The Doctor woke Amy up a few hours later, ready to start the day as if nothing had happened a few hours before. When she looked at her watch and realized that it was only half past eight in the morning she pulled the covers over her head indignantly and begged for him to let her sleep. He tried every nice thing he could to get her out of bed. He offered to take her shopping then buy her dinner anywhere she wanted or bake her a cake as tall as she was. He even offered to take her to find a fun fair while they stayed in Colchester. When bribing didn't work, tugged the covers off of her and threw them to the other side of the room. She responded by using his pillow to cover her head again. The Doctor sighed and pretended to give up and sat at the end of the bed near her feet. He waited for her to start to doze off again before he attacked. With one hand he held on to her ankle then danced his long fingers across the bottom of her foot. She tried to kick him away with her other foot but was unsuccessful. Amy attempted to roll over and swat his hands away but he was too quick. Just as quick as she had rolled over, he was on top of her holding her arms down to her side.
"Nice try, Pond, but you're going to have to be quicker than that." He said with a smile. "Go get a shower so we can get down to the TARDIS and see how she's doing. I reckon you're awake now anyway. "

"Fine. But I still expect everything you promised earlier" Amy grumbled. She pushed him off of her and dragged herself to the dresser. She pulled out a pair of jeans and a button up shirt from one of her drawers and headed to the bathroom.
While she was getting ready the Doctor headed in to the kitchen to whip up a quick breakfast for the two of them. When he got to the end of the hall he saw Craig and Sophie still sleeping soundly on the couch together. They were laying face to face and Craig had his arms wrapped protectively around Sophie as they slept. The Doctor smiled. At least I could bring them together, he thought. He turned around and headed back to his room. He decided to preoccupy himself while he waited for Amy by tiding up their room. With how busy the last few days had been for him and Amy they hadn't been very neat and clean. He let his mind wander as he picked up clothes and threw them in to a hamper.

I'm sure this isn't what Amy expected when we left again, the Doctor thought. I wonder why she came back in the first place. Things with Rory seemed to be going so well. At least, I hoped they were. He really loved her. Maybe I tried too hard to keep pushing her to be with him. Guilt started to mingle in with his thoughts. Part of him wished he had done something different so that Amy and Rory could have been happy together. But a bigger part of him was selfishly happy to have her to himself again. Not having to ask permission to touch her was such a relief. It was hard enough to limit how often he acted on his impulses to erase any distance between them without an angry pair of eyes constantly burning in to the back of his head.
A short while after the Doctor had finished cleaning up the dirty laundry and making the bed, Amy walked in to her room as she fastened up the last few buttons of her flannel shirt. When she got a few steps in she stopped and shook her head.
"You're sitting on the bed, aren't you Doctor?" She said wryly without looking up from what she was doing.
"It appears as though I am." He chuckled.
"I figured you would be in the kitchen making breakfast."
"Craig and Sophie are still asleep on the couch so I figured I would wait here until you were done then we could get breakfast on our way to the TARDIS."
"I could use a warning next time so I don't barge in here with no clothes on and send you in to shock. And don't think buying breakfast gets you out of dinner."
The Doctor shook his head and got up to put his shoes on. He threw Amy a pair of her trainers while she twisted her still damp hair in to a bun. They quietly snuck past Sophie and Craig so they wouldn't wake them then headed to the TARDIS. Amy convinced the Doctor to skip breakfast for now so they could get working.

Inside the TARDIS, the Doctor ran around the lower level of the console room tweaking and fiddling things. Amy laid on her back on the clear floor above him. She had pulled her hair out of its bun and fanned it out around her head like a halo made out of flames.
"You look like a mermaid with your hair like that." The Doctor joked from below.
"Very funny." Amy sassed back at him. "What is it with you comparing me to fairytales?"
"I don't know. Maybe it's because you're living out every girl's dream." He replied casually.
"And what is that?" She tried not to laugh.
"Running away to the stars with their imaginary friend who is devilishly handsome if I do say so myself."
"I know that was my fairytale when I was a little girl, but most girls want a knight in shining armor on a white horse."
"How boring. Can you hand me that sonic wrench next to your foot?"

