A/N: This is a side story to The Ascent of Haruhi Suzumiya. It's a good thing both stories are free, otherwise me making them separate would be a total ripoff!

"It's here! It's here! It's finally here!"

Konata Izumi had never been more excited in her entire life.

"What's here?" Her younger cousin, Yutaka, sleepily poked her head through the doorway to Konata's bedroom.

"Only the biggest leap in gaming history since the Wii!" She gave her trademark cat smile. "It's called SBURB, and my friends and I will be playing it starting today, so don't expect to hear from me for a week or so."

"Um... Okay?" Yutaka shrugged. "I'll probably be spending most of that time in Minami's house anyway. But who knows?" She laughed. "Maybe we'll see you anyway. Our lives seem to be full of stupid coincidences like that."

"Wake up, Tsukasa! We're supposed to be meeting Konata at Gamers in half an hour!"

Tsukasa Hiiragi slowly sat up and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. "Coming, sis!"

Downstairs, her twin sister Kagami was waiting impatiently by the front door. Although she often failed to understand what Konata saw in most of the games she played, and had on several occasions theorized that she just played them because they were there, the new game coming out today sounded interesting to both of them, and even Miyuki had expressed a desire to play it with them.

"Hey, Hiiragi!"

Unfortunately, it seemed that the group's plans for the day might have to wait.

"What is it, Misao?" Kagami sighed. "And more importantly, who said you could come in?"

"Oh come on!" She laughed loudly as she slapped her friend on the back. "Are you seriously telling me that I'm not allowed to just wander in here whenever I want, especially when I have a feeling that something terrible is going to happen at my house?"

Kagami raised an eyebrow. "That's..."

"Also, I brought Ayano too."

Kagami stuttered incoherently before finally giving a defeated sigh. "Fine, you can stay here." She said. "Just don't expect to see me or Tsukasa that much. As a matter of fact..." She turned her head to see her younger sister fully dressed and trying very carefully not to fall downstairs again. "We'll be leaving now."

Neither Kagami nor Tsukasa were surprised to find Konata waiting for them at Gamers, considering how excited the smaller girl had been about SBURB. What truly surprised them was that Miyuki Takara was also waiting for them there, and that she had apparently been there even longer than Konata.

"It's a little embarassing..." She admitted. "But I actually thought that we were meeting at 10am as opposed to 11am, so I came here an hour early! By the time I realized my mistake, Miss Izumi was waving at me from a few yards away. But in the end, no harm was done, right?"

"Right!" Konata gave her an approving thumbs-up. "Now let's get inside already! Who knows how many copies they've sold while we've been standing here?"

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