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All I Ask of You

Chapter One

Blaine and Kurt always just knew when something's wrong with the other. That day, when Blaine got into Kurt's car, he noticed that something was off. Kurt was staring blankly at his dashboard, not even acknowledging Blaine.

"Kurt. Kurt, honey, are you okay?" Blaine asked timidly. Kurt jumped and looked over to Blaine. He stared for a few moments, like he was gathering his thoughts.

"Oh, um, yeah. It's okay, I'm fine." he responded in a rush, all his words spilling out like Kurt had been keeping them trapped in. He flashed Blaine a fake smile. Blaine could tell, from the way his smile was a bit too bright and how much more his eyes and nose crinkled. Blaine, not wanting to pry, left it alone. Blaine knew he had to find the right time to ask.

They drove to the Lima Bean in silence, Blaine holding Kurt's hand; his thumb brushing over his knuckles lightly. Blaine sang softly under his breath to the radio, while Kurt seemed to need all his concentration to keep the car going straight. Every once in a while, Blaine would glance over and have to get Kurt to pay attention again. Fifteen minutes later, Kurt parked the car, albeit a little awkwardly, but nevertheless still fairly well. Blaine all but had to drag Kurt up and inside. He told Kurt to get their table and Kurt looked around in a daze before coming to his senses and collapsing into a chair. Blaine was getting really worried, and decided he would ask after he got Kurt his coffee.

"One non-fat grande mocha and one medium drip!" Blaine announced as he got back to their table. Kurt was staring off into the distance again.

"Earth to Kurt," Blaine said, confused. Kurt glanced up and then down to the coffee his was holding. Up at Blaine, then down at the coffee. He opened his mouth a few moments before he spoke and then finally:

"Sit down Blaine, I'm fine" Blaine eyed him, but let it slide. Now wasn't the time. Kurt had had a few sips of his mocha and soon he was getting back to normal, kind of. He wasn't totally dead anymore, so Blaine figured that that was good.

The sat there, sipping their drink quietly for a while, contented with each other's presence.

"So, Kurt," Blaine began.

"Hmm?" Kurt answered absentmindedly as the inspected his jeans for lint.

"What was- what's going on with you lately?" he finally inquired. Kurt looked up at Blaine quizzically for a little while. He swallowed his mocha and answered quietly, "Wh-what do you mean, Blaine?"

"I mean, you keep staring off into space, you can't seem to concentrate on more than one thing, and you've closed off Kurt. I'm worried. This is the first time we've gone out in two weeks, Kurt. I keep asking if you want to go somewhere, but every single time, you so you're busy." Blaine said gently, putting his head in his hands after he uttered the last few words. Blaine looked up and saw that Kurt looked offended, hurt even.

"I don't know what us not going out has to do with anything, Blaine. It's not like I control what I have to do!" Kurt answered huffily.

"Kurt, please-" Blaine was cut off by one Sebastian Smythe standing in front f their table.

"Hello Kurt, Blaine. I see outré have a little-ah, lovers quarrel." he smirked. "Just so you know, Kurt, I'm still going to be free all this week."

"Sebastian! You know I'm tutoring you. I need the money. We're only practicing you're writing skills!" Kurt reprimanded.

"Practicing, yes." he said quietly. Blaine heard this and shuddered at how he and Kurt used the word.

"Screw you, Sebastian!' Kurt said in his bitch-tone.

"Didn't you already?' he asked with innocent eyes and a smirk on his face. Enraged, Blaine stood up.

"Don't you-" Sebastian put his hands up and started to exit the coffee shop, but not before telling Kurt, "I can't believe you're skipping our 'practice' for this." Kurt gasped and Blaine glared. "If looks could kill…" Blaine thought. Kurt sighed as Sebastian walked out.

"So, Kurt, you're not, um…" he trailed off seeing as Kurt was giving him a look.

"Are you asking if I'm cheating, Blaine? Because that's what you're implying." Kurt said, his voice dropping to his lower register.

"Why so defensive, Kurt?" Blaine was tired of this treatment.

"So now I'm lying?" Kurt asked in his signature bitch-tone. Blaine was shocked. Kurt got bitchy with him?

"Maybe." he said gravely. Kurt looked murderous.

"Blaine Anderson, do you honestly think I'm a cheater and a liar?"

"It all adds up doesn't it?'

"Really, Blaine? I thought you trusted me!"

"I thought I did, too, Kurt." Kurt looked ready for an all out rant, so Blaine intercepted with:

"Look, Kurt. I don't want to do this here. Let's leave and we'll figure this out at home, okay?" Blaine said, again trying not to lose his temper. Kurt looked at him. Normally, Kurt would've been happy to hear Blaine refer to Kurt's house as "home", but he was just not in the mood.


