I Tried: Re-made.

Authors note: I decided to make this better ^^ so enjoy.

Leafpool trotted through the undergrowth, her breath coming in ragged gasps. Her belly weighed her down like a stone.

I must tell him.

She neared the Windclan border, the scent markers hung in the air, their scent washing over her tongue. Leafpool sat at the border, her tail curling around her paws. Her belly bulged slightly. She could feel her kits squirming inside of her; they were getting restless. Leafpool looked around, her amber eyes full of worry.

Maybe he won't come

The thought flashed across her mind, posining all other thoughts of hers, until that was all she could think of. Her pelt prickled, and he tail lashed with impatience.

Then his smoky-gray fur caught her eye as he padded out from behind a fern on the other side of the border. His side of the border.

"Crowfeather." Leafpool breathed as he stepped up to the border.

"What is it Leafpool?" A growl rumbled in his throat, yet his eyes reflected her sadness.

"I have something to tell you-"

"Nightcloud's expecting my kits, Leafpool. We can't see each other again." Crowfeather's voice cracked on again. Leafpool's mouth gaped as she stared back, her eyes clouding with grief and sorrow.

"I see." She was having a hard time keeping her voice steady. Crowfeather gave her a small nod and turned back around, his smoky gray tail the last thing she saw of him as it disapeared into the heather.

My heart was burning as I walked from her. Sorrow weighed my paws down like stones, my claws digging into the peaty soil of Windclan terriotry. I loved her so much, I loved everything about her. Her tabby pelt, her warm amber eyes, her soft voice, but my Clan no longer trusted me. Nightcloud was my only hope, she was a beautiful she-cat, but she wasn't for me, and she knew it. I never wanted her like I wanted Leafpool, or even Feathertail. My heart felt as if it were on fire, burning away to nothing but ash that would blow away in the wind as I walked. I looked at the sky, searching for Starclan. It felt as if they had abandoned me. One day we'll be together, one day...


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