Chapter 41 ~ Finally! ;-)

The journey seemed like an eternity. Jane had picked at a loose thread on her coat for most of her flight from Boston. It was now a mass of knotted cotton under the ministration of her fingers. During the refuelling at San Francisco she had paced the tarmac finding herself getting angry by the list of seemingly unnecessary checks performed in order to allow their take-off. When the plane had finally made contact with the Hawaiian runway, she couldn't wait to get off, the warm night air washing over her face.

Constance had arranged for a car to be waiting for her. Jane was finally on her way, the directions to Maura's house programmed into the sat nav that adorned the dash like a mini TV.

The winding roads and moonlit ocean shimmering beneath her did nothing to still her nerves or the anticipation of what would follow between them. She wasn't even certain that Maura would welcome the intrusion after the events leading up to her departure.

Jane sighed, chewing on a bit of skin that clung to her lip. She had been a total jackass. Regardless of what her past had been, Maura had done nothing more than love her and try to care for and protect her. She was going to do the same. Love her beautiful M.E. until the end of her days if she was granted the honour. Still the fear shrouded her; the cloak of pain and damage etched to her skin by Hoyt, by Lucie, by life. But through the darkness she had allowed Maura to touch her fragile skin and broken heart. To live under that cloak again following the arrival of Dr Isles; unable to love her, would be a prison sentence she did not deserve.

A checkered flag appeared on the console. She cleared her throat, tension and anticipation flooding her veins as she got closer and closer. 'You have reached your destination on the right hand side', came the voice from her guide.

She turned it off, rolling the car slowly forward and pulling onto the driveway. The house itself was a little set back. Similar to the Cape Cod address, this too had sweeping views of the ocean beyond, albeit a completely different one. She imagined the sunrise would be quite spectacular.

She dimmed the lights as she approached not wanting her presence to be felt quite yet. Switching the engine off, she sat for a moment, her hands gripping the wheel. She dropped her head, squeezing her eyes tightly shut before releasing all the tension in her body and slumping back against the seat. She unbuckled the belt letting it slide back into position as she looked up at the house before her and what lay in wait inside. She smiled and sighed feeling the swell in her heart at the prospect of seeing Maura's eyes, her beautiful smile.

In a moment she was stood at the door, a hand fumbling in her pocket for the key that Constance had given her. She turned it easily in the lock and let herself inside. Quietly she closed the door, pressing her back against the wood and letting her eyes become accustomed to the semi darkness in front of her. It was just after midnight. Christmas had finally arrived.

She retrieved her phone and scrolled down to Maura's number, selecting the text option. Carefully she tapped out a message and hit send.

Maura I love you. I love you so much and I have been such a fool. You are my whole world and I am nothing without you in it.

She heard the sound of the message arriving at its destination, her ears pricking up at the familiar tone. She silently followed it for a few places, her palm pressed flat against the door of the room it emanated from. She pushed gently.

Maura was stood by a large bed that was draped in luxurious deep red bedding. She was dressed in a cream satin negligée, her hair loosely tied up, save a few wisps that had tumbled free from their bindings. Behind her a solid wall of glass panels that Jane assumed from the layout of the property to be an unobscured private ocean view.

She watched from the doorway, heart in her chest as Maura reached for the phone by her bedside. There was no hesitation in needing to hear who had messaged her.

Jane noticed the faintest hint of a smile dance across those beautiful lips as the blonde seemed to read and re-read the text. That gesture was all she needed.

"I meant every word." She said, stepping into the room, her legs keeping up a slow pace across the vast room.

"Jane!" Maura shrieked, losing her grip on the phone as it tumbled onto the floor at her bare feet. "What are you….how are you?..." She started, words failing to form structure in her mouth.

"I am so completely in love with you." Jane husked, her voice soft like butter.

Maura moved away from the bed watching transfixed as the detective moved like a predator towards her, removing her jacket along the way. Then there was cool glass against her shoulder blades as she stood waiting, her heart in her mouth.

Jane was almost upon her now, a couple more feet and she'd be close enough to touch. Maura's breath caught in her chest as the whole world seemed to stop in the very moment she was in her detective's reach.

