"Tony, are you crazy?" The question came out as more laughter than statement, her eyes closing as she felt his lips trail over her neck, his hands roaming, untucking her blouse so he could push it upwards and feel the skin beneath her stomach. She gasped, her fingers gripping his shoulders, shaking her head softly. "We have to get back to work."

He pushed onwards, apparently either not hearing her or choosing not to listen for now. One hand continued to move up her stomach, going to trace the fabric of her bra with his fingers. The other came out to begin to wrap around her waist, lifting her so he could seat her on the sink's counter. He went to try and get to her zipper and it was then that Ziva's hand grabbed his to stop him.

"No - no, no, no - come on," he protested, muttering into her ear. "The door's locked, we can be quick, no one'll know." His lips found hers before she could debate with him, sucking softly at her bottom lip. She let herself get lost in the kiss for only a moment before she pulled back, laughing again.

"I am not doing this."

"Please, Ziva." His voice was pleading and he let the hand under her shirt slowly begin to move downward. "You were gone for so long..."

"On a mission, do not use that guilt tripping whine of yours, Anthony DiNozzo."

"... And I was all alone, for two whole weeks..."

"I said stop it."

"I kept thinking about you. Wanting you. And you weren't there to have."

"Perhaps you should learn the power of self restraint," she teased, trying to pull away. His arm wrapped around her, pulling her against him, and she let out a soft hum when she felt his arousal pressing against her thigh. She wasn't sure how kind it would be to send him back out of the restroom in such a state. "Gibbs will know," she muttered, trying to keep her resolve.

"Gibbs is in MTAC and gonna be stuck in there for at least another hour," he said simply. "You were on a long mission. I'm sure Probie's not gonna tattle if we're out of the bullpen for five minutes..."

She snorted, giving him a disbelieving look. "You think we can both finish in five? Or are you planning on using this time selfishly?"

"Is this you hinting you're okay with me fucking you in the bathroom?" he said hopefully, yanking his wrist out of her grip so he could start to push it up her thigh. She let out a soft hum, her head falling back, before she shoved him gently away from her, glaring.

"I am not losing my job because of you. One of us worked a lot harder than the other to get Special Agent status." She hopped down off of the sink, her hand brushing teasingly close to his arousal as she walked by him, a soft smirk playing at her lips. "You may want to take care of that before you come out again. I do not think McGee would let you live it down."

"I hope you know how much I hate you right now," he grumbled, heading towards the bathroom stall, and trying to ignore her laughter that echoed in the room even after she left.