Pairing: Jane and Maura (Is there any other?)

Authors Note: This is my first attempt at fan fiction and I'm new to the show, so I hope I do it justice. Also I'm not American, so I hope I use the correct terminology.

Synopsis: What if Jane and Maura met before they started working together? Would that change their relationship?

Disclaimer: Sadly I don't own Jane and Maura. If I did, trust me – we wouldn't need fan fiction!

Chapter 1

Jane's feet pounded the Boston sidewalks as she pushed herself to beat her record. Lately she'd found her spare time being consumed with running, a desperate need to feel her muscles burn and her heart pound; anything to make herself feel something other than the emptiness that had taken up residence since Hoyt.

As her marker came into view she dug deeper, sprinting the last hundred yards until she came to rest in front of the convenience store. Clutching her knees, she bent down, taking in gasps of cool evening air. Checking her watch she smiled. Three minutes shaved off her time.

Tucking a few strands of errant hair behind her ear, she jogged up the steps and entered, heading straight for the chiller cabinet. Grabbing a bottle of water, she twisted off the cap, closing her eyes as she felt the liquid cooling her from the inside.

"Hey Jane."

"Hey Ray. How's things?" She replied, heading to the counter.

"Okay, you know. The wife's doing much better."

"That's great. My Ma will be happy to hear that."

"How is your Ma? Been a long time since she stopped by."

Jane moved to the end of the counter, to allow another customer up to pay. Ray beckoned for assistance and a young girl took over at the till.

"She's doing alright. It's been tough on her since Frank left." Jane had stopped referring to him as anything resembling the words father since his betrayal.

"Well you must ask her to stop by when she gets a chance. I have those imported Italian spices back in stock."

"I might be tempted with some of those myself."

"I didn't know you cooked Jane." Ray smiled.

"Yeah I don't, but Ma likes to cook for me." She replied.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw a young man push his way past a woman as he left the store in a hurry, knocking her backwards against one of the aisles. A few boxes of cereal fell to the floor.

"Hey!" Shouted Ray, heading to the door as fast as his elderly legs could carry him.

"Leave it Ray. He'll be long gone. Check your tapes and I'll get a cop to call by ok?"

"Sure. Thanks Jane."

Jane made her way to the woman who it seemed was struggled to breath.

"Ma'am, are you ok?" She asked, reaching out a carefully placing her hand on the woman's arm.

"I…I…can't seem to…to breathe." She gasped, feeling herself go faint.

Jane got her arms around her just in time before she crashed to the ground. Easing her down gently, she knelt beside her, and tipped her head back.

"Ray, could you bring me a cold water. She's fainted." She asked, her eyes never leaving the face of the woman in her care. Reaching for the outstretched open bottle, she placed it at her feet.

"Hey, can you hear me?" She said soothingly as she traced her hand over the woman's cheek watching her eyes flutter open. "You passed out, but you're ok." She smiled, trying to reassure her.

"The store?" The woman asked, her voice barely audible.

"Yeah, you're at the store. You're safe. Can you tell me your name?"

"M…Maura." She whispered, her eyes finally resting on Jane's own. 'Wow!' Jane thought as she gazed into the face of the woman who still lay in her arms, her thumb still caressing her cheek.

"I'm…I'm Jane." She swallowed hard, reluctantly removing her hand and reaching for the water. "Can you drink some of this for me?" She asked, smiling warmly.

Maura nodded, taking a few sips, her hands still shaking.

"Did that guy hurt you?" Jane asked, registering the fear still present.

"No…no. He just, scared me." She replied, her eyes flashing back to Jane's.

"In what way?" Jane pressed.

"When he pushed past me. I have…I suffer from…" Maura looked away, her voice lowering again. "Agoraphobia."

"And you panicked?" Jane replied, softly.

"I've been so much better. In fact I can't remember the last time I reacted this way. I'm so embarrassed." She answered, her gaze resting on Jane again; worrying her bottom lip.

"Don't be. If you hadn't have told me I would've figured that jerk had just knocked you for six."

Maura smiled, her heart starting to slow down from it's frenzied panic, but she felt it flutter as Jane brought her hand back up to cup her cheek gently.

"Do you think you can stand?" She asked.

Maura was so lost in the soft caress she forgot to speak.

"Maura?" Jane asked.


"I asked if you thought you could stand." She stated gently.

"I think so, yes."

"Ok. Let me help you." Jane replied, using her other arm to hook under Maura too, allowing the shorter woman to press her weight into her until they were both upright.

Maura quickly flicked her eyes up and met Jane's deep brown ones before casting them down at her crinkled skirt; her hands palming them fat.

Jane let go of her and picked up the basket of groceries that Maura had been carrying.

"Let's get you out of here ok?" She said, her hand lightly grazing the back of Maura's arm.

"Ok." She answered, almost on autopilot as she let this captivating brunette lead her to the doorway.

Jane placed the basket on the counter.

"Can you ring these through please Ray and add them to my tab?"

"Sure thing Jane. She ok?" He asked, nodding towards Maura.

"Yeah, just a bit shaken. I'll make sure she's alright." She added.

Ray bagged up the groceries and handed them to Jane.

