Disclaimer: As always, nothing is mine. This takes me back to my ATTWN phase, wherein I wrote this song for Vera envisioning it as a musical number, yet never published it until now for some reason. Apply any background melody of your choosing to this.

I cannot count the many times I have tried not to think of you

So many times, I have tried to put your face out of my mind

Yes, I have told myself, "It's no good. You'll never see him again."

And yet...if I look deeply in my heart...I will find

You, your face, your smile, your very soul

Yes, I will always think of you

Wherever I am

Wherever I go

You will always be with me...Hugo

Hugo, oh Hugo

My heart belongs to you and only to you, Hugo

We will never, ever be apart, Hugo

Despite what may have been said

Despite what may have been done

You will never, ever leave my heart

Every morning, you will be my sun


No matter how far we may be in distance

No matter how far we may be in body

You will always be right here beside me

Every night, I think on you

I dream of you, I live for you

I imagine you're lying next to me

I can smell your scent

Feel your arms around me

Your body pressed against mine

Yes, you may not be here in body

But you will always be here in mind


Nothing can ever keep us apart

You will always be in my heart

I will always feel you, breathe you, think on you

Try as you might to fight it

You will never escape my mind

Yes, you will always be next to me

Wanting me

Loving me

One day, Hugo, just you wait and see, Hugo

We will be together again

You will realize we were meant to be



The end