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Clammier: I do own the chao, the game-players(Bar-Ohki, Mr.Mouthwash, and G'vola), and the 'TV Room' featured in this fic.

A chao for everyone

Written by Bar-Ohki

This story begins in the TV Room at Bar-Ohki's house. Bar-Ohki entered the room and turned on her GameCube to play SA2Battle. She rushed through the first screens and finally got into Chao World.

Bar-Ohki: Who to begin with?

Mr.Mouthwash (her brother) entered the room.


Bar-Ohki: Quick, Shadow or Sonic?

Mr.Mouthwash: The sky! Okay wha'd ya say?

Bar-Ohki rolled her eyes as G'vola waltzed in.

G'vola: Whacha do'n?

Bar-Ohki: Trying to communicate with Mr.Mouthwash.*sigh* And decide who to pick.

Mr.Mouthwash: The atmosphere! Ouch! No! Maria....

G'vola: Try Knuckles.

Bar-Ohki: Sorry, I only have two choices: Sonic or Shadow.

Mr.Mouthwash: Air! Sonikku. Or even better, Omochao!

Bar-Ohki selected Sonic and ran him into the Chao Garden.

Author's Second Note: Bar-Ohki, Mr.Mouthwash, and G'vola are just playing the game. If they say anything the characters in the game do not hear what they say but, if the characters say something the game-players hear. This next scene is in the normal Chao Garden from the character's point of view. Also, the characters have never been in Chao World before. And in this fic it is possible for Amy and Omochao and more than one character to be in the garden. In this fic I gave the chao genders and they can talk. On, with the story!

Sonic entered the Chao Garden and discovered the chao egg. He ran up to it full of curiosity, for he had never seen anything like it.

Sonic: What's this?

G'vola: I don't know.

Mr.Mouthwash/Bar-Ohki: Third Base!

Mr.Mouthwash: I AM THE PEANUT GALLERY!!!!!!!!

Bar-Ohki: Correction, me and G'vola are also part of the 'Peanut Gallery'. Here's my unwanted comment: an egg, Sonikku no baka!

Sonic: AHHHHH!!

At Sonic's scream the game-players turned their heads to see the chao egg violently shake.

Mr.Mouthwash: IT LIVES!!!!!

Bar-Ohki: Calla-te, baka!

Author's Third Note: Calla-te is Spanish for shut-up. Baka is Japanese for idiot. Bakalau (a word that I made up) means stupid-cow-fish (loooong story). Back to the fic!

The chao egg hatched! Inside the shell was a neutral female chao. She saw Sonic and jumped into his arms. She decided that Sonic was her 'father'.

Sonic: You need a name. Oh, what to do?

Nameless Female Chao: Go to the kindergarten! There is a fortune teller who can help you give me a name.

Sonic: !!!!! Um.......were is the kindergarten you speak of?

Nameless Female Chao: Leave this garden and you will see the entrance to it.

Sonic: Oh.............I feel stupid.

Bar-Ohki: That's because you are.

Sonic left the chao garden holding the Nameless Female Chao. He entered the Chao Kindergarten and found the Fortune-Telling-Room. Sonic proceeded to the room still holding the Nameless Female Chao.

Luna: Hello, I'm Luna the fortune-telling chao. I'll give your chao a lucky name. Do want me to name your chao?

Sonic: Yes.

Luna: Your chao's lucky name is...summoning powers to be...PRESTO!!!! How about the name 'Echo'?

Sonic: Sure.

Echo: ^-^ Yeah! I'm Echo!

Bar-Ohki: Echo is who's chao again?

Mr.Mouthwash: Mine!

Luna: Why don't you take Echo to the Health Center? You're bound to find out what Echo's status is.

Meanwhile, in the Chao Loby. Omochao and Shadow entered.

Shadow: Why did I follow you here?

Omochao: Because there is a chao egg waiting for you to hatch it.

Shadow: I hatch this egg, then what?

Omochao: You raise the chao inside.

Shadow:-.- Why do I have to raise a chao?

Omochao: Everyone is going to raise a chao.

Shadow: Oh....

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