The Dance Keeperoliver

A/N: This is no longer a one shot for Toni. It will be more because the response was favorable. Toni asked me to write one of two story lines. I chose this one and I hope I do it justice. This is for you Toni, and I hope you like it.


Harry was sitting with Hermione and Ron at breakfast. Ron had finally got over his rage with Harry about him putting his name in the Goblet. After seeing what Harry had to go thru, He had to agree, that no one in their right mind would volunteer to do such a thing at 14 years old.

Since Harry was excused from classes, he was going to go to the library and study up on what the first challenge had given him for a clue. Right now all it was, was a head ache inducing high pitched screech.

He was getting ready to leave, when Professor McGonagall stopped him, "Mr. Potter, a moment of your time please."

"Sure Professor." and Harry followed her to the room behind the Professor's table to hear what she had to say.

She had him to sit, as she leaned against a presentation case filled with awards. "Mr. Potter, it is a part of the Tri-Wizard Tournament to have a Yule Ball, where the Champions lead the school with a dance. Each champion must escort a member of the opposite sex, with him or her will open the ball with a waltz. Now, the Ball is restricted to fourth years and up, but, a younger member of the school may accompany a fourth year. All of the champions are being told this so that they may find a partner, before the rest of the class is notified of the dance. Now time is of the essence for you, as the Ball will be announce to the rest of the school at dinner this evening. Now run along, and do find someone before it is to late. Remember, you must attend, and you must have a date."

Harry left the Professor in a haze. How could he approach a girl and ask her to be his partner for a dance, when he knew only a couple of girls. Hermione and Ginny was all he knew. He thought on it a bit. He could talk to Ron, and ask if he could ask Ginny to be his date, and that would leave Ron free to ask Hermione. Yes, that would work, besides he had been thinking of Ginny, since the Chamber incident. Ron had told him of her crush she had on him since she was five. He knew it was just a fantasy then, but, now that she knew him, and he saved her life, maybe things had changed, and she could like him as Harry, and not the Boy Who Lived.

At lunch he sat once again with Ron and Hermione, "Ron I have to ask you something, but promise me you won't go crazy on me."

Ron stopped mid bite to look at his friend. "You sound serious mate. Must be something important. I can't promise anything, until I know a little about what you want to ask me?"

"It's about your sister."

"Ginny? What about her?"

"OK, the thing is, that every Tri-Wizard Tournament has a Yule Ball, in which the champions lead the school in dance. I need to have a date for this, so that I could lead the school with a waltz. I want to ask Ginny."

"Are you crazy? She's my little sister for Merlin's sake. Harry, there are a dozen girls or more that would go with you, why would you want to ask Ginny?"

"Ron, I know two girls in school, Hermione and Ginny. Hermione is like my sister, and though I wouldn't mind going to the dance with her, maybe she fancies someone else, and would prefer to go to the dance with him. Ginny won't be able to go, unless an upper class man asks her. I wish to be that person. She may be your sister Ron, but she is still a girl, and a pretty one at that. It's not like I am asking her to be my girlfriend."

"I still think your nuts, but, go ahead and ask. Just don't come back to me complaining about how boring she is, or how childish she is. I'll just tell you I told you so."

"Thanks Ron, See you two later, I have to find her to ask her to the Ball."

Harry stood up to leave, when his target walked in for lunch. He walked up to her, and asked her if he could sit with her, which she allowed. They sat closer than Ginny expected, but didn't really mind.

"Ginny, I have something to ask you. The Tri-Wizard Tournament has a tradition called the Yule Ball, in which all the champions lead the school in the first dance. Each champion must be accompanied by a member of the opposite sex. I want to know if you would be my date for the Ball?"

A smile grew on Ginny's face as she heard what Harry was asking her. "You're asking me to be your date, Harry? How many girls turned you down before you came desperate?"

"What? No, it's not like that. You were the first person I asked. Then only other person I was thinking about was Hermione, and I already told her why I wanted to ask you."

Ginny's smile grew broader, "Thank you Harry, and yes, I will go with you. I hope there will be a Hogsmeade weekend before the Ball, as I will need to find a gown to wear."

