Title: Solution

Pairing: Sephiroth/Cloud

Rating: PG-13

Warning: cross-dressing

Sephiroth had waited patiently at the door to his bedroom, but finally had enough. Cloud closed himself there thirty minutes earlier, saying he would solve Sephiroth's problem. Read: "Find someone to go with Sephiroth to ShinRa's official party". Honestly, as if he needed a girl. Why couldn't SOLDIER's exams be sooner? Like in the last month? With Cloud as a Third nobody would dare to say anything...

The door opened slowly and Sephiroth's breath quickened, a pink flush spreading on his cheeks. Cloud was standing before him dressed in a beautiful dark-violet dress, wearing heels. He even had managed to do something with his hair; it was framing his face, the longest strands lying on his shoulders. And was that... lipstick?

"What do you think?" asked the cadet in higher, quieter voice, blushing. Sweet Shiva, he looked amazing, and if the General didn't know better he would have thought Cloud was a real woman.

Instead of answering, Sephiroth grabbed Cloud by his arms and threw him onto their bed. He had better things to do now than going to ShinRa's dinner. Like finding if Cloud had bought panties...

A/N: I know that this prompt was used in every way but I always wanted to write a Cloud in a dress and I admit I did it shamelessly.