A/N: So... I was watching a So You Think You Can Dance? marathon and saw that choreography with Jeanine and Phillip with the chains, and remembered how madly devastated I was last year for not going to Kanye West's concert at SWU (I saw on TV, tho. God bless Multishow, even though I was like "this is fucking happening 6 kilometers away from me D:") and how I adore Kanye's lyrics and the beat of his songs.

Love Lockdown is one of his strongest and I LOVE it. The beat is INSANE, I've been listening it the hole morning. I had to write. I don't know where it came from - the scene-, I wrote in ten minutes or so and I love and hate it.

Characters are not mine. If they were, we'd be swimming in Malo love already.

Sorry for my grammar mistakes, English is not my first language blablabla.

Love Lockdown

"Now keep your love locked down
You lose"

Kanye West



Her heart is beating in her head.

Tum-tum. Tum-tum.

She's rooted in the same place for several seconds. Looking ahead. Thinking. Listening her heartbeat. Watching him walk away. Tum-tum.

They were in a party and everything was ok. She was happy, he makes her happy. She doesn't know how or why, but he does. He has... something – she's been for so long denying - that changes her. Tum-tum. And that very night, she said to herself "No more pretending, McGuinness. No more." Because he's the kindest and the most adorable person she has ever met.

No more. - tum-tum. – she repeated before take his hand and guide him away from the dance floor, going outside.

"Everything ok, Mini-moo?"

She was leaning on the wall, looking at him. Tum-tum. His beautiful orange hair, his confused expression. Tum-tum. It was time. She stepped in his direction and kissed him - just a touch of lips. Looked into his eyes. And he kissed her, his hands on her waist, on her hair, her face. Tum-tum.

And then stopped. Looked in her eyes.


"Do you fancy me, farmboy?" she whispered. Tum-tum.

He was serious. He moved away from her.

Suddenly, she was scared. She stepped ahead. He stepped back. Tum-tum.

"Don't play with me, McGuinness." He said. She could feel the pain. "I'm not a game." He was walking away. Tum-tum. He turned around. Tum-tum.

She can't move. Somehow, she still can see him down the street. She isn't playing.

Breathe. Tum-tum. Swallow. Tum-tum. It's not a game. Tum-tum. Breathe. Tum-tum.