"Kim, the taxi's here darling, it's time to go" Denise informed her younger sister as she sat in the living room, staring into space

"I'm not coming" she admitted, keeping her gaze fixed on the wall in front of her

"What do you mean you're not coming? You've got to, you'll be the first person Anthony wants to see when he walks out of that court" Denise proclaimed

"But what if he doesn't get off hmm? What if I go and I see him be sent down? I can't go through that D, I'm sorry but I can't, just tell him I love him okay?" she asked, turning to face her sister, the tears brimming in her eyes

Denise sighed and nodded and moved forward to hug her sister. Patrick and Tyler walked into the hallway and said their goodbyes also and the three left...

"Derek Branning, I hereby sentence you to three years imprisonment" the judge informed Derek as he stood in the witness box

"Yes. Does that mean Anthony gets off?" Tyler asked Patrick and Denise as they sat in the courtroom

As Derek was taken down to the jail Anthony was brought up. He glanced up to Tyler, Denise and Patrick, his face dropping as he realised Kim wasn't there, Denise shook her head, mouthing that she was sorry...

"Foreman of the jury, do you find the defendant guilty, or not guilty?" the judge asked

"Not guilty" he informed the courtroom after a moment of silence

"Kim's gonna be chuffed. Come on you guys, let's go and meet him outside" Denise exclaimed as the three stood up

The three were waiting about ten minutes before Anthony was released, he embraced his brother and then hugged Patrick and Denise...

"Where's Kim?" he asked worriedly, looking around for her

"She didn't wanna come sweetheart, she said she's sorry and she loves you but she couldn't come" Denise explained

"Let's get home. I wanna see her" Anthony stated, walking off in front and out of the courts, hailing down a taxi

They arrived back in the Square half an hour later and climbed out of the taxi...

"Can I have a few minutes?" Anthony asked as he stood outside, looking around the Square

The three walked into the house, giving Anthony the space that he needed and they were met by Kim in the hallway...

"He's been sent down hasn't he? See, this is exactly why I didn't go" she exclaimed

"Kim" Denise proclaimed, pointing outside to where Anthony was standing

Kim smiled and ran outside, Patrick, Denise and Tyler watching as the two shared a hug and a kiss. Finally, everything could go back to normal...