Jesse Aarons was the most successful story writer of all time. His stories about a magical land called Terabithia and his drawings were sweeping the nation, but he was not happy. He had no close friends and he would give up everything to have Leslie Burke back in his life. This is what Jesse was thinking when he opened his front door. He was met by the strangest man he'd ever seen. His hair looked like that of the rich, yet his clothes were disgusting, his teeth were perfectly white yet couldn't have afforded a toothbrush. The man dropped a picture then ran off. Jesse looked at the picture only to be blinded by a bright light. Suddenly he was falling, falling, and falling. Jesse suddenly landed in his old bed that he had when he was eleven Jesse looked at the picture; it was of him and Leslie happy together. He looked in his the mirror and did not see the 47 year old writer he should; he saw his old 11 year old face and realized the picture had brought him through time. Then he realized that meant he would get to see Leslie again. Jesse checked the date it was April 7! Yes he had a full week with Leslie! He ran off over to her house and knocked on her front door. She opened it and he grabbed her by the hand and took off for Terabithia. "Jess what's the big surprise?" Leslie asked after he told her he had a surprise. When they got there he showed her all of his drawings of Terabithia. She found them amazing and decided. Over the next 7 days they spent hours together, he couldn't get enough of Leslie. On April 13 he hugged her and almost told her everything but he realized that she would find him crazy. He would just have to work around time. "Hey Leslie why don't you meet me at my house at 7:30 and we can hang out," he said as it began to rain. "Ok Jess but don't bail on me," she answered in her special way of answering him. "Wouldn't dream of it," he said feeling a pain. "Now you get some sleep Jesse Aarons you look terrible she said. He drew one last picture of her surrounded by hearts and planned to give it to her tomorrow. When he woke up he looked at his watch and in horror saw that it was 8:30. Leslie might have come and now she could die he ran downstairs and got ready. When he ran into the kitchen for breakfast he saw Leslie eating a bowl of cereal with Maybelle. "When I said to get some sleep I didn't mean this!" she said laughing. "Jess someone just phoned for you!" Maybelle called from the other room. Jess picked up the phone and said "Hello who is this?" "Hello Jess it's me Miss Edmunds how would you like to come to an art museum with me?" Miss Edmunds asked. "I don't know I'm with a friend right now Jess answered. "It's isn't it why don't you invite her along?" Miss Edmunds asked. "Ok come out here at 10 bye," he said hanging up. Jess was about to give Leslie the picture when she saw the photo that brought him here he picked it up and P.T. grabbed it and swallowed it suddenly Jess was falling again he knew he was going back to his original time without Leslie. Suddenly the strange man appeared next to him. "Send me back I never want to lose her again!" Jesse yelled over the howling wind. "I'm sorry Jess but that was a one-time thing it can't happen again," the man said not showing any sorrow. "You're lying you just don't want me to be happy but I'll find a way just you see!" Jesse screamed and with that he jumped into another time vortex. "Well he won't be happy there that's the place if he was never born, that will teach him a lesson." laughed the man. "Jess learn to look before you leap," and with that he decided he wouldn't let Jess out for 3 weeks. "Who's laughing now Jesse Oliver Aarons!" he screamed.