Chapter 7~ Desperate Detective: Shinichi and Kaito's Return (?!)

Kaito and he (both in teenage form) were in a white empty room. The former was cutting a deck of what appeared to be tarot cards and shuffling it repeatedly as the latter watched. Finally, the thief stopped and pulled out four cards, laying them out before the detective. The four had a black star, a white rose, a golden wheel and a dice. Each had a word on it: 'unlucky', 'romance', 'fortune' and 'unpredictable' respectively.

"Fate is written out in the stars. If you read them, they will tell you your destiny…From these cards, yours has nothing to do with love."


Conan groggily rose in the dawn light, the words dream Kaito told him echoing in his ears. "Why did he have to tell me that in my dreams? …" the chibi tantei muttered before attempting sleep again.


At school, Conan had written out the message dream Kaito had told him. The fact that he'd mentioned that 'fate was written out in the stars' then switched to talking about the cards was strange enough. The detective knew he shouldn't be so worked up over such a trivial thing, but yet he knew it had to have some sort of significance.

Fuyuki peeped over his shoulder. "Oh, this? It's part of something I memorised for a magic show."

…So that's what it was. But still, it was stupid that he'd thought it had any significance at all.


Kaito and Conan were at the Cafe Poirot, the former being a nuisance, the latter asking for tea (just 'cos Sherlock drank it).

"Hey, today's the 29th of August, right?" Kaito queried. Conan gave a nod and a slightly puzzled look.

"That Hakuba yarou {bastard}. It's his birthday today," Kaito moaned.


Hakuba was at the Café Poirot after school, just calmly having a coffee, when he spotted a highly unusual sight: Kaito (as a child), plus that boy he'd met on two occasions …now what was his name? It was some author's name…Ranpo? Ellery? No, he corrected himself, it was Conan.

Kaito had been away for a few days now. Checking in with Aoko a few days ago had proven that he wasn't at home. Maybe Kaito was off on a trip and no one knew about it?

But the more he observed the two children, the more he knew the trip deduction was wrong. He could imagine the children all grown up, one as a detective like himself, one as the one and only phantom thief Kid…

The spiky haired one just had to be Kaito. It seemed impossible in regards to logic, but he had a hunch he was right.

Just like Nancy Drew, he was going to follow that hunch.

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