The Dance Keeperoliver Chapter 11

Harry marveled at the change Luna was going through. She went from a unique young girl to a fashion statement. She lost her radish earrings for some beautiful dangle sparkly ones. Her hair became lustrous and quite tame. She began to wear pale lipstick. Her dresses became soft pastel colors, and gone were her colorful stockings to be replaced by frilly ankle socks with her black flats. She even shaves her legs and her arm pits. She trimmed her eyebrows. She was going all out for her Alan.

She had changed so much, that other males started to take notice of her. More than he cared to count. His own house mates were making comments about her. He heard Dean and Seamus saying how good looking she could be when she set her mind to it. Fred and George began teasing her and asking her out. She just laughed at them.

Alan was the one that took the closest look at her. He liked the old Luna, but fell in love with this new Luna. All of a sudden, the ball was looking more and more like a dream come true for him. Alabama was never this beautiful. Even with the skimpy bathing suits and short shorts and halter tops. He hated every moment he wasn't by her side.

Their trip to Hogsmeade was a cold one, which Alan loved, because it gave him a reason to rap his arms around her to keep her warm. He loved the way she snuggled into his arms and against his chest and side. She even reached up and held his hand, to keep it warm. That little gesture was enough to warm his whole body.

Ginny watched Luna and Alan liking what she saw. Luna never drew the interest of any boys, except for Harry, and now, she was the talk of the school. She was even making other girls jealous as they watched the boys drool over her. Ginny had to laugh how Harry had to set a few of them straight when he heard some unflattering remarks from both males and females.

Of course, Harry was showing quite a bit of his charms to Ginny and she was loving this as much as Luna was loving her boyfriends attention. She had to laugh at Hermione and Ron. Ron was clueless, and Hermione was frustrated. They walked to town like they were just good friends. When Hermione would grab his hand, he would pull it away and shove it in his pocket. Ginny had to set some time away to talk to her git of a brother. Tell him if he continued to travel this path he would lose Hermione to some one else.

The Hogsmeade trip for the most part was fun, and entertaining when Hermione finally shoved Ron into a snow pile for pulling his hand away again. "Am I such an embarrassment to you that you can't even hold my hand in public Ronald? Perhaps I should be looking for someone else to take me to the Ball? Where's Viktor when you need him?" Hermione turned and walked off back to Hogwarts. She had made all of her purchases, and was beginning to feel the company she was keeping was not what she wanted.

Harry and Alan could have killed Ron, because when Hermione left, so did Ginny and Luna. Ron had just gotten out of the snow pile, when he found himself back in it. Put back there by his friends. "Has everyone gone balmy for Merlin's sake. You try to show a little respect for someone, and this is what you get."


Ron tried his best to apologize to Hermione, but she was making him suffer for his ignoring her. She just wanted some affection from him. A show of his caring for her. Just holding hands, and he couldn't even do that. She felt that he didn't really care for her as a girlfriend, but just as a friend. What she didn't realize was that the same talk Ginny received about how to react around boys The boys received the same talk about how to react around girls. The problem was, Ron was the only one to take it to heart. He remembered that if you truly like a girl, you treat her like a lady, not like a love struck puppy. If Ginny had known about thus talk, she would have tried to reason with Hermione. But after watching the twins and Charlie, she didn't think they had a talk like hers. They had always been loose around the ladies, joking and getting friendly with them like they did.

Hermione would go to the dance with him, but until then, she had to let him sweat it out. She wanted him to know that she wanted some attention from him, like she deserved from her boyfriend. She saw the attention that Alan payed to Luna. She understood Harry's behavior towards Ginny. He was just getting to know her really, and he was working hard to feel closer to her. She saw the way Neville was around Hannah, and every one else that was in a relationship, and it was what she desired. It wasn't like Ron was treating her badly, it was just because he was treating her like a best mate, and she was not a mate, she was a lady.