Amy sat up, grabbed the wrench and walked down to the lower level. From the bottom of the stairs she watched the Doctor adjust wires and knobs above his head. He muttered something and crossed two wires causing sparks to shower over him.
"Is everything okay?" Amy asked.
"Yes, she's just being cross. Come take a look." The Doctor held his hand out to help Amy step over the clutter he had created on the floor as he worked. They stood together and looked up at the TARDIS through the wires and the clear floor.
"I can see why you're so crazy about her. She really is beautiful." Amy said quietly.

"That's why I stole her. Well, borrowed. I really was going to give her back. But she had other plans." The TARDIS sparked again and the Doctor grinned. "She likes you too, by the way. I think you're the first person I've brought along that she hasn't referred to as a stray."
"What does she call me then?" She asked curiously.
"The Orange Girl." The Doctor gave Amy a cheeky smile when he replied.
"Well, it's better than being called a stray." She shrugged.
"She's happy to have to back on board, too." The Doctor said earnestly.
"I'm beyond happy to be back."

"Amy," he took a deep breath and tried to figure out how to word the question in his mind carefully. "If I ask you something, will you promise answer it absolutely honestly?"
"I never lie to you, Doctor." Amy was surprised by his change in tone. He was being serious. He was never serious if he could help it unless it was extremely important.

"Before you called me to come back for you, you said that you and Rory wanted some time away..."
"Rory wanted some time away. I just reluctantly agreed." She cut him off in mid sentence and corrected him.
"Okay, Rory wanted some time away and you went with him. What made you come back? More importantly, what made you come back alone?"

"We were fighting a lot while we were traveling with you and Rory thought that if we spent some time away from alien planets and almost dying that things would get better. But I was miserable, Doctor. After seeing the future and new planets and galaxies, normal human life is only fun again for a week or so. I started to miss you and traveling in the TARDIS and everything that came with it and Rory could see it. So we started fighting even more.

