Fallen Star

MagicConan14 here. I realise that The Magic League was not that good, as I totally lost the original plotline through all the other stuff. Magic League lovers, I'll make it up to you with this fanfic. This time though, only Kaito gets shrunk and there's no 'Ran joined the Black Organisation' part.

Hehe…I've made the chapter titles parodies of episode names and manga file names!

Disclaimer: As I told you, this is a retry of The Magic League. That automatically means I don't own the characters unless I tell you I do.

Chapter 1~The Great Thief Turned Small

Kaito Kid was just shaking off the thrill of the heist as he soared through the night sky on his hang glider cape. A shooting star was falling and he observed it while he glided. A black helicopter chopped its way through the air behind him and an ominous feeling settled on the thief. He turned his head to see Snake and another man, with an eerily similar face to the first Kid's, using a metal bat to knock him unconscious.

"That meddling thief, getting in the way of our search for Pandora," Snake muttered as he grabbed the thief by his now unusable hang glider.

"Let's use our old friend Sherry's pill on him, that way he won't get in our way ever again," the other man murmured back in reply.

The pill was administered, the door was opened and the thief began his journey to the ground.

Kid woke to find himself falling, fast, very fast. He looked around for the controls, reached for them and found he couldn't. His arms seemed to have shrunk. What had Snake and the other guy done to him? He glanced down, even though his father had told him not to during a trick requiring heights, and saw his tantei-kun below. The last thing he saw before he landed was the shooting star zooming right above his head.

Conan was the person to find himself unconscious this time, but this time under a weight that had the Kid's uniform on it. That weight turned out to be a very unsympathetic boy who he got a sense of déjà vu from…The boy looked like him! He quickly got up and yelled, "Who are you?"

Chapter 2~Kaito, the Strange Kid

"I'm Kaito Kid, don't you remember me, tantei-kun?"

"If that's so, then we'd better move to the detective agency."

Kaito switched his clothes, rolled up his now too big sleeves and followed Tantei-kun.

At the agency, Conan was trying to get the truth from the shrunken thief but realised that it could all be one of Kid's tricks. A flash of the patented Kid smile was probably not enough to convince Conan he was Kid, so Kaito produced his card gun from the folds of his cape and shot a card out the open window, deliberately missing Tantei-kun. It exploded with a loud bang and a puff of pink smoke.

"I'm still not convinced you're Kid."

Kaito copied his tantei-kun's voice, repeating the sentence Conan had just said. "Now that's what Kid would do. You'll have to stay at Hakase's if you got shrunk. If this is a trick, you've outdone yourself, Kaito Kid."

"This isn't a trick, I'm not lying!" The last sentence had been said in his own voice.

"I'm going to keep an eye on you, just in case. Occhan's sleeping and Ran-neechan is with Sonoko at some place or other."

"Hakase, I can't believe it, but Kid is a kid!" He showed his evidence: Kid in his now-shrunken glory and all the gadgets and items Kid had managed to stash away in his cape. What a stupid pun, Kaito thought to himself. "We'll need to know his true identity before we take him in, though," Conan continued.

"Don't give me to the police after there's an antidote, okay? Since I have no choice, I'll tell you I am actually Kaito Kuroba, student at Ekoda High and amateur magician. Of course, the amateur bit of my real identity is false, as shown by my alter ego."

How do you like it? I hadn't noticed, but that (the pun used in the fanfic) was a great pun…that's why I made it only Kaito this time. Kid is a star in his own right. That was inspiration for the title.

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