"Oh, there will be, and if you like, I will go with you and help you pick out a suitable gown."

"Thanks Harry, but I don't think that will be necessary. I wish to keep it a surprise, as to what I will be wearing. I mean, I will go with you for the date, but not when I pick out a gown."

"Well at least let me pay for it."

"Harry, that's sweet of you, but, not something my mum is likely to agree to."

"She doesn't have to know. It will be our little secret. I have some galleons up in my trunk that I will give you before we go on that weekend."

It was two weeks before the Ball when the Hogsmeade weekend was announced. Harry had to get him self a set of dress robes for the dance as well. He met Ginny, Hermione and Ron at the main entry, and they left together for Hogsmeade.

Harry asked Ron if he had a date yet, and Ron mumbled something that Harry knew was the answer. Rather than embarrass him him, he kept quiet. Unfortunately Ginny was not quite so polite. "What did you say Ron, I didn't quite hear that?"

Ron glared at his sister, "I said, no not yet, OK."

Ginny couldn't drop it, "Have you even asked anyone yet, other than Miss Delacour?"

"Don't go there Ginny. It was embarrassing enough, with out being reminded of it. And no, I haven't asked anyone else."

"Well, don't you think it is about time you asked?"

"There is plenty of time to ask someone, besides I am not alone in this, Hermione hasn't been asked yet. Hey that's right, Hermione, You're a girl right?"

Hermione was furious at Ron's lack of intelligence, "Glad you noticed."

"Why don't you and I go to the Ball?"

"What makes you think I haven't been asked to go yet?"

"Come on Hermione, who would ask you to go to the Ball?"

Hermione stopped dead in her tracks. "It just so happens Ronald Weasley, that I have been asked to the Ball, and I accepted. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go find me a Gown for the Ball. Come on Ginny, the foul stench of ignorance is becoming quite choking." Ginny followed her friend scowling at Ron as she left.

Harry shook his head, "Mate, that was definitely the wrong thing to say. Hermione has feelings like we all do, and you spoke to like you just noticed she was a girl. And then you make her look like an ugly old hag by telling her who would go to the Ball with her. You need to change your approach if you want a date for the Ball."

"I didn't mean anything by it. Why was she so defensive?"

"Ron, in a way, you just called Hermione Ugly."

"I didn't call her ugly, I just meant that guys do not go looking for dates in the library."

"Too bad you didn't add that in your reply, not that it would have mattered, but it may have softened her blow."

"Women, who can figure them out?"

"I can't help you there mate, that is something you have to figure out on your own."


The night of the dance had arrived, and Harry looked up to see his date come down the stairs of the girls dorm. The sight was breathtaking. Ginny was in a mint green gown with a dark green trim. Her hair was done in a plait, with two long curls framing her face. "You look stunning Ginny." he said when she reached.

"Thank you Harry. You look spectacular your self. Wait until you see Hermione?" and on cue, another figure was making her down the stairs.

Hermione was in a lavender gown with small sparkling stars all over it. Her hair was all spiral curled, with a tiara holding back her hair from falling in her face. If Ron would have been there, he would have known for sure that Hermione was indeed a girl. No a young lady.

The three walked down the halls and staircases to the main hall, and were met by the other champions. Harry was surprised when Viktor walked over to them, and took Hermione's hand and led her to his position in the procession. He would lead the march into the Ball, with Hermione at his side.

While entering, he could hear talk from the students asking who it was that was with Viktor. He also heard comments about Ginny, that were quite flattering. He was proud as he walked the path to the head table with Ginny at his side.

Harry looked out to the crowd to find Ron, and when he found him, it didn't look good. Ron knew who was with Viktor, and he was fuming. Harry hoped Ron wouldn't cause a scene during the Ball, but he knew him too well.

The first dance was like Minerva said, a waltz, and Harry and Ginny floated their way around the floor.

Harry was beginning to have feelings for this beautiful young red head he was dancing with.

Four more dances he took Ginny around the floor. Then it was what he hoped wouldn't happen. Both him and Ginny heard the explosion that was her brother Ron. He was going off on Hermione.