"See you tomorrow." He said with a warm smile. "Hope you feel better soon ma'am." He nodded to Maura.

Jane smiled warmly as she led them both outside, her skin now feeling cool in the evening breeze, her running gear allowing no warmth.

"Did you drive here Maura?" Jane asked, turning towards her.

"Erm, no. I walked."

"So you don't live too far then?"

"No. A few blocks north." She replied. "I should be ok from here." She said, hoping her voice sounded uneasy.

"Probably, but I reckon I'll see you home if that's ok?" Jane replied.

"I'd like that." Maura responded, with a smile that almost knocked the detective off her feet.

They started on their journey together, Jane holding onto the bag of food.

"You feeling less shaky now?" She asked softly.

"I still feel a little unsettled."

"Take my arm." She replied, offering herself for support.

Maura sighed softly as she slipped her arm through Jane's, resting her hand on her forearm, feeling the strong muscles tense under her fingertips.

They walked a couple of blocks in silence, both lost in their own thoughts. As they reached Beacon Hill, Maura guided them up a long street.

"It's not far now." She said, casting her eyes up to Jane.

"You live in Beacon Hill?" She asked, a hint of surprise in her voice.


As Jane turned to look at Maura the blonde looked away, allowing the detective to look at the woman she was walking home. She cast her eyes over the clothes she was wearing, and down to the high heels that were clicking along the concrete beside her. Never one for fashion, she still appreciated that Maura's clothing probably cost more than her monthly paycheck. Everything just seemed to hang so perfectly off her body, sculpting every curve and ending with those beautiful shoes that she walked in with such ease.

Jane gulped, before looking away. 'She is SO out of your league Jane.'

"Here we are." Maura said, seeming much happier at the site of her home awaiting her.

"Wow!" Jane said, a little louder than she'd expected.

Maura blushed, her eyes catching Jane's for a moment, as she led them up the steps to her front door.

On opening the door, Jane's expression was still one of wonderment. The hallway in front of her was quite long with a dark wood staircase rising at the far end. Several closed doors on both sides kept their secrets behind them, until Maura opened one and led her into a beautifully styled lounge with a huge fireplace on the far wall, a big flat screen TV above it fixed to the wall.

Everything was tasteful, from the wallpaper to the cushions, to the elegant candles and the brushed steel light switches. Jane had only ever seen houses like this in magazines or crime scenes.

Following Maura through the lounge to the expansive dining room they entered the kitchen at the back of the property.

Jane deposited the bag on the countertop, and started to empty the contents, suddenly feeling out of place in this woman's world.

"Would you like a drink?" Maura asked, rounding the counter.

"I should probably get going." Jane answered, folding the empty bag.

"Oh, right." Maura replied, her voice sounding dejected. "If you're sure?" She added, catching Jane's eye.

"I have quite a way back home. I ran to the store you see." Glancing at her sweaty work out pants and vest, and feeling underdressed. "The store is my marker. My end point, before I run back. Well jog back usually." She smiled, awkwardly.

"You like to work out?" The blonde asked, her eyes looking Jane up and down.

"Ah, yeah. I have to stay fit for my job and it helps, you know…unwind." She added.

'You look good.' "You look good." Maura breathed, suddenly realising she'd said that statement out loud, blushing again.

Jane chuckled, as she noticed the flush of the blonde's cheeks. 'Maybe I'm not the only one who's a little nervous here.' She mused.

"Sorry." She muttered.

"It's ok, really. It's nice to know my hard work is paying off." She smiled, trying to put Maura at ease, which seemed crazy considering she was the one stood in her luxurious home to begin with. "Listen, if you're feeling ok now you're home, I'll leave you to your evening." She continued, making her way back through to the lounge.

"Of course. I wouldn't wish to keep you from anything." The blonde replied, a knot tightening in her chest at the prospect of never seeing Jane again.

"I don't actually have anything to be kept from, but I am on call so…" She looked into Maura's deep green eyes, as her words failed her.

Maura smiled, sensing the brunette's hesitation as they reached the front door. "What do you do?" She asked, her voice suddenly low; her eyes transfixed on Jane's.

"I, er…detective. I'm a detective." She answered, lost in her gaze.

"Well, detective, thank you for escorting me home."

"You're welcome."

"You were so kind to me. It makes me realise that this world isn't as frightening as I often think it is. Thank you Jane." She replied, her hand reaching for Jane's, their fingers briefly meeting.

"You're welcome."

"You said that." Maura smiled.

"Yes…I did, didn't I." Jane said, her mouth feeling dry, as she reached for the door handle.

Opening the large wooden door and letting in the cold Boston air, she sighed, turning once more to the blonde, as she pulled a card from her pants pocket.

"Er…my card, just in case, you need anything…or you have another panic-attack or something." She mumbled, suddenly aware of her breathing.

Maura took the card, her fingertips brushing Jane's again briefly, relieved that she hadn't lost her way to see the detective again.

"Thank you." She smiled; her eyes trying to convey more than her voice would convey.

"Sure thing." Jane responded, stepping out into the night. "I'm glad you're ok." She added, smiling before turning and running into the night.

Maura stood, rooted to the spot watching until Jane disappeared from view. Sighing she closed the door, ready to face another evening of solitude.