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It was past midnight. All was quiet. All was well.

The assassin watched silently, blending into the shadows, as his target slowly approached his field of vision.

One step.

Two steps.

Three steps.

Closer, closer.

The chameleon on his black and orange fedora morphed into a gun. The assassin smirked. He was ready. Now all he had to do was to find the perfect opportunity…

"Reborn. I had the feeling you would be here."

The assassin tightened his grip on his CZ-75. Without a sound, he stepped out of the shadows and allowed the crescent moon to illuminate his face. The dim lighting cast dark shadows across his pale complexion. If possible, it made him appear even more fearsome and sinister.

"I know what you want."

There was a soft but sharp click. "Then start talking." Reborn's voice was eerily cold. He wasn't here to play games. In one smooth movement, he aimed his gun at his target. "Tell me where he is."

The man before him was decrepit from an incurable disease, which was eating its way across the interior of his body. His frail body was kept upright by a metal cane. Despite his sorry state, he managed a weary smile. "Reborn," he said, "What can you possibly gain from my death?"

Reborn narrowed his eyes in warning. "If you do not answer, I will shoot." His terrifying deep voice rang out. The temperature in the alley decreased dramatically, but his target, who seemed oblivious to the tension, chuckled heartily.

"You're just the same as always, my ex-student. As sharp as ever. You want to know where my son is?" The man crossed his arms. "A fine boy, he is, full of potential! Ha…ha… I hope you won't take it badly if I said he may have been a better student than you!"

Reborn raised an eyebrow. "Your son? He has a father, an honorable man, high up in the ranks of the largest, most powerful mafia family. A father who is far more superior to a low-ranked man like you." He intensified his icy glare. "It would be wise to tell me where he is now. Straying from my question will not buy you much more time."

The old man closed his eyes. Glistening silvery teardrops formed patterns down his face. "He's gone," he finally whispered. "I have trained him all I could. It's time he finds his own path to walk."

"Where is he? I'll force it out of you if I must."

"Why? Why are you so desperate for my son?"

Reborn was quiet for a few seconds, deciding whether or not he should answer honestly. Then he said, "Sawada Tsunayoshi is a candidate to be the next boss of the Vongola."

The old man gasped. "B-Boss?"

"Yes. Now where is he?" Reborn glowered dangerously. The man before him widened his eyes with alarm. He knew that voice. Reborn was dead serious. If he did not give a satisfying answer soon…

"J-Japan," the man choked out. "He's in Japan."

"Thank you. We will take good care of him. His real parents will."


There was a single shot.

There was an agonized cry.

Then all was quiet.



Tsuna abruptly sprang from his chair, effectively knocking over both the desk and his chair.

Before he knew it, Nezu-sensei was in front of him, with his hands on his hips. His lip curled with disapproval. "Nero, what are you doing? Why are you shaking?" the teacher demanded loudly.

Tsuna clenched his ink pen with all his strength. With a faint snap, the plastic cracked open. Black ink bled out, staining his palms. Unable to take out any more of his anger on his now-deformed pen, he slammed it against his fallen desk.

Why was he shaking? He couldn't tell Nezu-sensei about his visions. He wasn't going to inform anyone about the mafia anytime soon. Giving up his attempts to find a believable excuse, he bolted out of the door, impetuously leaping over the bags lying around.

"Haha, Dame-Tsuna is shaking because of his low test mark!" a class mate flung at him from behind. Most of the class snickered along. Tsuna hissed out the breath he had been holding. Let them think whatever they want, he thought. He continued to run.

But then the shaking worsened. Beads of icy sweat formed on his forehead, and on his back. His heart began to palpitate. His head throbbed.

I have to go home. I need evidence.


Tsuna increased his pace. Just my luck. Why do I have to get caught by Hibari-san now of all times?

"For leaving class without permission, I'll bite you to death."

