All I Ask Of You

Chapter Six

As your soul turned black as the sun grows somber.

Kurt awoke with Blaine in his arms. Checking the time, he noted that it was about three in the afternoon. He attempted to wake Blaine, but the boy slept like a rock and just held Kurt closer to him. Kurt decided to assess his options. He could tell Blaine about what Mr. Anderson did to him, or he could keep quiet. The secret was hardening his heart, months with out Blaine had made Kurt weary. Blaine was his sun, without him, Kurt withered. Kurt truly felt like his soul has turned black, like Mr. Anderson's heart.

Mr. Anderson was cold and ruthless, his only goal to hurt Kurt. Kurt was in the way of his perfect dream of his little boy.

"Blaine had a bright future in front of him, y'know. He was gonna take over my business, marry a nice girl, have a few kids, and carry on the Anderson name." Kurt knew he had ruined that.

Kurt wasn't sure what he would do. It hurt him not to tell Blaine everything. Blaine was his everything. Kurt knew he was hurting him, he could see it in his eyes. He hated hurting Blaine like this, but what was he to do?

He didn't have time to ponder his choices anymore because Blaine began to stir and mumble. He yawned and looked up at Kurt with glistening eyes.

"Hi, Kurt."

Kurt paused for a few seconds and looked down at Blaine in awe.

"Hello, Blaine."

The pause didn't go unnoticed by Blaine, but he let it go. He tugged on Kurt's hand a bit.

"Let's go for a walk?"

He posed his statement as a question. Kurt nodded and Blaine slipped on his moccasins; Kurt, his sneakers. They set out, hand in hand, across the hospital.

Blaine was silent was for a few moments and then turned to Kurt. Kurt felt Blaine looking at him, so he turned to look back.

"What were you thinking about earlier?" Blaine asked.

"Oh, n-nothing." Kurt stuttered.

Blaine gave him a pointed look and sighed, disappointment apparent in his big, hazel eyes.

"I-I mean, I was thinking about... About b-being..." Kurt trails off to almost a whisper, "bullied again."

Blaine inhales sharply next to him and says, "Kurt, no one can bully you here in the hospital. It's fine, this isn't high school. I'm here with you."

Kurt sighed heavily. "You-you are now..."

"What do you mean?"

"He-he bullied me when you were... gone."


"Taunted, hurt, threatened..."

"Oh, Kurt..."

"Don't. It's okay." Kurt's eyes watered with this and Blaine /knew/ he wasn't okay. He picked up Kurt's hand and kissed it. He decided to be silent and waited to see if Kurt would continue.

"He hates me, B-Blaine. H-he wants me dead." Kurt sobbed. "I ru-ruined his dream! I hate myself, he hates me, you hate me! It's my fault!" Kurt was on the floor screaming and crying heavily. Blaine fell to his knees and held onto Kurt and he cried. He petted Kurt's hair and whispered sweet nothings in his ear until Kurt stopped crying.

Nurses and patients alike were staring at the scene that just unfolded in front of them. Blaine glared at them and they all pretended to go back to their jobs. Blaine and Kurt's nurse, Madison, walked over and helped them up.

"Blaine, you have a visitor..."

Kurt and Blaine stared up at her. "W-who?" Kurt asked tentatively.

Madison looked nervous as she said, "Mr. Anderson."

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