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As you probably gathered from the description, this is a "drabble" series featuring angst, bromance, or both! Lengths will vary, and, though I decided to make the first one light and bromancey, there will be some angstier ones in the future (Ye be warned!). I'll be sure to tell you which category each one falls in beforehand, though! Enjoy! :)

Description: Arthur contemplates the mystery that is Merlin (Told from his point of view)

Disclaimer: If I owned Merlin, we would probably all die from bromance and angst overload (But I don't, so you can get your fill of those here!)

Stupid Merlin

Stupid Merlin.

Bumbling into his life, turning everything on its head, and not even trying to clean it all up again.

Useless Merlin.

The clumsiest, most incompetent, all-around worst servant Arthur had ever had- and lazy and back-talking to boot!

Foolish Merlin.

No self-preservation skills at all. Did he have a death wish?

Impulsive Merlin.

Always throwing himself before the blade or offering his life in the place of another's. Like he was some kind of hero...

Irrational Merlin.

Slow-witted and the creator of some of the strangest insults Arthur had ever heard. Yet, at times, offering advice that was almost… No. Heavens, no. It couldn't be wise…

Idiot Merlin.

Snarky and smiling and worming his way into Arthur's heart, trying to make him care.

Well, he didn't care.

Not about him.

Stupid Merlin.

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