Kurt drove them home. To be honest even Kurt didn't know what was wrong. He figured sleep deprivation, as he'd been staying up really late the past couple weeks with nightmares and panic attacks keeping him up.

"Blaine," Kurt began, sneaking a glance at him before turning back to the road, "I'm really sorry about being so distant. It just-" He looked back at the road again, his eyes drooping a bit. "I've been having terrible insomnia. Panic attacks too."

Blaine's expression softened. He looked over to Kurt and said, "All you had to do was open up and tell me, baby." Kurt smiled and looked over to Blaine.

"Blaine, I-"

"Kurt! Watch out!" Blaine screamed.

He heard a car horn and saw a car swerving into his lane. Kurt tried desperately to turn, but his car only skidded around in a semi circle, slamming them directly into the front of the car that had been barreling toward them. His airbag slammed into him at the same time glass shattered onto everything. There was noise and light flashing. Blaine cried out and that's when Kurt realized that when he swerved, he slammed Blaine into the car. If he hadn't swerved, he would've been the one with the most impact. He was the reason Blaine was breathing shallow, ragged breaths. Blaine looked at Kurt and Kurt was Blaine slumped there in a bloody, mangles heap. He listened for sound from the other car but instead he heard someone yell "Shit!' and heavy footsteps running away. Whoever was in the other car had run away and Kurt didn't think it was very likely that he was going to get help for them. Kurt reached his arm out and began brushing the glass off Blaine and himself. Kurt stayed conscious the whole 5 hours before paramedics arrived.

Blaine woke up in a cold, white, sterile place. "Heaven?" he wonders. "Why does heaven smell like cleaning products?" Someone in white, "Madison" read her nametag, walked over.

'Blaine! You're up!" She said cheerfully.

"Kurt?" he asked wearily, "Where's Kurt?" All Blaine wanted to do was see Kurt, really. He only remembered that Kurt had whispered "Blaine. Please I need you. Please hold on for me. I love you. I love you. I love you." until he blacked out. The nurse's expressions changed from cheerful, into badly hidden pity, and then back to that fake smile Kurt had worn that fateful day.

"He's f- he'll be okay." She answered finally. "I'll be back in a bit with the doctor," she added before leaving Blaine alone with his thoughts. "Why had she hesitated? She sounded like she was about to say he was fine, and then stopped herself. Oh god, what happened to Kurt?" Blaine wondered. The rhythmic beeping of this heart rate monitor soon turned sporadic and the same nurse from before came rushing in with some relaxants. When Blaine's heart rate slowed, she introduced herself as Madison, and the man next to her as Dr. Hunter.

'Blaine, you do remember what happened, right?" Dr. Hunter asked.

"Car crash? The guy ran away? Where's Kurt?"

"Very good." replied Dr. hunter, pointedly ignoring his inquisition about Kurt.

"Kurt. Kurt Hummel. Where is he? I need to see him." Blaine demanded. Madison and Dr. Hunter shared a look.

"Blaine, we'll take you to Kurt, okay?" Madison said. 'We must inform you that although Mr. Hummel suffered less physical damage than you, he's still here at the hospital."

"How- how long have I been here?" asked Blaine.

"2 months, Blaine." Blaine gasped.

"Why was Kurt still here?" he wondered.

When they reached Room 862, Madison stopped and said, "I'll wait outside as soon as you're comfortable, but I'll escort you inside."

When Blaine looked inside, Kurt's room looked like a hotel room. Kurt sat on the bed, still and unmoving. He turned to face Blaine and smiled. He held out his arms for a hug and Blaine gladly accepted. He sat on the bed with Kurt.

"How are you feeling, love?' Blaine asked. Kurt only shrugged.

"How do you like it here?' A shrug.

"And the food?" A smile.

"And Madison? How do you like her?" Another smile.

"Kurt, baby, I want to hear your beautiful voice. Talk please?" Kurt rigourously shook his head no.

"Madison?" She sighed and began, "The paramedics took five hours to get there, Blaine. The guy ran and no one else was on the road. Kurt nevr lost consciousness. He sat there in the rubble with you. He blames himself, you know? When we got there, he was simply saying, "I love you Blaine, please, I love you." over and over. When you didn't wake up, he closed off completely."

"Why is he still here after 2 months though?"

"First, he write that he didn't want to leave without you and second, Mr. Anderson, Kurt hasn't talked to anyone since he got here. He's been completely mute."

"Kurt?" Blaine asked.

Kurt only looked and held a small piece of paper that read "I'm sorry."

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