"I'd hate it if you made it"

For the past month, there had been an overwhelming number of visits from the two fairies of east and west. They're appearance had become quite constant that they were given privileged to stay in the manor, but unfortunately, they refused.

"We have been coming here for a number of times" Erza stated, drinking from her tea.

"However, we have our own kingdoms to look after when we take the throne…so, no"

"Whatever" Natsu snorted and lied back down on Lucy's bed.

The three of them have become good friends, especially the boys. They had made sure to have a good battle when it was the hour of Natsu's unwinding. Erza, being the mediator if things ever get too hot or cold.

As for the moment though, there are no battles and free time. Lucy has been called to the Main Castle by her father, and was gone for a good number of three days.

"When we'll she return!" Natsu groaned, sniffing Lucy's pillows. They smell like her, and for some reason that was comforting.

"If you miss her, just say so, we can always get Virgo to deliver it. She was left for you" Gray suggested, eating a pastry. Natsu looks up at him, his eyes squinted with concentration.

"Why would I miss her? I just want my hours of freedom"

"Sleeping in her room every night… asking Virgo of what she may be doing… complaining everyday as to when she returns…I doubt that's the only agenda" Erza countered, a smile on her face.

Natsu gives her a glare, and quickly hides his face. In that instant, Erza laughed. She knew she was right, and he knew it too.

A few moments later, Virgo makes her appearance with a tray of food addressed to Natsu. Her face showed a smile.

"Master Dragneel…" she calls. Natsu looks up at her, his face still pale pink.

"I've heard news that the lady would be returning here shortly" She smiled "Today"

"Great! I though she wouldn't return!" Gray suddenly rose from what he heard, a grin on his face.

"Well, if she didn't return today, it would be a disappointment" Erza also stands from her seat, tea already finished. Both stretched and began to head out. Natsu was left dumbfounded.

"Hey! What's today?"

Both looked at him as if he had grown another head.

"You seriously have no idea?" Gray asked.

"She didn't tell you, huh?"

"What's going on?!" he asked, annoyed that he was kept in the dark of something.

"It's the Lady's Birthday" Virgo announced, a sudden pile of streamers in her hands.

The day went on with preparing. Virgo, with Mini and Gemi, putting up decorations in the ballroom. Cancer, helping out with Erza's hair. Aries, making sure the food is set. Lyra, handling music. Everyone was busy. That is except Natsu.

He sits on the corner, observing everyone's movements, no idea of what he should do. That is, till he saw Gray.

"Hey, any place where the sun doesn't shine? Don't want this melting while the birthday girl is still out" In Gray's hand was a rose that seemed to be of different colors of petals. What's unique about it was, it's made of ice.

"Here" Aquarius waved him over to a corner where she placed her vase with cold water.

"Thanks" he smiled, placing the rose.

"So that's your present?" Erza asked.

"Yeah, what's yours?"

"This" Erza reequips into an armor designed with heavenly stars. On its right shoulder blade was a cluster of the little twinkles which carries out a cloth all the way to the hip, where it's tightened. The cloth continues to the legs, leaving a slit on the side. The very colors were blue and yellow.

"Nice" Gray smiled, and then looks at their other companion "What about you?"

"…." Natsu remained silent.

"Don't tell me you don't have a gift?"


"Well, she did bind you, its fine not getting her one…."


Annoyed, Gray's smile turns to a frown "Silent treatment huh? Fine" he walks off, helping Aries out with getting the punch set.

What he didn't know was the dragon Slayer was already in deep thought.

'Gift…what am I getting her?'

While the others busy themselves in making sure everything was set. Natsu heads to the kitchen where he decides what he gets the princess.

"Should I cook? Make a cake? How do you cook? Does a cake have meat in it?" different mumbles came to his head till he gets hit by a book from a high cabinet. There Plue makes his appearance.

Natsu looks at him with curios eyes.

"What are you?" he asks the white creature.


"What's a Plue?"

"Plue!" the little one jumps of the cabinet and lands on the kitchen counter, another shout of 'plue'.

The Dragon Slayer had no idea what the little creature want, but as soon as he noticed the book, he grinned.

"It's a cake book!" he grinned.

"Plue!" Plue began to nod.

"Alright! Come here cake!" he opens the book and searches for a unique one.

"Plue?" the little guy sits down next to him as Natsu found his ideal cake.

"This! Flame cake!" he grins as he shows Plue. The little creature just nods and does a weird dance.