"If I stayed with Rory, I'd be nothing but Doctor William's wife. With you, I'd like to think I'm making a difference. Even if I die on some alien planet six months from now, I would have lived more in that time than I would have if I spent the next sixty years with Rory. I just couldn't do it anymore. I thought Rory was everything I needed, but I guess I was wrong. So one night while he was working third shift at the hospital, I packed up my stuffed and phoned you."
"You're traveling with me to run away from Rory?"
"No, I came back to run away from Rory. I have different reasons for staying. But it's not like this is the first time I've done something like this." Amy gave the Doctor a smile and tried to lighten the mood. She hadn't planned on telling him about her failed marriage or how unhappy she had been while she was away partially because she wanted to just forget about it and partially because she knew that the Doctor would take the blame for it. He didn't say respond for several minutes. He just kept tinkering away at whatever he was fixing in the wires above them with an emotionless expression.
"This is all my fault." He said finally. Amy sighed at the fact that her prediction deadpanned his response.
"That is exactly why I wasn't going to tell you." She groaned.
"You and Rory would be the Happy Ponds if I hadn't come and mucked it up." He lowered his hands to his sides but kept looking above him.
"How do you know that? How do you know this wouldn't have just happened ten years down the road? At least I realized sooner this way. Rory can find someone that loves him as much as he loves them and I can still travel with you. It wasn't a choice I wanted to make, but I had to. This is what I've always wanted anyway. I've got my best friend and my space ship. That's all I need." She hoped her explanation would at least take the edge off the guilt she knew he was causing himself to feel.
"No, no, no. No. It was always you and Rory. You said so yourself!" He said deliberately.
"Yeah, well, I changed my mind. I'm allowed." Amy touched his arm lightly. The Doctor still kept his gaze fixed above him. He knew that the second he looked at her he couldn't continue being cross and he wasn't quite done yet.
"Look, if you want me to leave I will. I will walk right out of this TARDIS and you will never hear from me again." She dropped her hand and took a couple steps back. The Doctor stood his ground. Amy took a few more steps and stopped at the bottom of the stairs.
"I mean it, Doctor. I'll do it." She stepped up each stair dramatically. The Doctor flicked his eyes in her direction but he continued to hold the stature. When Amy got to the top of the stairs she shrugged and started strutting toward the door. The Doctor rolled his eyes at her thinking that she would get as far as the door before turning around and stomping back down the steps to yell at him for not coming after her and he would tell her how Scottish she is. He almost started laughing at the scene he played out in his head when he heard the TARDIS door open and close. He called her name and didn't get a response. He dropped the tool he had in his hand and bolted up the stairs after her. He called her name again just to make sure she wasn't pulling some stupid prank on him. Again, no response. He grabbed his coat off the back of the pilot's chair and threw it on as he ran towards the doors. He burst out on to the sidewalk and nearly knocked over a passer-by who was just outside the doors. He apologized repeatedly as he looked back and forth from each end of the sidewalk, searching for Amy's flaming hair. She was storming off towards Craig and Sophie's flat as fast as she could manage without actually running.
Now she was the one who was cross. She wished she would have made something up when he asked her why she came back or that she told him the reason she stayed. You, stupid face. I came back because of you, she screamed in her head half hoping he could hear it somehow. Suddenly she heard someone calling her name and looked over her shoulder. There he was, chasing after her. That was a nice change. But she was too stubborn to stop or even slow down, so she kept stomping down the sidewalk ignoring him when he called her name. If he wanted her attention, he had to work for it. However, when The Doctor saw Amy look back at him he picked up speed and caught up to her fairly quickly. He grabbed her by the wrist and spun her around.
"Where do you think you're going?" The Doctor huffed.
"Back to the flat. You obviously don't need me around." She retorted in her annoyingly Scottish way.
"When did I ever say that?" He raised his eyebrows at her and waited for her to try to give him a nonexistent example.
"Look, if you're going to mope about because you think my failing marriage was your fault, I might as well leave. I've done enough of it already and frankly, the TARDIS isn't big enough for me to live with you and your smugness." She countered in an exasperated tone. The Doctor wasn't sure how he was supposed to respond to her remark. He had never traveled with anyone so blunt before. Anyone else would have fawned over him and told him repeatedly that it wasn't his fault but Amy Pond was reprimanding him for being smug. He tried desperately to form words and spit them back out at her.
"Look, Rory and I both decided it was for the best. I'm not the marrying kind, remember?" Amy said in a softer tone.
"Says the girl who is pretending to be married to me." The Doctor replied.
"Again, it's not the first time. You were my imaginary friend when I was a kid after all."
"If you're not the marrying kind, what kind are you?"
"The kind that knows you need me wether you'll admit it or not."
"But-" The Doctor tried to retaliate but Amy cut him off before he could even begin.
"You said it yourself last night. You're lonely without me." She said defiantly.
"Now who's the smug one?" He said with a small smile.
"Why can't you just be serious when I want you to be?" She groaned.
"I'm never knowingly serious. Rule twenty-seven. You would know that if you would write them down like I keep telling you to, Pond."
Amy resisted smiling and giving him the satisfaction of keeping her from being serious, too.

"Amy, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring up Rory. It was none of my business and you don't have to talk about it." The Doctor said softly. "I just wanted to make sure you were alright."
"You don't have to be sorry. You just have to stop thinking that everything is your fault." Amy told him sternly. "Now, can we please go get some food? I don't think I can hold out any longer."