Harry stopped dancing with Ginny, and looked down to her, "I better go take care of this right quick, Ginny. Meet me at the refreshment table, OK?"

Ginny agreed, and Harry went to his two friends to try and get them to quiet down.

It wasn't going to happen. Ron was ranting on about how Hermione was a traitor to Harry, and all Viktor wanted was information about Harry. Hermione was calling him an idiot for thinking this way, as all Viktor wanted was an evening without all his fan girls bothering him. Harry finally got them out of the Hall, and over to the main staircase. The two were still going at it, and Harry wasn't making any head way.

On and on it went, with neither of them wanting to listen to the other. Finally after 2 hours of fighting, Ron stomped off to the dorm, and Hermione collapsed on the stairs crying. It took another hour of patience from Harry's part to get her to calm down enough, to bring her back to the hall and finish the evening. He took her to Viktor, who thanked Harry, and then Harry left in search of his date. It had been about three hours, and he didn't think she would stay at the table the whole time, and he was correct. He looked around, and found her on the dance floor with Micheal Corner. She was laughing and enjoying herself. Harry waited for the dance to end so that he could get another dance in with her, but they went from that dance to the next, with out breaking stride. Harry finally gave up, and went to the dorm. He would apologize to Ginny in the morning.


Harry left for breakfast the next morning to see if he could find Ginny and explain. What he found was Ginny sitting with Micheal at the Ravenclaw table. Luna was with them. Harry never got the chance to talk to her that day, or the next, or the next.

Finally Harry decided to wait in the common room for Ginny to come down, and talk to her before she left to find Michael.

At 6:30, she came down, and Harry approached her to talk. "Ginny can we talk for a minute?"

"What is it Harry, I have to meet Michael. He's waiting for me."

"I just want to say how sorry I am for the mess at the Ball. I tried to get them to calm down but, it just wasn't happening."

"I know Harry. Hermione talked to me. She is really upset about Ron. I forgive you, but I have to go. See you around."

"But Ginny I have more to say to you."

"Later, alright." and she was gone.

It was the last chance he had to talk to her before the next challenge. Cedric helped Harry with the next challenge, and Dobby helped him with a solution. He brought Harry some Gillyweed, and told him how it would help him through the challenge.

The morning of the challenge Harry was sitting at the table, playing with his food, not feeling very hungry, when he was grabbed by the shoulder and turned around. Michael was livid. "What did you do with my girlfriend Potter? Where is she?"

"What are you talking about Corner, and since when was Ginny your girlfriend?"

"She was supposed to meet here 20 minutes ago and we were going to eat, then head out to watch you fumble through your next challenge. I asked her to be my girlfriend three weeks ago, and she said yes. Now where is she?"

"Look, if I knew, I would tell you. I haven't got the foggiest notion as to where she is. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go get ready for the challenge." and Harry left the still angry Michael.

The Gillyweed worked like Dobby told him it would, and he was approaching the area where that what he seeking was being held. He was shocked when he saw Ginny hanging there shackled to a post, along with Hermione, Cho, and a girl he didn't recognize. He knew the girl was Fleurs item. Fleur was already out of the competition, so Harry released Ginny, and went to the girl. He was stopped by Mermen telling him he was only allowed to free his own lost item. He pulled his wand, and the Mermen took a stance against him, but it was just a half hearted attempt at stopping Harry. He was soon able to release the girl, and Harry took them both towards the surface.

Once again he was stopped, when the same Grindlylows that fought Fleur attacked him. He used a charm and sent the girls to the surface while he fought off the demons. He watched as he saw figures swim out to get the girls, and he resumed his fight. During the conflict, the affect of the Gillyweed wore off, and Harry started to gasp for breath, Beginning to panic, he fired a stunner into the masses of demons trying to draw him down. The spell was spread wide by the water, and it took out all the beings. Harry was losing consciousness, so he used his wand and created a thrust that sent him towards the surface. The force was so strong that it sent him to the dock where it all started. Harry landed on the dock, and was soon wrapped in some warm blankets by Hermione and Ron. Fleur came over to Harry and thanked him for saving her sister, and her sister kissed harry on the cheek in thanks. Harry looked around to find Ginny, and once again his disappointment was shown on his face as he saw her in the arms of a soaking wet Michael. Michael saw Harry looking their way, and smirked back at Harry. Then to add insult to injury, Michael Kissed Ginny on the lips.


