Something New was only supposed to be a one off, but then I decided to write a second half to it. I hope you like!

I can't get the other night out of my head.

Lauren is at the bar talking to Trick and I have to say she is looking even hotter than normal – and that's saying something.

I've resisted long enough, so I make my way to her and interrupt them, "sorry Trick, but I need to borrow Lauren."

Taking her hand, I lead her outside. Pushing her against the side of my car I press my body against hers and grind my hips, which earns me the sexiest moan. "I'm going to take us back to your place, I want to take you to bed."

In no time at all, Lauren is trying to open her door while I press myself against her, kissing her neck. "Babe, I think I'll get this open quicker if you stop distracting me."

I let her go long enough to open the door and step inside. Then we're kissing, hot and hungry as we stumble towards the bedroom, undressing as we go. When we reach our destination I kneel down in front of Lauren, kissing her stomach as I slid her panties off. I lean back on my heels and enjoy the sight of naked Lauren, so damn beautiful.

Standing up I back away, a look of confusion crosses Lauren's face as I move towards my goal. When I open the top draw Lauren's eyes widen and then her whole face lights up. Taking the harness I move back towards her, "help me with this."

Silence fills the room as I step into the harness and Lauren helps me with the straps. Once everything is in place I take a few moments to get used to the sensation of wearing the strap on.

I thought I would feel silly wearing it, but as I look down at the dildo the thought of what I'm about to do turns me on. When I look back at Lauren she is obviously having similar thoughts as she licks her lips and swallows hard.

Lauren takes my hand and leads me to the bed, I gently push her onto her back and I lay down beside her. I can never get enough of her, so I take my time exploring her body with my hands and mouth.

The sounds she makes as I taste her drive me crazy, she is so damn wet. When she whispers my name as she arches her back I move back up her body and kiss her hard.

Breaking the kiss, I take one of her hands and guide it down to the dildo. I don't want to hurt her, "I want you to guide me ok?"

She spreads her legs a little more and with her other hand on my hip moves my position so I'm on top of her. She guides the dildo closer to her opening, "you won't hurt me, just go slow to start with."

As the dildo enters her, Lauren lets go of it and gently grips my other hip. I let her control my movements and I'm mesmerised by her. As I enter her further with each thrust, she gasps, her skin becoming more flushed as we never break eye contact.

Our bodies become still for a moment and I can't resist leaning down to kiss her, compared to our earlier kisses it's quite chaste.

Slowly, gently I begin thrusting my hips, the sensation of the harness grinding against me with each push and pull driving me crazy. Our bodies are soon slick with sweat as we move together.

Lauren's hands seem to be everywhere, caressing, teasing my body. When she moans my name I'm lost and I can't hold back any more. Reaching down I take her hand and interlace our fingers. I move to support myself on my elbow, our hands next to Lauren's head, palms pressed together.

I use my other hand to caress Lauren's body as I begin thrusting my hips faster, earning the sexiest moan each time our bodies come together. We've soon settled into a rhythm, the pressure of the harness sending me hurtling towards orgasm.

It only takes a few more thrusts and Lauren is coming, whispering my name as her back arches up off the bed. At the sound of my name I'm lost in my own orgasm. My thrusts become hard and irregular and we come a second time before Lauren wraps her legs around me waist, stopping all movement.

Our ragged breathing fills the room and Lauren holds me in place, my weight pressing down on her. "Am I too heavy?"

She brushes her lips against mine, "no, I love the feel of you against me."

She kisses me again, this time with more passion and we begin again.

The End.