Chapter Seventeen: So We Meet Again...

Only a week after I had been discharged from the four walls of my hospital room, I walked through corridors upon corridors as though they were never ending. My heart was beating erratically as we came closer and closer to the suspects that were my abductors.

The palm of my hand lay in the tight grip of Martin's, the only part of my body that wasn't shaking. Each step I take is a gentle limp on my now recovered foot, which was still however improving.

We pass another set of double doors and there I see it. There had been positive news that the limit in my oxygen did not damage any of my brain cells, so I couldn't have been imagining things, I was definitely here.

A closed grey door, no windows or handles, is stood before me preventing Eric and John Boy from escaping their own imprisonment. I hope that their capture is just as painful and frightening as they made mine.

'Ready Miss Glasson?' a policeman asked standing next to the door, shuffling his collection of keys.

I nodded, taking in a deep breath and blowing it out cautiously. Martin glanced at me from my side, which was reassuring for me that he was there, but I was not ready for him to look those menaces in the eyes.

A few more steps and I stepped through the doorway to another room. It was all-bare apart from a wooden chair in the centre of a room, facing two men behind a sheet of clear glass. They sat, one slumped over sulking, the other fiddling with his hands nervously as I approached to take the seat.

I tensed as I was told to take the seat and I could feel Martin's eyes glaring at Eric and at John. As I raised my head to read his expression, it was one that I or anyone, for that matter, had ever seen. His veins in his temples were so prominent as though they were going to burst; his face was white as a sheet of paper and as I let go of his hands I saw sweat pouring from his skin. He did not one take his eyes off any of those men sat behind that sheet of glass.

I then faced the front, and for the first time in over two weeks, I once again saw Eric, his unshaven face still held his disgusting stubble. This time he wasn't smiling cunningly, but rather looking depressed. He stared at the floor, imitating one of my pupils being sent out of their classroom, with his head hanging over his lap and bottom lip covering his top.

John was repeatedly moving his legs up and down as though he was listening to the latest music single. His hands twisted together, so hard that they remained white for a long period of time. The eyebrows underneath his messy fringe buried into the bridge of his nose, scowling down towards his feet, which were clothed in cheap cloth shoes, probably made by himself.

I felt sick to my stomach as John glanced up and gave me a disgusted look. I quickly took hold of Martin's hand. Martin's eyes scanned both of the men, his nose wrinkled and I could almost see the signs that adrenaline was secreting through his blood.

'Now, then Louisa Glasson, abducted three weeks ago on this day, first of May at approximately sixteen hundred hours. Involuntarily man handled from her work place, Portwenn Primary School, Portwenn to a black Peugeot van, no windows in the back where held,' the policeman read of a sheet of paper as two senior detectives re-entered the room, 'Would you say this is correct?'

He looked at me, seriously, waiting for my agreement.

'Yes,' I said, croakily.

Eric now looked up and threw his hands down beside his body.

'No we didn't!' his voice echoed through the pane of glass, where he stood up and came closer to the divider.

I felt myself automatically move backwards a little, along with the chair, as I saw the enlargement of Eric's non-proportional face.

'Dad shut up,' mumbled John and then turned to his audience, 'We didn't take her, you have no evidence that we did.'

'They have you on CCTV camera,' Martin growled, not parting his teeth.

I gulped as I felt the ruptures of an explosive argument bubble in the atmosphere of this suffocating room.

'Oh crap,' Eric muttered, circling their compartment.

'Anyway,' the policeman began again.

'Miss Glasson,' one of the detectives started before his colleague finished his proposal, 'All we really want you to do is to tell us whether it was these two men who took you and we can go from there…'

I double-checked the predators behind the glass…

Yes, definitely those two.

'Certain,' I confirmed.

'Right there we go,' the detective appreciatively smiled.

I looked over at John. He looked at me. The stare lasted a few seconds, and I took my opportunity to annoy him a little,

'Got you!' I said, loud and clear.

Still in eye contact with the man who physically snatched me, he returned an expression of hatred and annoyance, whereas I gave him a smirk.



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