Another little idea that popped into my head, always wondered how River would react to future companions - because he's got to have them after Amy and Rory right? And how they'd react to her for that matter! This definitely has one chapter after this one, and I'm toying with the idea of more, although they're kind of little one-shots fics that connect…that doesn't make sense. Timey wimey! Good excuse for everything Doctor who related ;)

This is a slightly older River and mid-time-somewhere Doctor, it's quite short but I hope you enjoy!

The Doctor had been travelling alone for a while, after dropping Amy and Rory off where they belonged, it didn't really feel right taking anyone else with him for a while. Lora had sort of invited herself along really. Well, she'd begged and pleaded after he'd saved her city from invasion for him to take her along, and then cried when he'd said no. So he hadn't had a choice in the matter really, what else was he supposed to say to a crying woman?

She was a small girl of slight build, dark eyes, blue hair. Natural. She was twenty-one and from the planet Arsarth, a small humanoid-occupied colony in the fortieth century.

So far, she'd proved herself brave and adventurous. If a little whiney. He supposed she was a sweet girl, she had a good sense of humour, and after a couple of weeks he was starting to quite like having her around.

"So, where to today Doctor?" She asks cheerfully as she skips into the console room.

He smiles at her. "You've got a choice - can't decide myself. Earth, nineteen-sixties - nothing like the rock and roll era for dancing - or Zorton Eleven, five-thousand-and-eighty-two, the opening day of the theme park that covers the whole planet - an entire planet of roller-coasters! Supposed to be quite the party."

Lora is grinning at him now, with that look of amazement and wonder they all have at the beginning. He will never get tired of the look.

"Or we could do both - your choice."

"You know what I'm gonna say." She replies.

He grins at her. "So which one first?"

"Hmm…well I'm not really dressed for dancing so -"

"Oh!" He pulls out the suddenly burning hot psychic paper from his pocket. "Hold that thought - someone needs me!" He tosses the paper at her so she can read the numbers scrawled across it.

"What's this?"


She frowns. "And what's this?" Holding the paper up, she points to the lipstick kiss print under the numbers.

He ignores her, dashing round the console to flip levers and press buttons. "Hold on tight!"

"Doctor! Who's this from - where are we going?" She shouts over the noise of the Tardis whirring to life.

"Don't know! Wherever those co-ordinates take us!"

"But what -" She is cut off when the Tardis lurches violently and they are both sent sprawling to the floor. The Tardis shudders a bit more as they scramble to their feet before the familiar whooshing sound indicates the end of their journey and no sooner had they landed than -

"Phew!" A female voice, along with a gust of wind, blows into the Tardis as the doors open and a curly-haired figure flings itself inside, shutting them behind her with a slam. "Took your time didn't you? Have you seen the weather? Thought I was going to blow away if you kept me waiting any longer!"

The Doctor doesn't seem in the slightest bit perturbed by the scene, and Lora gawks on as he checks the scanner quickly before turning back to the woman shaking herself off by the door.

"What are you doing in the middle of the Arabian desert?" He asks her, turning to peer at the screen again. "By yourself?" And once more - "In 207 BC?"

The woman grins up at him, throwing off the large black garment she had been covered in to reveal shorts and a tank top that definitely weren't from 207 BC. "Research." She winks at him as she makes her way up the steps to stand before him.

He narrows his eyes at her playfully. "That's all you're going to tell me isn't it?"


"Which I'm going to assume means you've been a naughty girl again."

Another grin. "You know me too well my love."

And as if Lora wasn't shocked enough, the woman steps forward and kisses the Doctor. Kisses him. The Doctor. Full on the lips.

The Doctor is smirking when she pulls away. "Hello to you to," he comments.

As if noticing her for the first time, River turns to regard the girl standing next to the Doctor. "Ah," she smiles at her.

Lora frowns. "Who are you?"

"Hello," River says politely, still smiling. "River Song, nice to meet you." She strolls off towards the Tardis corridors, calling over her shoulder as she moves away; "I'll be taking a shower if you need me sweetie!"

The Doctor smiles after her retreating figure and Lora gapes for a few more moments before she can speak again. "Who…the hell…was that?"

The Doctor clears his throat and starts pressing buttons to send them back into the vortex. "River Song." He replies shortly, as if that explains everything.