With one day left to the final challenge, Harry was busy writing notes to three people. He was planning on leaving after the final challenge, never to return to Hogwarts. He confessed to Hermione the reason why, but she was the only one he told. To Ron he said he was tired of being a tool used by the wizards to fight their battles. To Ginny, he told her he loved her, but, since she was in love with Michael, he was leaving so as not to be in their way.

He left the notes with Hedwig asking her to bring them to the three when the final challenge began.

"The Maze " seemed too easy in Harry's opinion. He made it through in no time, and took the cup in hand, and felt a tug on his stomach, and soon found him self on the ground in a cemetery. He was about to stand up, when he saw movement to his left, and saw a snake leaving some grass and approaching him. Harry used a reductor curse on the snake which caused it's head to explode. Harry then heard a scream coming from a tomb. He saw Peter walking out carrying what looked like a baby. Harry nearly passed out when the baby began to talk. "Wormtail, you know what has to be done. Begin so that I may face Harry as my full grown self, and not this pitiful form that he has forced me to live in. Soon Harry Potter, you will meet your end. Incarcerous!" and Harry found himself tied to the headstone behind him.

He watched as Peter performed the ritual that would bring Voldemort back. He was terrified when Peter advanced on him with the knife. He screamed with pain when he cut his arm to draw the blood. He got sick when he saw Peter cut of his own left hand to let it drop into the cauldron. Then he watched as the form in the cauldron began to grow. Voldemort stood there before Harry, but looked like nothing human. "You will pay for killing my pet Harry Potter. Nagini was very special to me. You will know pain such as you didn't think could exist. Then you will die. Wormtail, give me your arm." Peter stuck out his arm, and rather than give Peter his new hand, he raised his robes, and used the tattoo on his arm to call for his Death Eaters. Soon, six more figures were standing around Harry, all wearing white masks.

After Voldemort berated the six newcomers, and gave Peter his new silver hand, he released Harry from his capture. Harry dropped to the ground, weak from the loss of blood. Then he was pulled to his feet my the magic of Voldemort. He was tossed about like a rag doll on a string. Thrown against boulders, and markers. He felt bones breaking in his arms and legs, he hit with such force. Then he was dropped once more. Harry knew this was the end, but he had to find some way to take Voldemort with him.

"What is the matter Harry, did I hurt you. I'm so sorry. But you know a little pain never killed any one." Then Voldemort did something unexpected. He put a barrier around him and Harry. "So we could talk with out being over heard Harry. I want you to know something, Harry, something no one else knows. I am immortal Harry. I can't die. I have set things in place that will insure I live. Do you know what a Horcrux is Harry? No, I suppose you don't. Let's just say it was something I learned in school. It's very dark magic Harry, where a person can split his soul, and put it in an item to preserve his life. As long as the item remains intact, I will live. I have created five of them Harry, and no one knows what they are, or where they can find them. I was going to create a six one, but you ruined that when you killed Nagini. Now that you know this, I will let you in on one last secret. The Dark Mark my death eaters wear, it is more than just a way to call them when needed. It keeps them from trying to harm me. Should they try this, it will be turned on them ten fold. What ever they try on me will hit them ten times stronger. If for some reason I should die, and I promise you I won't, they will die with me. It is my complete control over their lives. Now that I have let you in on my little secret Harry, it is time to ensure you never repeat it to any one. It is time for you to die Harry Potter. AVADA KADAVRA!"

Harry felt the curse hit him in the chest, and he fell to the ground. However before he lost consciousness, he saw a look of shock on Voldemort's face. Pain, fear, and knowledge that he was going to die as well as Harry. With the passing of Voldemort, the death eaters also began to fall. At the same time that this was going on, In four different locations, items began to explode. A crown in the Come and Go room in Hogwarts. A pendant in the Black family Manor. A cup in a vault in Gringotts and a Ring under a floor board in a vacant run down house.

When Harry fell, his hand fell on the cup, and the body of Harry Potter was taken back to Hogwarts.

