"Undying Requiem"


I was running. You could say it was sort of a... relay for life. Except in literal terms. I felt teeth snapping behind me; open jaws waiting to swallow my flesh and bone. My chest rose and fell at an abnormal rate as I began to wheeze. Still, I refused to slow my pace. The woods were alive as I lightly sprung upon the sodden spring leaves with each step. Courage swelled inside me as I began to sprint even faster, anxious to be far away from the beasts behind.

And suddenly... my body made contact with another, and I rolled to the ground in a tangled mess with a familiar green-haired boy.

"Oh!" I gasped as I clumsily heaved myself back up, brushing the dirt off my shorts. "What are you doing here, N?"

"I was about to ask you the same thing, White." N brushed himself off as well. Was it just my nerves, or was there a bit of an uncanny edge to his voice? His eyes avoided mine, darting side to side in an apprehensive way.

Remembering what I had been running from in alarm, I turned around to find the nightmare-induced enemies gone.

"Impossible." I muttered under my breath, turning back to N. He had a wry half-smile plastered to his face.

"The shadows," he smirked, pointing to the ground, "that's where they've gone. And they weren't going to hurt you," he added with an exasperated sigh, "they wanted to lead you to me. But they weren't supposed to frighten you, or arrive here so fast..." Oh. That explained the previous biting remark. It wasn't hostility towards me at all. Still, I shot him a puzzled look.

"To you...? Why...?" Another battle? But we hadn't battled in ages. I hadn't even seen him since Team Plasma had dispersed. As he was once their king, I would expect N to have vanished completely, too. "And since when does the Shadow Triad travel as beastly Stoutland-like creatures?"

"Since you've become increasingly difficult to find..." He murmured, lost in thought. When did he ever attempt to find me, anyway? "But that's beside the point, hmm? I brought you here for a reason... I need to ask a favor of you."

"What?" Again, I was completely dumbfounded.

"Have you ever heard tales spoken of any other legendary Pokemon in Unova?" N inquired.

"No... except... maybe..." I pulled out three brilliantly shining orbs I had been given long ago. "Do these have anything to do with what you're looking for? Your father... he gave them to me through the Shadow Triad... in human form. I spoke to Professor Juniper and she believes they are linked somehow to legendary Pokemon of another region."

N's eyes widened in delight as gazed at the stones. "Yes! Yes, yes, yes! These are what I've been looking for!" Enveloped in joy, he pulled me into a tight hug. Realizing his mistake, he quickly let go as I felt my cheeks begin to burn in a slight blush.

"But what did you want?" I asked, trying to sound nonchalant. "Are these it?" He gazed at the stones as they glimmered in the moonlight.

"I wish to find these... legendary Pokemon. As you know, my ideals have changed... but I still do not wish to capture them. I only want to speak with them; to witness their immense power and enticing beauty. And... I'd like you to join me. I know your strength well. I believe that with your help, we could find them." His voice was firm and sincere as his smoldering green eyes met mine. "And so I ask of you... White, will you accompany me in finding these creatures of wonder?" N appealed with a slight smile.

I blinked, stunned. Sure, he had 'changed,' but was it entirely safe to travel great distances with him? Then again, he had never been rude or violent towards me in any way. I supposed there was no real harm in going with N. After all, it would be a new adventure – exactly what I needed after about a year and a half of training and an overall bleak lifestyle. And I was sure Shav, my Samurott, would love to stretch his legs in new terrain.

"I'm in!" I smiled back giddily as I mentally sorted out what I would need to take, leave behind, and buy for our journey. N seemed equally delighted.

"Great! I'll meet you in the outskirts of Nimbasa City tomorrow at dawn." At my frown, he quickly added, "I realize it doesn't leave you much time to prepare, but I wish to leave as quickly as possible. For now, I bid you farewell." With that, he was gone – a swift back flip into the trees and I lost sight of him. I pulled out my Unfezant's Pokeball, muttering in frustration at N's sudden disappearance act as I released her. She chirped happily as I patted her atop the head.

