Elizabeth Bennett

I wasn't hungry.

They believed me,

And in the end,

I suppose I believed myself.

It was that cat.

This is when you know there stupid.

I don't even have a cat.

And then thin red line

Is obviously not a cat scratch.

But I shouldn't be complaining.

I wanted to die,

And if they had known,

It would have been a lot harder.

I would have been in therapy

A l o t s o o n e r.

I wouldn't have felt

The sweet relief of metal

Or the pretty pang of hunger

As often as I did.

I did it to be beautiful.

I refused to eat the food

Because maybe,

Just maybe

Then they'd accept me.

And honestly?

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

Why did I do it?

When I failed to be beautiful,

It was the last thing I could think to do

I cut as deep as I could

But it wasn't deep enough.