When his body hit the ground, there was a rush of people to his side to find out his condition and to ask what happened. Dumbledore was the first one there. He had just left the body of Moody, and was now looking at another body. Harry Potter was dead.

In the stands, a distraught Hermione Granger was crying for her friend. Ron and Ginny were also crying, but Michael Corner wasn't crying. He was telling the people around him that if it was him in Harry's shoes, he would still be in one piece. There was no way any one was going to get the better of him. Then he felt a sharp slap to his face and saw a red eyed Ginny Weasley scowling at him. "Get away from me Corner, now. I never want to see you again you callous arse bastard. Go." and Michael turned and left, but was laughing as he did so.

"You'll come to your senses Ginny, and come running back to me. I don't know if I want to take you back though. You're used goods to me. I may need something fresh."

Ron ran and caught up to Michael, and spun him around. Michael turned and Ron connected to his jaw and his nose before Michael fell to the onslaught.

Ron then turned and took Hermione by the hand, and took her down to see about Harry. Ginny followed them down the bleachers. They walked into the crowd of crying people. The sight that they finally came to was Minerva holding Harry's body to her bosom. She was rocking back and forth on her knees and crying. Albus was standing over her, tears streaming down his cheeks. He saw the three step into the area. "Mr. Weasley, Miss Granger, I'm sorry."

Hermione lost it, and passed out, as did Ginny. Ron stood there in shock looking down at his friend's body.

It was several minutes before he was able to move to help with Ginny and Hermione. He took them back up to the dorm, where they found Hedwig with three letters tied to her leg. Hermione removed the letters, and saw they were addressed to the three of them. She handed them out., then opened her own.


By the time you read this, I will have already left. There is nothing keeping me here any more. Please don't show this to anyone else. But I have to tell someone. Hermione I have to leave because I love Ginny, and she can't return my love. At the ball, I grew to like her very much. At the end of it, I was going to ask her to be my girlfriend, but Michael beat me to it. She was so caught up with Michael, that she didn't even know I existed any more.

I can't stay around her, feeling like I do, and knowing she is with some one else. It hurts too much.

Take care my sister. Do your best to get through to Ron and his thick skull. If any one can do it, it's you.

I love you Hermione, as only a brother can.


The letter to Ron was much shorter.


Listen Mate, for reasons I can't talk to you about, when The wizard challenge is over, I will be gone. It has nothing to do with you Ron. I have to get away from a situation that hurts me to be around.

Say good bye to your family for me, will ya.


Ginny had to sit after she read her letter. She then read it again to make sure what she read the first time was the truth.


This is so hard for me to say. The Ball was the best time I ever spent with someone. I loved being around you with you in my arms. The fragrance of your hair. The feel of your smooth skin. The softness of your touch. You were perfect. It hurt me when I had to go take care of Hermione when Ron and her fought.

It hurt me even more when I came back and you were in someone else arms.

I hope you and Michael live a long and loving life.

When you finally read this, I will have left for points unknown. I am through fighting. With Sirius having to hide and not able to go out with out being hounded, it is just too much for me to take.

Take care of your self Ginevra Molly Weasley.

Love Harry


The Memorial service for Harry was two days later, and there were no dry eyes in the crowd. Even the Slytherins joined in with the tears.

However there was one missing from the mourners. Michael Corner was in his dorm, in a very bad way. He was heard bad mouthing Harry, and many took notice of this, and let him know in no uncertain terms that they did not appreciate it at all. He was hit with so many spells, that he may not recover to his old self. Spells that left marks that could not be removed. His ears would never be the same. He had one purple, and one pink eye. His nose was flattened to his face. In all, even if he could get up, he wouldn't. He did not want others to see him like this.

Up in the Hospital ward, where Harry's body was resting, no one was there to see a slight twitch to his hand. Then it was still.


End Note: Toni, you don't know how much it hurt to write this for you. I hope I did it justice, and it came out the way you wanted it to. Let me know if you could. To the rest of my friends, if you would let me know what you think, and if you really know me, then you know if you want more, I can make it happen. As always, Ollie the Keeper of the quill.