"I love you." Jane whispered, a hand reaching out and tucking a cascade of blonde curls back into place; a thumb grazing her cheek as she did so.

Jane's smile was warm, her brown eyes glistening with unshed tears of emotion and something more carnal dancing in the rust coloured specks.

"Jane." Maura said in a long breath, as lips tenderly brushed against her neck, finding the pulse there and kissing it.

"I love you Maura."

"Jane…wait." She suddenly cried, her hands pushing against strong arms until she regained some space to think, to breathe. "I can't do this again. I can't." She continued, shaking her head, tears starting to tumble. "I'm not strong enough." She gasped, a hand coming up to her mouth as her eyes pleaded with the brunette to understand.

Jane did not step back. Not this time. She had come too far to loose.

"I'm sorry Maura but I can't let you go." She replied, a warm smile on her lips. "I won't let you go ever again." Her hand found Maura's and she kissed the top of it gently at first, then more fiercely as the salt of tears found her tongue. "I love you. Tell me you don't love me."

"You know I love you. I've done nothing but love you and you've broken me." She gasped, her chest heaving.

"And for that I beg your forgiveness and the chance to make you so happy. I could make you so very happy Maura if you gave me that gift. It's the only thing I want."

Jane stepped closer, her fingers and thumbs wiping at the tears on Maura's cheeks, seeing the uncertainty and the desire playing in those green orbs that had had her captivated for as long as she could remember.

Maura tipped her head back a little and Jane leaned down, kissing along her jawline and up to her ear. "I know you're scared." She whispered. "So am I, but I'm more frightened of losing you; the chance of an 'us' than anything else in this life." She brought her lips up to the blonde's earlobe and gentled sucked on it eliciting the softest moan from Maura.

Jane's hand wound around her waist, the other into her hair, almost clinging to the back of her neck as she continued to tease her. When her lips finally came within kissing distance, Maura arched towards her.

"Is this what you really want Maura?" Jane asked, with the lightest touch of her mouth on the M.E's.

"You are all I have ever wanted Jane."

She sighed, her eyes flickering shut as she finally felt the force of Jane's mouth against her own; soft lips pressing hard against hers with an urgency she had only thought she had possessed. She returned the kiss deeply, her mouth opening and inviting the brunette's tongue inside with a swirl of her own.

It was passionate and desperate as they clung to one another, Maura still pushed against the glass wall as her body ached for the contact of the woman devouring her.

She moaned deeply as the kiss ended, those same lips descending onto her neck and licking at the dip of her throat. She pulled Jane closer still, feeling the all too familiar throb in her centre.

"Jane." She sighed, as hands moved down and cupped her ass, tugging her up and forward so she had contact where she needed it the most.

"You smell so good." Jane husked, her head dipping lower so her mouth could consume the firm swell of breast that clung inside the satin negligée.

Maura dragged her nails over Jane's scalp and through the thick mass of unruly dark hair, before grabbing her head forcefully and taking her mouth again, this time attacking the detective with a passion she did not realise she had inside herself.

Now it was Jane's turn to moan and shudder as the M.E's kisses rained down on her lips and face, kissing, licking, and biting just a little as she ground against her with need. Then there were fingers on her shirt, ripping at the buttons, untucking, tearing, shedding, until she was in her black bra.

Maura sighed, looking down, her hands cupping Jane's breasts, rolling the already hardened nipples with her thumbs and watching as her detective strained under her touch.

"Fuck." Jane moaned, clutching tighter at Maura for some sort of stability. She expected a chastising but received none, just a satisfied smirk in return.

She moved her hands to her own back and unclasped the bra. Maura moved hers for a moment to allow the garment to be removed, before returned them to touch the naked flesh that lay prone before her.

"You're beautiful." She sighed, squeezing Jane's nipples a little harder with a groan.

Jane responded by pressing herself back against Maura, crushing the M.E's ministrations as she sucked her bottom lip into her mouth and breathed heavily. "God Maura. I want you."

Maura slid her hands free and gripped onto Jane's shoulders, feeling the muscles tenses and undulate under her fingers as the detective's hands lowered the straps of her nightwear and freed her breasts finally.

