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It was rare when the estate was quiet. Even rarer still when the lights were out. But it had been so for the past couple of nights and Fenris was starting to get curious. Hawke had been postponing their reading lessons now for a week, and despite all his efforts to actually get in without being caught during the day, that damn rogue had always managed to grab him around the waist and drag him off, insisting on getting something from the market. It was getting maddening to say the very least. And today was no exception to the rule. As he started to open the door he was always welcome in, it was yanked from his hand and there was suddenly a lean muscled body barring his entrance.

"Hawke..." There was a warning tone in his voice as his arms crossed over his slim chest. At the very least, he wanted to browse the other man's library again to see if he could practice reading alone.

"Fenris, what a wonderful surprise! I was just about to come looking for you!" Strong, gloved hands spun the elf around effortlessly and started gently pushing him away from the estate and toward the Hightown Market, despite the odd sound from the building they were leaving behind.

"I'm sure you were," he muttered, rolling his shoulders to get them out of the other's grip as he shifted to the side to walk beside him instead. His curiosity was starting to get the better of him and he didn't know how long he'd let Hawke continue to manhandle him this way.

"I was! Really! I was told the exact time someone would be done baking and we're going to get some of what they're baking!" The cheerful, often sarcastic voice of the taller male made Fenris's shoulders round out a little and he gave up his idea of breaking into the mansion yet again. At least for today.

"Fine...but you're buying me a book." Giving him a sidelong glance, one brow raised, he was met with a cheerful, willing smile. Nodding just a bit, he looked around the market to try and find out just what Hawke was going to be buying him and came up with a loss. All he could see were the usual merchants. Hubert of the 'fine goods' as he called them, which were really just an expensive version of the shop's next door, the weaponry, the armory, and the slightly controversial robe shop that Jean Luc ran that was really just a stone's throw away from the chantry itself were all he could see, at least until the massive red-clad chest stopped him from moving.

"Stay, right here, okay?" Somehow the enthusiastic grin on the human's face made Fenris nod just a small bit, and he watched as Hawke sprinted away from him and up a set of stairs to disappear around a corner. It still amazed him how such a large man could be so light on his feet, and so gentle in touch.

But that wasn't what he wanted to think about right now. He didn't need to remember the hours spent with Hawke just a few nights after Hadriana's death, didn't need to think about how he craved each and every brush of the other's skin against his own. It terrified him, how much he wanted, and it wasn't going away, anytime soon. He was quickly coming to realize that the only thing that would make this urge go away was to be with the other man again, but that, too, scared him like nothing else.

Scared him, because he realized that it wouldn't be enough. Nothing would be enough unless he stayed with him.

He was abruptly startled from his thoughts as something steaming was lowered down in front of him, the arm under it showing the rogue had once again gotten behind him without his knowledge. The smell of cinnamoned apples made his mouth water almost immediately and he gazed at the pie in Hawke's hand almost longingly. "...I do not think this is going to last very long," he murmured, gaining a soft laugh right next to his ear that caused a tremble to run up his spine. Lifting both hands, he took it by the edges and gracefully turned and backed away from the rogue at the same time. "Let's go to the mansion we may enjoy it."

Hawke's grin was nearly his undoing, and he nearly lost the pie as the other man slung an arm around his shoulders so they could walk back to Fenris's mansion instead. His curiosity could wait another few hours surely, and then he would find out just what they were up to that they were keeping him from.

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