Harry talked to Ron about what he was doing to Hermione. Putting a strain on their relationship. He told him if he liked Hermione then he had to show her by doing the little things like holding her hand. Helping her up from a seat. Holding a door open they were passing through. He remembered all this from Remus' talks. He would never listen to Sirius and his point of view about how to treat a lady. It hurt his head the one time he did try. Every thing he said sounded like Sirius was trying to chase the girls away. It sounded like Ron had taken some of Sirius' advice.

He had Ron watch Alan as he approached Luna like she was a precious flower. Delicate to touch, and beautiful to look at. Yet at the same time, he gave her space to breathe. He didn't cater to her every need, but if he was going to get him self something, he asked her if she needed anything while he was up.

Ron watched this, and felt that everything his mum told him counter to what he saw Alan do. And Luna loved it. She was soaking it up like a wet sponge. Is this what Hermione was expecting from him? If so, then maybe he should start showing her he could do it. He would change, because she meant that much to him.


Draco was trying his best to become friends with Harry. His old habits often reared up, and he slipped into Malfoy mode, which earned him pain from Astoria when she slapped him behind his head, or on the arm. He tried his Malfoy glare on her a couple of times, and she only hit him harder. He learned quickly that he lost the glare that frightened many students. He had been trying to hard to become friends with the Gryphs.

He was making headway though, as he would sit and talk with Harry at a few meals, and had gotten to know him pretty well. He knew that Harry wanted to get his memories back, if it was possible, but, how could he, if he didn't have any to try and find. It was complicated, and it gave Draco a headache trying to figure it out. All he knew was that Harry was trying to build as many memories as he could, in case that he would never get them back. Draco wanted to be a part of these new memories. He wanted to be friends with Potter, Granger, the Weasleys, Longbottom, as well as Daphne Greengrass, Tracy Davis, and Blaise Zabini. Also Luna, Alan, Cho, Cedric. As many as he could, because he didn't want to go back like he was before the defeat of Voldemort.

Harry taught him that all blood was red when it hit the air, and all blood was a more of a purple color in the system. So all were somewhat blue blood, until you bled, then it was all red. He knew this of course, but, Harry was using it to tell him that blood status was a mindset, and not actual blood. A magical was a magical, no matter the parenting.

It was hard for Draco to grasp this at first, because of his upbringing, but he was slowly coming around to see what Harry meant. It became easier for him to talk to Granger and not think of her as a MUDBLOOD. He realized this because of an incident where a first year Slytherin needed a blood transfusion because of a rare blood desease she had, and it came from a first year Hufflepuff muggleborn. The Slytherin student survived and was doing very good. The two first years would share the dance floor for the Ball. Yes, he had come a long way from a year ago, and was making progress, but still had a way to go.


The escorts gathered at the base of the stair case that led to the girls dorm where they were all getting ready. When the girls finally made their appearance, they were taken by their arms and led down to the hall where the dance was being held after being told how beautiful they all were.

As they entered the hall, the sight that filled their eyes was one to remember for ever. It was just like the one held the previous year. Like the previous year, students from the other two schools were also present, such as Viktor Krum, and Fleur Delacour. This year however, the escorted different partners. Viktor was with a young lady from his school, and Fleur was with Bill Weasley.

When Ginny saw Bill with Fleur, she went to him to pull him into a hug, and then hugged Fleur. If Bill accepted her, could she do any less. They all found two tables and moved them together so that they could all sit with each other. Harry saw Draco and Astoria sitting alone in a corner and went to them and had them come sit with his group. Draco was ready to refuse, when Astoria smiled up at Harry and agreed before Draco could make any comment. Draco actually thanked her for this as they walked to the table. He really didn't like sitting alone, but didn't know if he would be accepted there if he approached them. He was more than accepted, Astoria and he had been welcomed by all at the table, even Ron. They were all moving through their past dislikes for each other.

They were finished with their meal, and they turned their attention to the stand, as the band that was to be playing made their presence known. "Good evening every one, I would like to introduce ourselves. We are called Fate's Faeries. I hope you enjoy our music, and you all have a good time tonight. We would like to start off the evening with a slow one for all you lovers out their."

