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In this story Elladan and Elrohir are very young, about 7 in human years. They are not yet brave warriors. They are small children faced with a unexpected situation.

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A year later

'I am Finrod Felagund! I shall kill thou with my sword!' Elrohir ran after Elladan. The oldest twin was making strange noises. He stamped on the ground while he ran away. After a long chase, Elrohir was upon him. Wielding an imaginary sword, Elrohir hit Elladan. Elladan fell on the ground, while crying out: 'Oh thou, mighty Finrod! Thou hast defeated this orc!'

After a few seconds, Elladan jumped up again. 'Now I want to play Finrod Felagund! You may play the orc, okay?'

Elrohir sighted but gave his 'sword' than to his twin. 'I shall show you how an orc dies! I can play dead much better then you, I bet.'

'Ha! Then I shall show you how the real Finrod Felagund fight. I can play him much better then you!'

'Deal! Who is the judge?'

This made the elflings think for a moment. It was, of course, a matter of great importance to find a reliable judge. 'Erestor?'

'No, I don't think so! I've seen enough of the library for the rest of my life!'

It was true the twins had been very often in the library the last year. Only a few months ago, Erestors leg had fully healed and the twins' punishment had finally ended. Nevertheless, they had ordered the library, alphabetically. They had copied more than twelve books, they had dusted the entire library almost every week and they still knew some lectures Erestor had given them when they hadn't dust good enough.

'Glorfindel then, he has seen orcs and he knows how to fight.'

It was decided. They jumped up and started to search. It was strangely silence everywhere. When they arrived at the training fields, nobody was there. When they walked through the main hall, it was all quiet. 'Where is everyone?'

As if he heard their question, Glorfindel walked the hall in. 'Ah, there you are! I've been searching for you everywhere! Come, to the hall of fire. Your father has something very important to tell you!'

The twins looked slightly worried, most of the time if their father had something important to tell them, it was boring or they were being punished for some kind of joke. Silently they walked with Glorfindel through the corridors. 'Go in, your father is waiting.'

The great room was completely empty, except for their father. 'Come in, my sons. I've something to tell you. Sit down.'

The twins did as he said. 'I want to ask you, did you notice something about your nana? Something special.'

The twins nodded, it was Elladan who said: 'Yes! Of course we have noticed something! Nana's belly is huge! You cannot possibly overlook it.'

Elrohir added. 'Yes, and Nana is getting tired easily. And she eats much more then normally.'

Elrond smiled slightly. 'And what do you think is in your mothers' belly?'

The twins chorused: 'A brother!'

Elrohir continued; 'A little baby brother of course! I and Dan have spent many a day thinking of how to play with him. We can play Finrod and orc, hide and seek, climb the tree, the quickest runner and we play warriors who fight wolfs and wargs! Or we can play pranks with him and we can go explore the forest and….'

This was where Elrond stopped him. 'I'm sure you can play a lot a games with her.'

For a moment the twins were shocked. 'Her? The baby is not a brother?'

Elrond chuckled slightly. 'Did you not think the baby could be a girl?'

'But a girl is so… girlish!'

'Yes! Girls always want to play with dolls!'

'or pony's'

'or they want to thread a necklace from flowers.'

'or they want to play Ada and Nana.'

'Or they want to do their hair.'

Then, as if they had decided something, the twins said at the same time: 'Girls are so boring!'

Elrond stood up. 'Please, follow me to our bedroom, your mother and sister are there.'

The twins followed their father, still stunned. When they entered the bedroom they saw Celebrían on the bed. She looked tired but happy and in her arms laid a small bundle. Carefully, the twins came closer until they could see their little sister. Small blue eyes looked at them and on they could already see some of her dark hair, the same colour as theirs. 'She is so small!'

Elladan touched her cheek very careful, afraid that he might hurt her. Two tiny hands shot from the bundle and grabbed his finger. 'She is beautiful! What is her name?'

Elrond looked at his wife. They had already chosen a name. 'Her name shall be Arwen Undomiel, the Evenstar of her people.'

The end.


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