The Doctor laughed and nodded in agreement. They walked a few blocks looking around for somewhere to grab a quick bite of food before returning to the TARDIS. They came across a park with a duck pond and Amy begged the Doctor to let her buy bread so they could feed the birds. He tried to spout off about how ducks are wild animals and they're going to become dependent on a diet of bread because humans just can't leave things alone. Amy shrugged and pushed past him and walked over to where a man was selling bread and bought as much as she could with the money in her pocket. She pushed past the Doctor again and headed over to the ducks who formed an eager circle around her. She tossed bread to them and laughed when they would run up to the scattered bread slowly, snag a piece, then quickly run off again only to repeat the process when they finished the bits they had grabbed. She turned to the Doctor and tried to wave him over.
"I'm not going to join in on you ruining the future of duck kind. It's bad enough watching you." He yelled over to her.
"Shut your face and get over here or I will make sure you never see that bow-tie again." She yelled back. His eyes widened and he touched his bow-tie. He didn't think she was serious but he wasn't going to stand there and find out. She knew this one was his favorite and it wasn't easy to come by. He stomped over to her like a child in the middle of a temper tantrum and stood next to her with his arms crossed.
"Stick out your hands." She demanded. He rolled his eyes and uncrossed his arms and held his hands out for her. She dumped chunks of bread in to his open hands. "Which pocket of your jacket is my phone in?"
"My left, your right. Why?" He asked awkwardly holding the bread as far away from him as he could. Amy felt around in his pocket for a minute before finding her phone.
"Thank you. Now wait here." She started walking to where he had been standing before she forced him over to to duck pond.
"Where are you going?" He started to follow her.

"If you move another step, I'll take all your bow-ties away." She said sternly. "Oh, and smile!"
The Doctor shot her a confused look and her the sound of a camera shutter coming from her phone.

"Did you just take a picture of me? I have a reputation to up hold, you know! I'm the Doctor, the Oncoming Storm. Not Feeder of the Earthling Ducks." He shouted in disbelief. As he spoke, a duck came up to his outstretched hands and snagged a clump of bread.
"Hush. And smile this time." The Doctor rolled his eyes and gave her a little smirk. She took another picture of him and smiled. She started looking around and took off again, this time towards the man selling bread.
"Would you mind if taking a picture of me and my, um, husband?" Amy giggled.
"Are you two newlyweds?" The man asked sweetly.
"Yep, that's us. Newlyweds." She replied with a smile. She handed him her phone and walked back over to the Doctor who was still pouting. For someone who was over nine hundred years old he could be such a child.
"I want a real smile for this picture." Amy scolded playfully.
"Fine." He whined. He tossed the bread he had left in his hands in front of him and wiped his hands on his trousers to get the crumbs off before wrapping his arm around Amy and pulling her in to him. She hugged his waist and locked her hands together on his hip.
"Whenever you're ready!" She shouted up to the man holding her phone. He counted down from three and took the picture.
"One more just in case!" He yelled. He counted down again but this time when he got to one, Amy stood up on her tip toes and touched her lips lightly to the Doctor's cheek. When the picture was taken, she wiggled out from under the Doctor's arm and ran back to the man.
"How do they look?" She asked eagerly.

"Beautiful! You two are a beautiful couple!" The man said returning Amy's phone to her.
"Thank you so much." She replied and hugged him quickly before returning to the Doctor. He took her phone out of her hands and flipped through the pictures, grimacing when he saw the pictures of himself feeding the ducks.
"If you ever show those to anyone, I'll throw your phone in to the same supernova I threw the instruction manual for the TARDIS in." He told her before giving her phone back.

"Fine. But if you delete them, I will never speak to you again." She replied and snatched her phone back before he got any ideas. "Okay, now can we please get some food? I mean it this time. I'm surprised you can't hear my stomach growling."

"I hoped you would say that." He rubbed his stomach dramatically.
"You're such a child." She told him. He winked at her and grabbed her hand and pulled her away from the duck pond and towards a little cafe across the street.
They spend the rest of the afternoon drinking coffee and sharing biscuits and talking. He told her about the places he'd been, the things he wanted to see, and where he wanted to take her next as soon as the TARDIS had fixed herself up. He promised to take her to see a star being born and to meet Shakespeare and to take her dancing on a planet that was a mind-blowing mix of a medieval kingdom and a futuristic utopia. Amy listened to him ramble on and on, smiling in between sips of tea. The people sitting at the tables surrounding them shot them weird looks when he would mention something about jungle planets or TARDIS parts loud enough to hear. The Doctor's complete oblivion to their bewilderment made Amy smile even more.
The Doctor noticed she was unusually quiet. Normally she would pipe up in disbelief of the places he told her about but today she sat across from him smiling as he spoke. She didn't seem unhappy, she just seemed to be letting the Doctor talk. Very un-Amy.