"How are you, Choco? Did you know we're going on a journey?" At this, Choco squawked excitedly, jumping up and down while fanning out her wings. "Well, I'm going to need you to fly me to Nimbasa City as quickly as possible. Could you do that for me?" She chirped, determined.

"Good, good. Let's go!" I hopped onto her back as we flew off into the night sky. Flying to towns was so exhilarating... and at the same time, relaxing. Before I knew it, we had arrived. "Thanks, Choco!" I patted her head again gratefully before putting her away to rest for the night. Before I could reach the nearest Pokemon center, I was stopped by a call.

"HEY!" Cheren's voice boomed from the distance. Just lovely. I really hoped this wasn't about a battle. Again. I groaned under my breath. "Hey! How are you?" He huffed once he had reached me, his hand clutching his knees.

"Fine," I replied brusquely. "You?" He seemed to have regained his ability to breathe again, thankfully.

"Really good. Great, actually. But this isn't about me. Where have you been? I was walking in the forest when I thought I heard your voice. And... another familiar one. But I got confused because it sounded like you were in trouble before... so I came... and..." He broke off, genuinely troubled.

Crap. Hopefully he wouldn't realize it was N's voice. I didn't want anyone knowing I would be traveling with a boy... especially mom. Oh man, mom would have a fit. I may be older now, I may have become the Champion, I may have saved trainers and Pokemon everywhere, but none of that would matter much to mom.

"So whose voice was it?" Cheren asked unknowingly.

"No one," I snapped a bit too harshly as I saw his eyes widen a little. Oops. "I mean... you must have just been hearing things, Cheren."

"But I swear I saw you with a guy..." He stopped himself short, then laughed. "Yeah, you're probably right. Anyways... what I was going to ask you is... would you like to participate in a battle train tournament with me? Or maybe watch a musical...? I would like to watch a musical." He blushed, rubbing the back of his head with his hand. I admit, he's attractive... but I've just never felt that way with him. Recently, he had been friendlier and friendlier instead of his usual ambitious rampages, challenging me to more and more "battles," though he hadn't been using his full force – I'm pretty sure he'd been letting me win. Or at least, he thought he was. It wasn't like I had any trouble defeating him before.

"Cheren... I'm sorry, but I have something to do tomorrow. Maybe some other time?" His gazed dropped sadly.

"Yeah... some other time. But what do you have to do tomorrow anyways? No offense, but it isn't like you to be very busy anymore." Ugh. He had me again.

"Just... important things to take care of."

"Are you sure it wasn't that guy?" Cheren stroked his chin, lost in thought. "Oh! I remember now. His name... it's N. I remember now! Wasn't he the king of Team Plasma? Wait... why would you be talking to a guy like that... in the woods... at night?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Don't you even dare think like that." I replied hotly. "He only wanted to talk. It's a long story." Knowing that my answer wouldn't satisfy him, I braced myself for even more questions.

"Wait... is that what you have to do tomorrow?" Cheren asked in dismay. "What are you two doing?"

I sighed in defeat. "We're going to search for legendary Pokemon of another region… to put it as bluntly and, I suppose, childishly as possible."

"What?" He exclaimed. "Can't I come? Why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't know about it until I met with N. And I'm really sorry, Cheren... but I don't think he'd appreciate me inviting you without consulting him first." N never really did like Cheren much, anyway. I wondered why – I never really had a problem with him personally until he started acting like a nuisance, constantly wanting to spend time with me... as a couple. It was extremely unlike him, and I consistently detested it. Cheren sighed.

"Fine. Whatever. I'll see if I can locate and catch them myself, then!" He exclaimed excitedly, to my dismay. "Before you two can. A sort of race. Ha! That'll get under N's skin for sure. Well, goodbye White! Rain check for my date?" Cheren shouted as he walked further and further away. He didn't wait for my reply.

"Sure." I muttered bitterly as I watched him disappear in the distance. I seriously could not believe he had referred to his lame attempt at romance a date, especially after he had blatantly belittled N's idea of searching for legendary Pokemon, dismissing it as a task easy enough for one person. Whatever. I needed to prepare myself both mentally and physically for tomorrow. Tomorrow I would meet N at dawn.

Tomorrow another long-awaited adventure would finally ensue.