She sighed as Jane's lips latched onto her left nipple and sucked and licked it. She could feel it harden against the wetness of the brunette's mouth and pressed herself harder into each touch, straining for more contact. Her body was on fire and she could already feel the pool of wetness that was gathering between her legs with need.

Jane's hands clutched at the fabric around Maura's waist as she consumed her greedily. Maura's hands were back in her hair again, clawing and scratching with want.

"Tell me what you want Maura. What you need." She husked breathlessly, taking the other nipple into her mouth and sucking it hard between her lips.

"Hmmmm, god…" She cried. "You. I want you."

Jane smiled against her chest before bringing her mouth up to take Maura's once more, sliding her tongue inside and licking along the underside of her top lip.

"Fuck." Maura breathed, sighing the word so innocently into Jane.

"My pleasure." Jane groaned, releasing the satin fabric between her clenched fingers and letting it fall to the floor. Then it was Jane's turn to groan.

Maura was stood before her completely naked. Her long legs, toned to perfection from exercise and heels were parted a little. Her pubic area had the finest strip of blonde hair, almost unnoticeable to the eye. Her body was softly dusted with freckles and every inch was actively straining to be pressed against Jane again.

Their eyes met hungrily, as Maura linked her fingers behind Jane's neck and pulled her back into a heated kiss. She moulded herself against the detective, pressing her ample chest against Jane's and feeling strong hands grabbing once more at her ass. This time she lifted her right leg, pressing her foot against the back of the brunette's calf muscle so she could receive some contact against her centre. She moaned as Jane pulled her tighter, actively rubbing against her.

Maura threw her head back slightly and Jane followed, sucking against the pulse in her neck once more and sending the M.E. into a frenzy.

"Please Jane." She gasped, her body heaving and writhing. She could smell her sex in the air and knew that Jane must also be aware of it and her need for pleasure.

The detective smiled against her skin, moving her left hand off the tight ass she was holding and dropped it between them; fingers brushing lightly against the inside of Maura's thigh. It felt hot against her touch, moving almost imperceptibly closer to the digits teasing her.

"Mmmmm, yes…Jane…please!" She begged, her hands clawing at Jane's back, goosebumps rising.

"Please what?" She huskily answered, her eyes finding Maura's. "What do you need Maura?" She asked again, her eyes hungrily devouring those green orbs, then the plump wet lips below that were begging to be kissed.

"Fuck me Jane. Please." She moaned, arching herself against Jane's hand.

Jane slid her palm up and cupped Maura's pussy feeling the wetness begin to pool.

"Fuck baby, you're so wet." She sighed, pressing her head against Maura's temple.

"For you…all for you." She replied breathlessly, starting to rock her hips slowly.

Jane drew her hand back slightly until her index finger found the burgeoning knot of nerves that shuddered when she touched it. She started to rub, Maura's cum coating both her clit and Jane's digits and started to make love to her.

"You're perfect." Jane sighed, closing her eyes and focusing on the feel of Maura's most intimate place and the soft sounds it made in pleasure.

The blonde was moving against her, pressing harder into the touch that she had craved and dreamt about for so long. Finally she had all she had ever wanted. Jane was loving her.

Jane gripped her leg higher and pressed them harder against the glass before sliding two of her fingers inside Maura's pussy, feeling her walls cling to her, sucking her deeper inside as though they had been made for this moment.

Maura shuddered and strained, moving faster now as Jane continued to move inside her, her palm rubbing against her clit with each thrust of her fingers. She was so close. She could feel it building inside her like a volcano.

"Jane…oh god, Jane. I'm going to cum." She moaned, her fingers almost tearing at the skin on Jane's back, as she scrabbled for purchase.

"Cum for me baby. I've got you. Cum for me."

Maura continued to ride Jane's hand with total inhibition, finally understanding what it meant to be free and safe and loved in a moment of intimacy. To be the only thing that mattered; the only one whose pleasure was considered.

With one final cry she came, hard, shuddering against Jane's hand and keeping the detective inside her as her body convulsed in pleasure.

For her part Jane was trembling. She moved her hand from Maura's leg, bringing it up to the back of her head as she cradled the blonde against her, kissing her hair. It wasn't until the M.E. started to move away did she finally let her fingers slip free, causing a gasp to escape from Maura's mouth.

