The TARDIS shook violently as it rocketed through time and space. Somehow Amy and the Doctor had gone from a easy trip to Space Florida to feeling like they were smack dab in the middle of a space tornado. The Doctor reached the console and tried to figure out what had caused his ship to go haywire. Amy clambered towards him and held on to his arm.

"Doctor, what's happening?" She yelled over the roar of noises surrounding them.
"I don't know! Something is wrong with the TARDIS. But what?" The Doctor yelled back. Amy watched him frantically try to find an explanation to the TARDIS suddenly veering off course. It wasn't the first time she had gone off to where she wanted them to go, but it was never like this before. She liked Space Florida just as much as Amy and the Doctor. Why would she want to go somewhere else?
"Can't you stop it somehow?" Amy said becoming increasingly more frustrated. Mad and impossible Amy Pond getting frustrated instead of frightened when the TARDIS starts hurdling towards who knows where. The TARDIS shook again, sending sparks flying above their heads. The Doctor pulled Amy into him and used his arms to cover her. She held on to his tweed jacket and squeezed her eyes closed, bracing herself for a bumpy ride. The TARDIS lurched forward one more time and sent them toppling over onto each other.
"I think she just stopped herself." the Doctor said as glanced up at the scanner to see where they had landed. He realized that when they fell, Amy had landed directly on top of him. He jumped up awkwardly, and helped her off the floor.
"Thanks." she said while dusting herself off. "So, where exactly are we?"
"We're in Colchester. Why did we land in Colchester?" The Doctor replied. He looked at the scanner again trying to make sense of the current situation.
"Well, if you plan on leaving the TARDIS, make sure you take me with you this time so I'm not stuck landing and taking off again." Amy said under her breath. The Doctor shot her an sideways glance and ignored her remark.
"Right, the TARDIS isn't going to be able to go anywhere for... a while. So we're going to need to find a place to stay." He began roaming around trying to grab all the necessary items to take with them when they found somewhere to go.
"How long is a while?" Amy asked raising her eyebrows. The Doctor avoided her gaze and kept rummaging through different compartments of the TARDIS looking for something.
"Doctor," she asked again. "How long?"
"At least a month. Maybe more." He admitted sheepishly.
"What are we going to do in Colchester for a month? And what about the TARDIS?"
"She's a tough old girl, she'll be fine. She's trying to fix herself back up. Until then we've got to find a place to stay and be normal."
"What about that bloke you lived with last time? What was he called?"
"Craig! Right, we can stay with Craig. Better get a move on, then. Come along, Pond."
The two headed out on foot for Craig's flat. After a nice stroll through town they found themselves standing in the living room with the happy couple.
"So what brings you back here, mate? I thought you'd be long gone by now." Craig said handing the Doctor a cup of tea.
"Oh you know, just popped in for a visit." He took a sip of his tea then handed the cup to Amy. The whole way over she had talked about how good a cup of tea would be but didn't want to ask someone she'd just met to make her some. The Doctor found it so amusing that teased her about it their entire way over. He loved when she got flustered over his fascination with human behavior. But as soon as Craig answered the door, the first thing the Doctor did was request a cup of tea.
"And this must be Amy Pond. It's nice to finally see her outside of your head." Craig laughed.
"He's been inside your head?" Amy asked. She was extremely intrigued by the idea of being able to see what was on The Doctor's mind from the inside.
"Yeah, it was more painful than you'd think." He answered. "You were in there quite a bit. How long have you two been together now?"
"Actually Craig, I have a favor to ask." The Doctor quickly interrupted. "Would you mind us staying here for a bit?"
"Sure, but what for? Don't you have that ship thing?" Sophie asked.
"Yeah, having some trouble with it though. It's going to take a month or two to fix itself. We can pay rent if need be" The Doctor then began feeling around in his jacket for the wad of cash he soniced from an ATM on their way over.
"Don't worry about it. Since Sophie's moved in we haven't needed a lodger. We've just been keeping your room as a spare just in case, ya know, you did pop in for another stay." Craig replied with a wink towards the Doctor. He wrapped his arm around Sophie's waist and kissed her on the cheek. Amy felt a pang of jealousy but couldn't help but smile at how purely happy they were together. She just wished she had the same kind of happiness with someone.
"Lovely then." The Doctor said, matching Amy's smile. "We'll just put our things in there and figure out the rest in a bit."
