tell you a-anyways.." He took a big breath in and began. "My family.. The wen't to v-visit my B-Big brothers family for a while.. B-but.." Kiku chocked on his words. "T..There was.. a p-plane c-crash.." Kiku then continued to cry all over again.

These word shocked Arthur. "W-What? So you're saying that your family died?" Kiku nodded. "A-All of them.. t-they d-died.." Arthur felt his heart twist. How.. Why? Why did this have to happen to such an innocent person? This didn't seem fair. It wasn't its just terrible.. "Kiku.. You must have been alone.. Over the weeks.." Arthur hugged the other tighter. "You must have been struggling.. Please.. I promise I'll do anything that can help you ok?" Kiku nodded holding onto the Brit.


One week wen't by. Kiku seemed to be doing a little good on his own and looked a lot better since he told someone about the incident. Things kinda turned to normal and seemed to shifted to what it was suppose to be, but Arthur had an idea for Kiku.

"Hey Good morning Kiku."

"Konnichiwa Arthur-san"

"I see you're doing a lot better."


"I hope I don't sound like I'm going any fast but.. D-Do you think you'd like to move in with me..?"

"Wait.. w-what?"

"Well.. you seem to live alone and you have to pay for the house rent right?"


"I thought that it'd be easier for you to move in with.. me.. O-Of course I'm not doing this for me I'm doing if you us- you!"

Kiku smiled lightly and gave a soft nod. "Yeah.. I'd kinda like that.. Hai.. Ok."

Arthur smiled widely. "Ok! So I guess you should start packing up.. I'll send the Moving truck on Saturday!"

"Oh and Arthur-san..?"


"Thank you.." Kiku smiled, giving a kiss on Arthur's cheek.

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