She brought them to her own lips, closed her eyes and sucked them clean, slowly and sensuously before returning her gaze to Maura who was looking hungrily at her now. Her entire body shimmering with the sheen of sweat that had finely descended over her skin. She looked sexier than Jane could have ever imagined, and she'd imagined it more times than she had dared to admit.

"You taste so good Maura." She groaned, her eyes dropping once more to the blonde's centre; her hands suddenly on her full hips.

Maura smiled a devilish smile and licked her lips. Jane could feel the gesture on her own clit. She dropped to her knees and lifted the M.E.'s leg over her shoulder.

"I won't last long." Maura whispered, straining for the words as she felt hot breath against her mound.

Jane sank her mouth against her pussy, plunging her tongue straight up and inside her. Maura slammed one hand against the glass and the other into Jane's hair, holding her in place. Jane's tongue lapped at every drop of cum, teasing her senses and sucking at her bud like she was starving. It took her less than two minutes to reach orgasm; arching her ass off the window and pressing herself onto Jane's hungry lips so she could claim her fully.

Relaxing back against the glass she relaxed her hand, simply curling Jane's hair round her fingers as she knelt licking her clean, taking every drop she could. When she was finally finished, she peppered her centre with kisses before rising to face one another once more.

They were silent for a while; Maura's fingers caressing Jane's face, her thumb tracing over her lips, while the detective's hands had laced together around her waist, teasing the dip in her back.

"That was…" Jane finally uttered.

"Perfect." Maura smiled, placing a delicate kiss on Jane's lips.

"It really was." She sighed.


Jane looked down and met Maura's gaze. There was something very carnal about the way she was staring at her. Then she felt fingers working on the belt on her slacks; keen, eager, forcefully pulling at the buckle until it came free.

"What are you…doing?"

"What I've wanted to do for a very long time Detective Rizzoli." She grinned wickedly.

Her zip was lowered and she felt hands over her hips lowering both her suit pants and her underwear to the ground. Maura knelt on the floor in front of her, easing off her shoes and socks until she was completely naked, her reflection staring back at her from the glass.

Maura rose slowly, her fingers gliding all the way up her long tanned skin, grazing her thighs and then tickling over her abdomen, causing it to tense and flex.

"Beautiful." The M.E. whispered, her eyes fixed on Jane's torso as she pushed them backwards on to her bed.

Jane wriggled back on her elbows, entranced my Maura's lithe body, still glistening, crawling towards her on all fours. Then hands were on her knees pushing them apart; fingers digging into her supple flesh close to her centre.

"You smell divine." She moaned, licking her lips as she stared at Jane's waiting pussy.

Then her blonde hair was all over her and Jane thought she might die when she felt the tip of Maura's tongue touch her eager hard clit, sucking on it, before laving her hotness into her mouth.

"Fuck!" She gasped, rolling her head from side to side trying to stay with Maura as she kept a steady but forceful rhythm inside her. She clung to the sheets, her back arching off the bed as she focused on the head moving between her tensed thighs.

"I'm so close!" She husked, receiving a moan from Maura that reverberated through her body.

Maura pressed on, diving her tongue in and out of Jane's wetness and lapping up all she could take with such a hunger she knew she would never tire of.

When Jane came she cried out Maura's name loud, her body releasing everything it had to give and her soul letting go of everything it needed to shed. She was finally free.

She lay there, shaking, her body twitching from the intensity as she watched Maura slide onto her, one hand cupping her face.

"You're ok. I have you Jane and I'm never going to let you go."

It was only then that she realised she was crying. Tears of joy, of relief, of regret, finally free to fall. She was safe at last.

"I love you Maura." She sighed, allowing herself to be vulnerable and enjoying how it felt.

"I love you too Jane."

"Merry Christmas!" She grinned.

Maura smiled, placing a kiss on her damp cheek.

"Merry Christmas darling."

A couple of hours later, a bright moon shining over the pacific, Jane sighed and pulled Maura tighter to her, relishing how perfectly their bodies slotted together. Like the missing piece of her own jigsaw puzzle, she was finally complete.

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