Based off of the MainstayPro Finnick and Annie Web Series. Takes place shortly after Episode 4: You've Changed a few weeks before the reaping, and will go until after Episode 6.

The Capitol woman ran her hands over my shoulders again as I attempted to button my shirt, sliding the shoulders just out of place so I had to shrug them back up.

"Couldn't you stay just a little longer?" She chirped in that ever more annoying Capitol accent.

I turned to look at her over my shoulder and gave her my fake 'charming Finnick' smile, my 'Capitol Finnick' smile, "I'm sorry. I really do have to go. Fish don't hunt themselves," I joked. I didn't have to work today. I just wanted to get out of here. I needed to be at the beach…

She laughed in a high pitched annoying ring, "Of course not." I looked her over as her body shook with laughter. All the Capitol women just started to looks the same, although they were drastically different. I guess that's what the similarity was. The unnatural skin tones, the vibrant hair colors, the all too straight teeth. I couldn't imagine it being attractive anywhere but the Capitol.

I stood and bowed in front of her, kissing her hand, "I bid you adieu." With another Capitol Smile and a wink, I left the room.

This hallway, this train, had become all too familiar to me of late. It made my skin crawl. And that room, so many woman had passed through there by now it would make any man sick, but it was worst of all when I spent my time there alone, traveling to the Capitol for Games and Victors Tours. It had become a novelty to the Capitol women. This is where the Famous Finnick Odair made his journey to becoming the youngest Victor in the history of the Games.

Although I had to admit I was grateful that it kept them from my house.

I got off the train and began jogging for the beach. I checked the watch on my wrist. I should have met Annie an hour and a half ago. That annoying woman simply wouldn't let me go. I picked up my pace.

When I got to the beach, panting, Annie stood near the shore, arms crossed, a smile teasing at her lips. She had been much less upset since the other day, especially when she knew where I was, but there was a part of it that would never sit right between us.

I bend over, putting my hands on my knees to catch my breath and she laughs.

"So what was she like this time?" Annie asks, in a voice attempting lightness as I sit down in the sand.

"Aweful," I tell her, reaching out to grab her hand as she comes to sit next to me.

"Purple again?" She laughs.

"Turquoise," I chuckle back. I really had no idea where these Capitol people came up with these things.

"You were there for a long time," She was still trying to stay light, like she wasn't upset with me, but I could hear the doubt in her voice.

"I think I slept through part of it," I say, trying to lighten her mood again. She cracks a smile, but continues to look down, playing with my hand in hers. "You know, Annie, we don't have to talk about this." I remind her, stroking her hair back with my free hand. She doesn't say anything. I know this is hard for her. I know I can't give her everything I want to. I can't be the best friend, or the perfect boyfriend. Not as long as the Capitol controls me. I sigh. "I wanted you to be my first," She looks up at me, her eyes hold surprise, "and my last." I guess we'd never really talked about it. We never really decided to be dating. One day we were best friends, the next I was kissing her goodbye on the beach before I left for an interview in the Capitol.

"Why Finn?" She asks, a little crease forming between her eyebrows.

I'm shocked, and my hand tenses in hers, "How could you ask that?"

She looks down again, "I'm not special, Finn. I'm not like those girls in the Capitol, with money, and wit, and-"

"And I don't want that," I tell her forcefully, squeezing her hand, trying to get her to look at me.

"I'm just a little merchant girl from District 4. What makes me so special?"

I grab her chin with the tips of my fingers, to turn her towards me. When her eyes lock on mine I smile, "Tying a bunch of fancy knots practically makes you a capitol citizen, remember?"

She smiles, and I see it in her eyes. I kiss her gently, and wrap my arms around her, holding her safe against my side as the sun sets over the water.