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As Bertie stood in front of the people, ready to hold his first speech to them, he felt blocked. Even paralyzed. He knew they expected him to speak to them, but the fear itself was making his words disappear and not come out. At least not how he wanted them to come out.

He could hear Elizabeth's breath behind him, feeling how it was restrained and away. Waiting for him, worrying. Pausing as he stood there stuttering, not being able to get out his words. How could she stay with him? When he couldn't even address his people, their people. He felt like a failure in every way.

He didn't need to turn to see her expression; he already knew it was pained. All because of him. He couldn't continue, he just couldn't, and that much he knew. As he got off the stage away from the people, her right behind him he wished he would never have to address them again.

"Bertie," he heard her whisper.

He didn't answer her, how could he. How could he even look her in the eyes, feeling like this, like he had disappointed her. He stopped as he felt her tiny hand against her shoulder and turned to face her. His wife, his duchess, the love of his life.

She looked at him with calm and very loving eyes. He looked back, his eyes shimmering with frustration. He truly hated this. She took his hands in her own whispering, "We'll find a way to get through this."

"I don't see how," he whispered, looking away.

She took her hand and guided his head so he again looked at hers, "Please look at me."

"How can I when I feel I have disappointed you yet again," he said with a sigh.

"You never did, and we'll find a way to solve this, I promise," she whispered in a soft tone.

He nodded, daring to believe her as she was almost always right. She smiled at him, before reaching to give him a kiss knowing that somewhere there had to be a solution to his problem, and she would find it. After all even with the stutter she loved her husband a great deal, and as he held her close she knew as always they would be alright one way or another.

As he felt the woman close to him, leaning his head on top of hers, he knew she as always would find a way, as she could see what he could not. She was always the one to help him through the barriers when he got stuck or blocked. She was his light when all seemed as dark as today. With her everything was possible. And as he kissed her once more his worries seemed to drift away, if not for long, for just then, and in the end that was just what he needed to feel less like a failure.

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