He grabbed one of Amy's bags and led her to the little room he stayed in while they were separated a few months back. He opened the door and was delighted to see it was just as he'd left it. He took off his jacket and flung it over the back of a chair in the corner of the room. Amy followed closely behind, inspecting the little room as she went along. She noticed something a bit off; there was only one bed. Her heart started racing at the thought of having to share a bed with the Doctor for the next month while they stayed here. Possibly longer! She'd never really shared a bed with anyone. Not like this anyway. When she had nightmares as a little girl she would climb into bed with her mum and dad and sometimes when she slept over at a friend's they would share the bed. But it could never compare to this. The Doctor, as usual, seemed oblivious to it all.
"So. Doctor. Have you noticed something about this room?" Amy said as she sat down on the bed. He looked around the room trying to figure out what she was talking about but he was stumped.
"Is there something I'm supposed to notice?" He inquired.
"For starters, there's two of us and only one bed." She replied casually.
The Doctor shifted uncomfortably. He hadn't thought things through that far. He wasn't sure if that meant he would be sleeping in the bed with her on on the floor or on the couch in the living room. Although he wasn't sure how he'd fit his giraffe-like legs on the couch, let alone the rest of his body. And it's not that he would mind sharing a bed with her. Honestly, he wouldn't mind one bit. But would she? And would it be right of him? She'd just left Rory for whatever reasons she'd been keeping from him. Plus, she's human; she's Amy! He shouldn't be delighted by the idea of sharing a bed with her.
"We could just share it, you know." Amy said, breaking the Doctor away from the thoughts at war inside his mind. "I mean, if we have to. I don't mind."
The Doctor nodded in agreement. What does that mean then? He thought to himself.
"I'll just curl up at the end of the bed like a cat," the Doctor joked. "You'll never even know I'm there."
Amy giggled as she pictured the tall, gangly doctor curling up at her feet every night at bed time.
"I didn't think you ever slept." She remarked. She knew had a room somewhere on the TARDIS but she always thought he just did Time Lord stuff when he was in there. It was strange to think of the Doctor doing normal human things, like sleeping.
"Of course I sleep. Not as much as you lot but even Time Lords need sleep." he said.
"Well what do you do when I'm asleep?" She asked. Curiosity had taken over her.
"Lots of stuff. Now are you going to help me unpack or just sit there and watch me?" The Doctor held out his hand and pulled her off the bed. Amy began pulling clothes out of her bags and started folding them. After loading the first dresser drawer of clothes she looked over at the Doctor who was hopelessly trying to fold a one of the many button down shirts he packed. Amy shook her head in bemusement and took the shirt from him and folded it. He watched her hands skillfully turn his messy pile of clothes into neat stacks of square folds. The Doctor nudged Amy with his shoulder and flashed her a smile. "What would I do without you, Pond?" Amy smiled and nudged him back as she put the last of the clothes in the dresser. They finished unpacking the rest of the bits and bobs they had brought along then sat at the foot of the bed together.
"So what do we do now?" Amy asked.
"Do what normal people do. Get jobs and be boring adults." The Doctor replied. For the first time since he started running, he had to slow down. He wasn't sure how he was going to handle coming to a practically a complete stop for a few months.
"Is someone Mister Grumpy Face today?" Amy teased.
"Yes, I am Mister Grumpy Face." he said in a cross tone. "You would be too if your space ship wasbroken down for the next month in some park in Colchester. That's four Sundays I have to deal with and they're so boring!"
"Oh come on, Doctor. It won't be so bad. It's just another adventure." She said hoping to cheer him up. She put her index fingers on the corners of his mouth and forced his lips into the shape of a smile. He grabbed her hands and gave her a small real smile.
"You're a nutter, Amelia." he told her.
"Yeah, but now you're smiling." She shrugged. "Gotcha."
The Doctor shook his head at her and stood up off the bed and pulled Amy up into a hug.
"We should probably get back to the love birds before they get any ideas." The Doctor said. He took Amy's hand and led her back out to the living room.
Craig and Sophie were sitting on the couch watching television when they walked in the room. The Doctor let Amy sit in the chair next to the couch and he stood behind her with his hands on her shoulders.
"So Doctor, Sophie and I were wondering if you and Amy wanted to go out to the pub tonight and catch up with the guys from pub league? Maybe get them to let you play a game of football while you're staying." Craig suggested.
"Of course we would!" Amy replied before the Doctor had a chance to shoot the idea down. After the day they had, she knew they could use a night out. Then tomorrow they would work on trying to be normal, boring adults.
"Lovely!" Sophie squealed in excitement. "I'll start getting ready!"
Amy looked up at the Doctor and smiled. She could sense he was nervous about having to act like a normal human and still cross about the TARDIS. But what she didn't know was how terrified and happy he was to his first night as a normal bloke with Amy. Fighting off an army of daleks couldn't compare. He smiled back at her before letting Sophie take her away to get ready.
Not a bad start to a month of being a boring adult, he thought as he watched her walk away.