"Yeah…but who is she?"

He smiles briefly. "A friend."

"But -"

"So, Zorton Eleven it was then? Well, it's never below thirty degrees there and when we're going is in the height of summer so you'll probably want to go and change," he motions to the hoodie and jeans she's wearing. "So take your time, have something to eat too first if you want - kitchens down the coridoor past the swimming pool and third on the right now, she moved it again last night - and when River's done I'll drop her back and then we can go, sound like a plan? Good, plans are good, aren't we organised! Go on then, off you go!"

He says all this so quickly that Lora simply blinks at him for a few moments.

"Doctor -" she begins.

"Food and change, go on!" He shoes her towards the coridoor, taking off in the other direction to the one he points her in.

"Where are you going!"

"To get changed!" He shouts as if it's obvious.

"But Doctor - you never change and -" she raises her voice to shout after him as he disappears round the corner - "the wardrobe's this way!" Lora huffs, and with a disgruntled pout firmly planted on her face, she marches off towards the kitchen.

Unfortunately for the Doctor, 'taking a shower,' didn't really narrow it down much when you wanted to find someone in the Tardis. There were forty-seven showers on board last time he'd checked. He checked the en-suit of the room she often claimed as her own with no luck, checked a few random ones he passed and then checked his own room but found no curly-haired enigma anywhere. Finally he gave up and decided to just wait for her in the console room.

She wasn't long, breezing into the room as if she owned the place, hair wet and looking fresh and clean in a simple top and bottoms. She smiles at him, walks up the steps to the console and starts typing in co-ordinates.

"Where are you going?"

"Stormcage." She answers as if it's obvious.

His hand over hers stops her. "Fancy an adventure first?" He is grinning that grin that makes her smile back.

"Won't I get in the way?"

He blinks. "In the way?"

"Mussling in on one of your adventures with Lucy."

"Lora." He corrects. "And what do you mean get in the way? She won't mind!"

River rolls her eyes. "Of course she will. She doesn't like me sweetie. They never do."

"Who's they?"

Another shrug as she runs her hands absently over the console. "Your…companions or whatever you like to call them."

He is frowning at her. Donna liked her, he thinks, but he knows; spoilers. So instead the only thing that comes to mind is "Amy liked you!"

River looks at him as if he's an idiot. "Amy is my mother, Doctor."

"Yes but - I mean she liked you the first time she met you - before she knew she was your mother!"

"Well of course she liked me. We share DNA, she's genetically programmed to like me."

"So - hang on. Which 'companions' are you on about that don't like you?"

She raises an eyebrow. "Spoilers I suppose then?"

He frowns at her.

"And well - Lora for a start," she laughs.

"Lora doesn't know you - she will like you!"

"I assure you Doctor, even when Lora does know me, she does not like me."

"Oh. She doesn't?"



"So," she says as she types in co-ordinates. "I don't want to spoil your fun, you go off and do lots of running and play save the planet and somewhere with Lucy, I'll go back to my cell like a good little prisoner and you can come pick me up sometime when she's asleep or something and we can have a real adventure then."

Something in the way she grins at him lets him know that what she has in that dirty mind of hers definitely wouldn't involve any running.

He can't help but smile at her. "Okay."She smiles back. "Promise?"

"Count on it."

"Good. Because you know a girl like me gets ever so bored stuck in that cell."

He smiles again but there is a hint of guilt in this one, and maybe some sadness for her. "I know."

Another grin. "Be seeing you sweetie." She blows him a kiss and spins to make her way to the door.

"River - where are you going?"

She turns back to face him, an eyebrow raised. "We've just had this conversation honey…"

"Yes but - we're still in the vortex River I haven't even -"

Still looking at him with a smile you might give a slow child, she pushes open the door for him to see her block of cells from where the Tardis is settled in the corridor.

"…Oh." How the hell had she managed to fly and land his Tardis without him even realising they'd taken off? "Yes, well. Just testing you."

She rolls her eyes, and the last sound he hears as the door swings shut behind her is the her laughter.

So I'm maybe thinking of the idea of making this into a series but I don't know, depends if I get enough ideas I suppose. But there's definitely one more chapter half-written to come in which poor Lora gets subjected to a much younger River…:P Please tell me your thoughts sweeties! xx