"Alright! Now how do we do this?" he began to read "What's flour? Don't you need flames to make a flame cake?"

"Plue…" the little guy looks at him with disbelief.

"Whatever, let's just get started!"

Soon enough the carriage arrives, and out goes a very down looking Princess. Beside her were Loke and Taurus. Both seemed depressed as the princess.

Even as they arrived silence dooms the three as they stood idly on the front porch of the manor.

Feeling uneasy of such silence, Loke leans in to whisper something into Lucy's ear.

"It's your Birthday, I'm sure this grief can be dealt with in another day?"

"Yes, The Lady should be moving her hips on the dance floor rather than hugging her knees against her chest" Taurus tried being serious in a non perverted matter.

It took a whole minute before a sigh escapes the Princess' lips and then turns to a smile.

"I guess you're right…"

As the two assist in opening the doors, her eyes grew wide with surprise.

"Happy Birthday!"

Everyone was cheering for her, as Gray takes her hand and leads her to the Ballroom where everything was set up.

Streamers hung on the ceilings, Aquarius had made water dance around the rooms, flying as if they had life.

As Gray led her to the center, he hands out his gift. Lucy's eyes went wide.

"Is this…?" she didn't need to continue as he nods with a smile.

"Take a sip" he insisted, and so Lucy breaks a petal, places it in her mouth and enjoys its sweet pleasure.

"I love it when you make these" she grins. Gray had a knack for making iced Candy for Lucy and turning them into shapes; it's one of Lucy's favorites that she rarely gets to taste. Due to the fact, he has to travel all around Fiore just to get the different flavors.

"Happy Birthday" he kisses her cheek and gives her a hug. Their moment didn't last long as Erza presented her gift.

"Wow… Armor…" Lucy gave her a smile. It wasn't uncommon for Erza to give armor. For the past decade, she had a collection of numerous designed armors from the Warrior so it's not surprising she's giving another.

"Not just that….there's an addition this year" Erza hands out a rectangular box. Now this was the surprise. Flipping the lid open with much anticipation for getting a different gift, Lucy couldn't help but grin.

"A whip?"

"An extending whip" Erza smiled "It could be handy at times"

"Thank you" Lucy hugs her tight "One of the best gifts ever"

"What about mine? Don't leave me out" Someone complains. Lucy turns her head towards the familiar voice and smiles.

Natsu was holding out a layered cake designed with flamed-shaped icing with a happy birthday at the base.

Lucy moves towards him.

"You got me a gift" Lucy was in disbelief.

"Of course!" pale pink tinting his cheeks as he exclaimed "they were getting you one…and they seemed to left me out…and then…" his mumbles lowers in tune, and Lucy couldn't help but smile as she stares at the cake.

"May I?"

"Well duh, it is your cake"

Using her finger, she grazes into the icing and dips it into her mouth. Her cheeks also tinted with pink from delight.

"You didn't make this" she suddenly asked, arms crossed to her chest.

"I, uh…Well… you see…no…." he bows his head "he did…." He points out to Plue who seemed to have thought of the punch bowl as a bath tub.

He was expecting some sort of punishment, such as embarrassment. However, instead of that, he heard a giggle.

He looks up, wanting to ask her if she was ok. The others had given her handmade gifts; Made by them. And he couldn't even bake her cake himself.

Taking the cake of his hands and placing it on the table, she then takes hold of his wrist.

"Let's Dance"

With that, Lyra began to play. And soon, everyone had gotten a partner and began to dance to the catchy tune.

Natsu wasn't a bad dancer, but he did stumble a lot. He still didn't understand.

"How could be happy when I didn't exactly gave you anything?" he asked, unable to take the confusion.

Lucy stops her spinning and looks at him with a smile.

"You didn't make it, but you gave it to me" she reasoned.

"Yes… But…" he was shushed with her finger on his mouth.

"It's from you, so it's yours"

He stared at her as she dances again.

"Besides…" she added "I'd hate it if you made it"

This got him looking at her with a glare "Why?"

"Because that meant that everyone gets to eat the cake…" she looks at the cake being ravaged by Gemi and Mini "And I'd want it all to myself"

"So it was a good thing…?" he began to dance. Spinning her around more cheerfully.

"Definitely" that got him to sigh out and relax. Lucy noticed and had a hunch she just had to ask.

"You burned the cake you made yourself, didn't you?"

This got him stiffening for a second before denying accusations. Unfortunately his denials didn't last long as Loke was heard from the kitchen.


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