The Beech Hill Museum Newsletter


According to the epigrapher at the Beech Hill museum, Henrik van der Hune, there is more to the Pacal carving theft.

A devious plot has been made by someone desperate to break open the monolith recently acquired by the museum.

The monolith, according to the notes on Van der Hune's ZEA disk, is the tomb of the Whisperer of Silent Secrets, the scribe of King Pacal. The tomb also kept in the secrets that would have been discovered otherwise.

The monolith is also said to have a mechanism within this mechanism to let out the Whisperer's soul as well as being able to be opened from the outside.

The six keys to open the tomb, thought to fit in a cube, were scattered throughout the Mayan world to keep the monolith "tomb" from being opened.

Van der Hune was trying to acquire all of the keys first. The Pacal carving was said to be one of these keys.

More information to come.