"Is there something on your mind?" He asked.
"No, I'm just listening to you. I thought you liked it when people listened to you?" She teased.
"Yes, but when do you ever listen to me?" He raised his eyebrows at her.
"I listen to you all the time!" She retorted.
"Not without interjecting your own opinion. Scottish, that's all I'm saying." He replied.
"Shut your face." Amy laughed. She didn't mean to be so distant. Trying to give the Doctor answers about Rory was difficult since she was still working it out for herself. Their effort of their argument earlier had drained her mentally. All she wanted to do was listen to him speak to her.
"You know I had a family once. Back on Gallifrey." The Doctor said abruptly.
"You... you had a family? Before you were married to River?" Amy felt a pang of jealousy.
"Well, technically River is married to a Teselecta but let's keep that between you and I for right now." The Doctor gave Amy a sly wink. "But yes, long before I met River or you or anyone else I traveled with, I had a family. I was a father. I was a father after that, too. But I lost all of them in the Time War. Well, not Jenny."
"Jenny?" Amy asked.
"A few years ago the TARDIS brought me to a planet called Messaline and some bloke stuck my hand in to a progenation machine-"
"And a progenation machine does what, exactly?"
"It takes DNA from a single person and creates offspring essentially. And that's how I got Jenny. She was created as a soldier. She was brilliant though, you would have liked her."
"Where is she now?"
"She's gone too. She put herself between me and a cross man with a gun who didn't like that I ended a war he thought he could win."
"But if she was your daughter, why didn't she regenerate?"
"She wasn't enough like me..." The Doctor fell silent.

Amy nodded and took a sip of her tea. Across from her, the Doctor was lost in his memories. His grip on his tea mug tightened turning his knuckles white. It had been a long time since he thought about Jenny and even longer since he thought about his own family. He squeezed his eyes shut and tried to push the thoughts away but every one of their faces flashed behind his eyelids. He tightened his grip on the mug again without realizing it causing it to break in his hand.
"Doctor, snap out of it!" Amy clapping her hands in front of his face. His eyes shot open and met Amy's.
"I'm sorry, I just... what's all over the table?" He opened his palm and released the remaining shards of ceramic. Blood flowed from his hand and dripped on to the table along with the coffee and bits of the mug that once was.
"You kind of crushed a coffee mug and now you're bleeding everywhere." Amy said as she grabbed a handful of napkins and pressed them in to the palm of his hand. He winced and tried to pull his hand away.
"I'm fine, it's just a knick." He explained. Amy pulled the blood soaked napkin away to inspect his hand. He had managed to cut himself from the bottom of his palm all the way up to the groove between his thumb and forefinger.
"It's not just a knick, Doctor. We need to get you to a hospital and get you stitched up. Come on." Amy grabbed a handful of napkins as she jumped up and grabbed the Doctor by his jacket sleeve. She pulled him outside and pressed napkins down on his palm again.
"Easy, Pond. That stings you know." He hissed.
"Well, it's the best I can do until we get you to the emergency room." She said.
"Right, yes. Let's take the nine-hundred-and-nine-year-old alien with two hearts to a hospital. That's a really great plan. Your best one in fact." The Doctor replied in a snarky tone.
"Then what do you suggest we do, mister know-it-all?" Amy countered.
"How good are you at sewing?" He asked swatting her hands away from his with his unhurt hand.

"What does that have to do with anything?" She asked, completely baffled.

"You find out. Come on, then." He replied and started walking back they way they came earlier.