Shut up. Tsuna evaded the bloodthirsty Prefect's attacks. "H-Hibari-san, let me go!" The Prefect appeared to be slightly stunned, seeing Tsuna so… angered. He raised his eyebrows.

"Interesting herbivore…" he muttered. Since when was Nero Tsunayoshi giving me orders? He raised his tonfas, preparing to beat up the brunette for his offence. Tsuna veered to the left, before he vaulted over the looming school gates, surprising Hibari yet again. Gripping his tonfas, he raced after his prey.

A few meters ahead of the Skylark was Tsuna, who had silently slipped a knuckleduster on.

He burst into his house and automatically locked the door behind him. By then, the sweat had coated his neck and both his hands. I have blown my cover. I've got a maximum of thirty minutes until Hibari-san is conscious again. He sprinted into his bedroom and frantically groped around the bookshelf. Finally he found the hardcover cookbook. Tucking it under one arm, he bolted the bedroom door and barred it with a heavy couch. When the blacked out window was curtained, he dived under his bed.

The cookbook had a hollowed-out rectangle in the center. It was the perfect hiding spot for Tsuna's laptop. He hastily switched it on and hacked into the Vongola Database.

He wiped his sweaty palms against his already ink-stained uniform. His heart beat even faster.

Please, he silently pleaded, Let Father be safe. Let the vision be just a nightmare.

The page loaded. Without missing a beat, he typed Father's code name into the search bar. He allowed a small smile at how little information the Vongola had of him.

Code Name: The Black Hand
D.O.B: 29 February, year of birth is unknown
Family: Free lance hitman. Retired from the Vongola Famiglia
Occupation: Retired tutor, assassin
Contact Details: N/A
Current Location: Italy
Additional Information: Very little is known about the Black Hand. He became a top notch assassin for the Vongola in 1862. His mission success rate was 99%. The Black Hand retired in 1900 to be a tutor. Not many years later, he left the Vongola to become a free lance hitman. After his retirement, most information such as his personal details were mysteriously deleted from the database. He was also known for being the tutor of the Ninth Vongola Boss's best assassin, Reborn.

Tsuna held his breath as he checked Father's status.

Status: Alive

He closed his eyes, waiting for his relief to sink in. Father was alive. He had a nightmare back in the classroom, not one of his visions…

But his hyper intuition told him otherwise.

"This page has been updated. Please reload the page."

And that, he did. But he wished he hadn't. Ignorance was far sweeter.

He stared at the screen, feeling his blood run cold with dread. So his vision was accurate, and so was his intuition. They were always right, no matter how much he wanted to prove them wrong.

The Black Hand was discovered dead in an abandoned alley an hour ago. He died of a bullet wound to his forehead. The assassination is believed to have been performed by Reborn, whose mission was to retrieve information about Sawada Tsunayoshi's whereabouts.

Sawada Tsunayoshi.

That was his name before he changed it to Nero Tsunayoshi.

The Ninth Vongola Boss's best assassin had killed Father, and they were after him.

Without hesitation, Tsuna rolled out of his hiding spot and snatched his emergency pack. The emergency pack included a large sum of cash, a gun, a false ID card, several lock picks, a change of clothes, disguises, a long rope, wires, food and water. Unzipping the top of the bag, he pulled out the clothes and wrapped it around his laptop. Then he placed it into the bag, along with its AC and solar-paneled battery chargers.

Tsuna glanced at his watch. I've got ten minutes before Hibari-san is back on his feet.

After changing out of his Namimori Middle uniform, he studied the room for the final time. Then Tsuna opened his window and climbed out.

His eyes, now the colour of sunset, looked up to face the blue sky. An orange flame burned on his forehead. His voice was deadly calm.

"Reborn…I won't forgive you for this. I, as Nero Tsunayoshi, will avenge Father with my Dying Will."


WOOT! Did you like it? This is my first time at writing a Dark Tsuna. Oh, and yes, Reborn in this story is evil. Cruel... Merciless... Manipulating...


...(if you don't, evil Reborn will come and eat you.)

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