The music started and Bill and Alan took the lead, and asked their dates to dance. This brought out the courage in the others, and soon all of them were on the dance floor moving to the rhythm of the music. Being a slow dance allowed Harry to get close to Ginny, and it felt not only good, but right. Ginny fit perfectly in his arms. Harry watched the others as they danced, taking comfort in the fact that Hermione had accepted Ron's apology, and in fact fell to the charm he had displayed of late. Harry also watched as Alan and Luna moved flawlessly around the floor. Luna had her head against Alan's chest, and he was holding he as if he never wanted to let her go. How they were able to move so good being that close was beyond him. They did though.

The song ended and a faster song was now being played, and they all stayed on the floor to give it a try. Harry and Ginny had to laugh at some of the gyrations that were being performed on the floor, especially by Alan and Luna. They were dancing like tribal warriors doing a war dance, and they had others following their lead. Soon there were twenty people doing the dance around an imaginary fire, circling it. As the woman bent down the men raised their arms in the air, then the men bent down, and the ladies raised their arms in the air. As they danced, they would do spins and jumps, and twirls.

After that dance, they all decided to take a break. They went to their table laughing. The men led the ladies to their seats, then left to get them all drinks. They sat out the next two dances as they enjoyed their drink and the company of those around them. They were joined by the newly married couple of Remus and Tonks. Tonks' belly started to show the child she was bearing. Remus glowed like Harry had never seen before. If a man could be any more proud of what he was bringing into the world, he would explode. Harry asked him where Sirius was, and Remus just said, "He is around here somewhere. Probably checking out some of his old hiding spots with his date. Don't ask, I don't know her. He just showed up in our apartment here, and said he wanted to dance with his lovely young date. And no, he wasn't drunk, and neither was she."

Harry just shook his head. That sounded like Sirius. Another slow dance started up, and Harry asked if Ginny was ready for another dance, and she took his hand while he helped her up. They stayed out there for three dances this time, before they had to take another breather. When they returned to the table, they were alone. Harry started to watch the other dancers, but was distracted when Ginny asked him, "Are you enjoying your self Harry?"

Harry turned to her and had a huge smile on his face, "I don't know what it was like last year when we were here, but, if it felt like this to start with, then it was a great first half of the dance, because I am having a blast. I don't want to think about how it ended, but, I would like to know how it began, up until the fight."

Ginny too Harry's hands in hers. "Believe me Harry, it was wonderful. Like you though, I try not to think of how it ended. I still have the urge to go to Azkaban and blow Micheal's bits off."

Harry laughed at Ginny's way of making a serious moment a joke. He saw Sirius finally make his appearance with his young date, and they went right to the dance floor. He laughed as he saw Sirius try to keep with the energy of his date, but saw that he was losing, as he began to slow down. It must be tough getting old. Finally the song ended, and a slow one began, which Sirius was happy to hear it begin. He took his date into his arms, and began to move slowly around the floor.

Harry once again took Ginny to the dance floor, and she laid her head on Harry's chest, as he led her around the floor. Ginny though on all she missed this past year because of an argument and an idiot. If she could change the past, she would have changed it so that Hermione and Ron went to the dance as a couple. Then everything would have been different, and her and Harry would be together.

As the evening was drawing to a close, the band announced their last song for the evening, "Ladies and gentlemen, it has been a wonderful evening, but like all good things, it has come to an end. For our last song, we would like to play a song that is fitting for a conclusion. It's called 'The Dance' and it's by an American singer named Garth Brooks. Please enjoy it."

The music began to play, and the words started up:





In the middle of the dance floor, Harry stopped his dance with Ginny and just stood in place as he listened to the music. He was transfixed as the music played. Ginny looked at him, worried for her boyfriend.





Ginny watched as Harry began to sway drunkenly. Like he was going to pass out. She went to hold him, but was stopped by an invisible force.





Harry didn't know what was happening to him, just that what ever it was, it was controlling him, keeping him from the girl he loved.





Harry collapsed to the floor as the last lines were played.



"Thank you everybody, it has been our pleasure to perform for you this evening, and hope to be able to play for you all again in the future."

