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In this story Elladan and Elrohir are very young, about 7 in human years. They are not yet brave warriors. They are small children faced with a unexpected situation.

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'Ro, Aphado nin! Hortho!' /follow me! Hurry!/ These words were spoken by a very exited young elf, dressed in dark clothing. The elf he spoke to wore clothing a bit lighter but except for that, they were identical. Both their eyes shone with excitement and merry. They were having a lot of fun.

'Dan, daro! Boe i 'waenc.' / stop! we have to go!/ Elladan hesitated, his brother was right, if they wouldn't show up on dinner, their ada would lecture them for the rest of their life but they were having so much fun.

'I naw nîn ben naw gîn, Gwaenc bar.' /I agree, let's go home./ Suddenly he froze, having heard the warning the trees screamed at them.

'Ro? I ven hen delu! Hortho!' /This road is dangerous! Hurry!/ Somewhere behind him snapped a twig. The twins turned around, facing at least ten beings with crossbows bolted towards them.

'Stop! It are mere children. Put your weapons away!' Elladan and Elrohir frowned for they did not understand what the men had said. They had just started learning the common tongue. The stranger spoke again.

'Hello there, could you tell me your names? And where are you from?'

'I- I Elrohir, he Elladan. You?' Elrohir stuttered.

The man smiled 'I am Stuart. I'm the village leader. Are you lost? Where do you live? Your parents must be very worried.'

A slight breeze lifted the hood of Elladan and the situation changed immediately. Some men cried out in surprise and others pointed their weapons to the elflings again.

'Stop! All of you.' Stuart yelled. He watched the two terrified elflings close. 'Who is you're father?'

The twins hesitated with answering, all their senses screaming warnings.

'Speak! For you cannot fight us and we can do everything we want with you. Our patience grows thin. Speak!'

Elladan answered 'Father is Elrond. Let us go! We don't do wrong!'

Stuarts eyes narrowed 'Let you go, because you didn't do anything wrong? Do you know your father is coming to the village? We're going to negotiate about things. Our village could use some extra money. You're coming with us. Get them!'

At his command the man sprang forward. The elflings were ready and fought fiercely yet it wasn't enough, they had only small daggers and were quickly overpowered. A man hit Elrohir on his head with a stick and while Elladan was distracted, he did the same to him. The villagers picked the unconscious elves up and returned to their village. Some of them stared at the elflings and muttered: 'They're mirror images. Must be elven magic. Curse them.'


It was starting to get dark and the twins still hadn't spoken to him. They were disappointed when he had told them they couldn't go hunting yet because they were to young and didn't have the skills yet. Elrond made his way to the dining hall, expecting to find the twins already seated because they were young and seemed eternal hungry.

He was surprised when he just saw his wife in the room. 'Where are the twins, I thought they were with you?'

Celebrían raised one eyebrow 'And I thought they were with you but they're probably with Erestor. Maybe he made them do lines. You know how they are.'

Elrond nodded and tried to hide a smile, he knew indeed. The twins played pranks all the time and one of their favourite victims was Erestor.

The door swung open once more, revealing a very annoyed Erestor. 'Where are those two? I will lecture them for the rest of the century! Putting paint on my chair. When I see them I will…'

'They aren't with you either?' interrupted a slightly worried Elrond 'Didn't they have lessons this morning?'

'Yes they did! But they told me Glorfindel had planned something special, it would take the whole day. I guess they're still with him. He will arrive any time now. You can ask him my lord.'

Those words weren't yet spoken when Glorfindel walked in. 'Erestor! What did they do this time? Why do you have to lecture them when they're supposed to have warrior training?'

'I didn't! they were with you the whole day. Do you remember?'

Glorfindel looked confused and opened his mouth to answer when Celebrían interrupted. 'Peace. They haven't gone to their training? Why not?'

'Aye, they haven't gone, my lady. The twins told me that they had to do lines for Erestor, the whole midday. They muttered something about paint? But if they haven't gone to Erestors lesson and neither to mine, the twins must be making mischief somewhere and they would probably be very proud of themselves, skipping al the lessons. I'll go to their chambers and take them here.' With those words Glorfindel left the room.

Elrond smiled, these two! He would have some words with them about skipping lessons.

Celebrían suddenly exclaimed 'Ai, Erestor! You did make me curious. Paint on you chair? Why would they do so?'

Erestor frowned 'If I only knew my lady, but I had to change cause the paint didn't come off.'

Erestor was rather embarrassed, he hadn't noticed he had sat in paint until some elves started to laugh and suddenly seemed very interest in his backside, where a large stain bright yellow paint was.

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