They hurried over the few city blocks separating them from where the TARDIS sat. The Doctor burst through the door and sat in the pilot's chair.
"Amy, get my toolbox from the bottom floor." The Doctor instructed. Amy ran down the stairs and returned shortly, lugging the deceptively heavy box behind her. She pulled it the box in front of his feet and opened it.
"Do you keep a collection of bricks in here?" Amy asked as she tried to regain a normal breathing pattern.
"No, just an emergency brick. You never know when you'll need one. More importantly, a needle and thread so if you could find that then we're in business." He replied.
Amy sorted through the clutter of junk he had stored in the box and pulled out a long, silver needle and black thread.
"Okay, now what?" She asked presenting them to the Doctor.
"Now you stitch me up." He replied.
"What? No! I'm not sewing your hand up! Are you mad?" Amy shouted. The Doctor tilted his head and raised his eyebrows at her. "Okay, ignore that question. But you don't really expect me to give you stitches, do you? Tell me you don't."
"I fully expect you to give me stitches so get sewing." He held out his injured hand. Reluctantly, Amy sat in front of him cross legged and laid his hand in her lap.
"This is probably going to hurt." She said as she threaded the needle.
"Thank you for pointing that out as if I didn't know." The Doctor replied sarcastically.
"Did you want me to lie?" She hovered the needle over one end of the cut.
"It would have been nice." He replied.
"Fine. This might tickle just a bit, but try not to squirm to much." She said as she jabbed the needle in to his hand. He jumped and let out a small yelp. "Oi, I told you not to squirm."
"Well this isn't exactly pleasant." He replied through gritted teeth as she made another stitch.
"Don't be cross."
"You try not being cross while a Scottish girl stabs your hand with a needle. Not exactly how I thought this date would end." The Doctor said. Amy wasn't sure if he was still being cross or if he was trying to be funny.
"Since when is this a date?"
"Every time we're together is a date. Isn't that how marriage works?"
"Remember our first date?" She asked, full of nostalgia. "On the Starship UK? I saved you twice. And a star whale. And everyone aboard. Not bad for my first day. Now that I think about it, you were pretty cross then too. Why do I keep sticking by you?"
"I'm not sure. I thought for sure Winston Churchill was going to steal you away. And that was only our second date." The Doctor laughed.
"Don't forget Vincent. He painted me sunflowers! You've never painted me anything. Or even bought me flowers." Amy stopped sewing up the Doctor's hand and looked at him. "Seriously, why do I hang out with you?"
"Because I give you planets and stars." The Doctor reminded her.
"Yeah, but some flowers every once and a while would be nice to. Just a suggestion if you want this marriage to be a happy one." She stuck the needle back in his hand.
"Ouch! Are you about done?"
"Halfway. Remember when we went to that planet with the weeping angels?"
"Alfava Metraxis? How could I forget? We still need need to have a visit with the Aplan!"
"Well, now that I think about it, this is payback for biting my hand."
"You're getting back at me for saving your life by stabbing my hand? That makes so much sense."
"You saved my life by making my hand hurt, I'm simply returning the favor." She shrugged.
"This isn't exactly a life threatening injury."
"You could have bled out if it wasn't for me. And you can thank me for making sure you didn't with some flowers." Amy made one last stitch then knotted the thread.

"Hold up the last bit of the thread." The Doctor said. She held the string up for him and he used the sonic to separate it from the stitches in his hand. He held his hand up and examined the work Amy did.

"I thought about stitching in my name in there too but you barely managed to sit through the stitches you actually needed." She teased as she stood up and brushed herself off.
"I appreciate you not doing that. And for stitching up my hand. I'd hate to imagine what would happen if I didn't have you." The Doctor winked at her.
"You'd be completely helpless." Amy reminded him. "Now let's get back to the flat. It's Craig and Sophie's turn to cook dinner so all we have to do is clean up and if we don't hurry, we'll miss it and have to make our own food. And as an added incentive, I'm a terrible cook and your hand is stitched up so you can't cook."
"Let's get a move on then." He replied quickly.
"Sounds like a plan." Amy returned the collection of junk back to the toolbox and tucked it away.
"Feel better, love." The Doctor said to the TARDIS, patting her console. With his uninjured hand he grabbed Amy's and pulled her out the door. When they step outside, they're greeted by pouring rain. The Doctor and Amy looked at each other and shrugged. Without letting their hands separate they took off in the direction of the flat as fast as they could.
"Not bad for a Sunday, right?" Amy asked.
"Not bad for a Sunday." The Doctor agreed.

(Sorry it took so long to get this chapter up. I had so much work at uni to take care of that I had to take a break from writing this. But now you get two chapters for the price of one. Don't say I never did anything for you guys. I love you!