Harry's friends gathered around his lifeless form. Remus went to pick him up to bring him to the Hospital wing , when he was asked, "Professor, would you mind if I carried him to the wing?"

Remus looked at Draco, and smiled, "If you would please Draco, I would like to escort my wife there, as she has taken it pretty hard. Sirius, would you please escort Ginny and your date to the wing?"

"Sure Remus. Come on love, and you too love." He held his two arms out and the ladies held on to his arms, with Ginny about crushing it when she grabbed it. Tears were streaming down her face, not knowing what happened to her Harry. He looked so pale and worried when he dropped to the floor. Like someone had pulled all his life from his body, and left a shell.

Draco lifted Harry into his arms, and carried him up the stairs to the second floor Hospital wing. Poppy, who was at the dance was just ahead of him, and pointed to the closest bed for Draco to put Harry. She went and got her wand, and did a diagnostic spell on Harry. A puzzled look to over her normally calm features. She did the spell again, and got the same results. "Strange, Harry's body shut down for a few minutes, and now, it is regenerating. I have never seen anything like it. It is healing all his scars. Remus, what is that glow coming from you body? Miss Weasley, yours is doing the same thing. What is happening?"

Remus felt his body being ripped in half. He felt as if something was being ripped from his body that he never thought would leave him. The pain was so great, he passed out from it.

Ginny felt something leaving her body as well. Something she knew she had, but wished she didn't. Her pain was far less than Remus' was, but was no less traumatic. She passed out as well.

They both revived soon after, but were far different form what they were before passing out. Remus knew for a fact that the dark cloud that hung over him has been lifted, but asked Poppy to check to be sure. Her findings were the same as his. Some how, Remus' monthly problems would never bother him again. The tears that fell from his eyes were tears of utter happiness, as were the tears coming from Tonks eyes. Their child would be raised with out the fear of him ever being put in the danger of facing his father's werewolf form. He was free at last.

Poppy then went to Ginny to check her out, but found nothing that would account for her passing out. But Ginny knew what had happened. The memory of Tom Riddle had been lifted from her soul. She would no longer be plagued by her nightmares that to this day stayed with her.

Harry was still unconscious though, and it was unknown why, or for how long. However, the next morning, when it was time to wake up, Harry did. What was the most amazing this was he could remember everything from his past life. The hurt, the joys and the sorrows. But with his new memories, all it did was show him his life was now for the better, with old friends, new friends and love. Family was another benefit that came with this new life, and loved the sound of that.

This new life would be like a breath of fresh air for those around Harry Potter. It was like starting life all over again.


Fate's Faeries were sitting in front of their friend and leader. They all had been watching what transpired down below. They all turned to Fate, hoping for an explanation, which she gave.

"I know you all want to know what I did, and why I did it the way I did. To begin with, I had to rid Harry of all his pain. The only way to do this was to remove his memory of it all. I had to have him start fresh, with nothing holding him back from healing. I had to keep it that way, in order for him to grow in spirit and in emotion. He had to be stronger for when I returned his memories to him. I used Luna for his guide, as she was the most acceptable to my thoughts. Tonks was too single minded for this task. Any male was too unemotional. Luna was the perfect balance of emotion and open mindedness."

She thought for a minute before she continued on, "Harry's emotional state when he died was borderline suicidal. I had to rid him of this before I could return his memories. He had to see what his death would mean to all of these people. The biggest surprise to me was young Draco. It was an unexpected benefit. Because he changed like he did, and was accepted by all of Harry's friends, I thought that maybe a couple of other alterations wouldn't hurt matters. As you can see, it all worked out fine in the end, and now they can move on with their lives and live happily ever after. Not all my plans work out this well, so I will savor this one a long time. Now, I hope I answered all your questions, and I can get a good night's sleep. Good night to you all." and with that, she left the band to their bewilderment. They looked down once again, and saw the families of Harry Potter's life. There were children with them this time, and they knew that what Fate had done, worked out just fine.

There was a happy ever after ending for Harry and his friends.


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